Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 46

No one knew what Su Qing was doing with the computer at this time.

Su Xue only thought that Su Qing was dying.

So what if we call the police?

As long as the dirty water is poured on Su Qing, Su Qing's reputation will be ruined, and the goal will be achieved.

Su Xue secretly gave Zou Hai a wink, Zou Hai looked honest, but he was very smart.

As soon as he heard that he was going to call the police, Zou Hai looked at Su Qing with regret: "Are you really going to be so heartless? Su Qing, husband and wife for a day, even if you despise me, Xiaobao is innocent."

While talking, Zou Hai, a big man, cried like this, which won the sympathy of many people.

Zou Hai hugged the little boy and cried bitterly: "Xiaobao, it's your father who is useless and can't give you a complete family. After your father dies, you can go to the orphanage. Don't blame your mommy, she wants to live a rich life." life, that's right."

Su Qing stared coldly at Zou Hai with a cold expression. Every word of this was really poisonous.

Isn't this clearly accusing her of being cold-blooded and selfish?

The little boy cried bitterly, hugging Zou Hai: "Father, don't die, woo woo, Mommy, I don't want Mommy anymore, Mommy is bad."

The discussion in the banquet hall became more intense.

Liu Xueqin couldn't listen anymore, and said angrily: "Come here, drive these two out, what is this place for?"

Security guards came in immediately, and Su Qing raised her hand: "Godmother, wait."

From the beginning to the end, Su Qing was very calm, as if an outsider was watching a play, typing quickly on the computer keyboard with both hands, no one could see what she was doing.

It's already this time, still want to play computer games?

Miss Su is really big-hearted.

Qin Suqin stood up with a look of hatred for iron and steel: "Xiaoqing, why are you so cold-blooded, this is your own son."

Upstairs Wan Yang was in a hurry: "Boss, if you don't go down, Miss Su's dirty body won't be washed clean."

From Lu Rongyuan's perspective, he could clearly see what Su Qing was doing.

At this time, Su Qing can still be so fearless in the face of danger, she deserves to be the woman he likes.

"No, she will deal with it." Lu Rongyuan was no longer worried, on the contrary, if he stepped forward, the dirty water on Su Qing's body would not be washed away.

Seeing that Su Qing was indifferent, Su Xue also became anxious: "Sister, you should say something, this child is so pitiful, how can you bear it..."

"Yeah, this child is so pitiful, yet there are still people who are so heartless to use a child to set up a trap." Su Qing interrupted Su Xue sharply, and showed the front of the computer in front of everyone: "To catch a traitor and make a difference, even if you want to throw dirty Water slander, at least you have to find a P-picture with better technology, with this level of P-picture, how dare you show it?"

"This is a photo of me at work. I took a photo at a reception once. I didn't expect it to be used by someone with a stack of composite photos to spout gossip."

On the computer screen, it was the photos that Zou Hai took out just now, but the ones on the computer were obviously composites.

After reading the photos on the computer, everyone understood.

These photos are fake, the face in the photo is Su Qing's, but the photo of this face is obviously taken from the photo at the reception.

Su Xue and Qin Suqin also looked at each other, they didn't expect Su Qing's computer skills to be so powerful.

At that time, she just randomly searched for a few photos on the Internet, but she never thought that Su Qing would expose them on the spot.

Liu Xueqin was even more angry when she saw the photo, and pointed at Zou Hai angrily: "How dare you use despicable means to frame my goddaughter, what is your intention, come here, don't wait for the police to come, send me directly to the police station .”

Zou Hai also panicked, glanced at Su Xue, and pushed the little boy forward: "I have no slander, Xiao Bao is Su Qing's child, I can do a paternity test to prove that I am not lying."

"A joke." Su Qing sneered: "Just take a child who says it's my son, and ask for a paternity test, and I'll agree? One child today, another one tomorrow, and it's endless? When this law is Decoration?"

Everyone discusses.

"Yeah, this photo is obviously fake. Besides, that man doesn't look very good, how could Miss Su like it."

"Choose a time like this to bring a child here. I think this man is very scheming, and this honesty is just superficial."

"Mr. Li promised to give 3% of the shares as a dowry just now. Immediately, someone brought the child to recognize the mother. This is obviously for money."

"I don't think this man can do such a vicious game, maybe someone instigated him behind it."

"Who do you think it will be?"

After going to the bathroom, Su Jie realized that something had happened, and stood in front of Su Qing to protect her.

"Say, who ordered you to do it, isn't it the mother and daughter?"

Su Jie was fearless, so how could he be afraid of offending Qin Suqin's mother and daughter.

Seeing that the matter was exposed, Zou Hai suddenly fell to the ground with shortness of breath, his limbs twitched, foaming at the mouth, and everyone backed away in fright.

Su Xue hurriedly said: "Hurry up and send this person to the hospital, don't cause death, sister, this is a life after all."

The little boy also cried out in fright: "Dad, Dad..."

Liu Xueqin was also worried that someone would die here: "Come quickly, and take him to the hospital."

As long as the person leaves, today's matter will be settled. If the matter of Su Qing's illegitimate child cannot be clarified, it will be a stain in the future.

That's what Su Xue came up with.

But how could Su Qing let people go so easily?

Before the security came up, Su Qing walked up to Zou Hai, squatted down, and pressed her hands on Zou Hai's chest.

Su Xue was in a hurry, a look of viciousness flashed in her eyes, and she said again: "Sister, what are you doing, alas, she is dying, if you don't send her to the hospital, it will be too late, you can't just leave her alone."

"Shut up."

Su Qing looked over with sharp eyes, then pressed Zou Hai's chest hard with her hand, leaned into Zou Hai's ear and said something in a voice that only two people could hear, Zou Hai stopped twitching, and opened his eyes, It was full of horror.

"It's amazing, Miss Su can save people, really amazing."

"Yes, Ms. Su is really kind. This person insulted her so much, and she repayed her kindness with kindness."

Surprise flashed across Su Xue's eyes: "Su Qing, what did you do and what did you say? How did he get better?"

As soon as Su Xue finished speaking, the police siren sounded from outside, Zou Hai panicked, and ran away without limping.

Everyone suddenly realized that it turned out that they were pretending to be lame and sick to gain sympathy.

Su Qing was quick, grabbed Zou Hai's shoulder, and subdued him with an over-the-shoulder throw.

She did not practice Taekwondo for nothing.

Zou Hai was hit hard on the ground, and the audience gasped.

There is shock, there is admiration, and there is envy.

Wan Yang on the second floor exclaimed: "Miss Su is too fierce, boss, can you take it in the future?"

There was a doting smile on the corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth, and he smiled without saying a word.

Li Kuihua said: "Young Master Lu, I'll go there first."

The trouble has become like this, and it is almost time to end, Li Kuihua should also come forward.

"En." Lu Rongyuan responded, and continued to sit down and drink tea.

Zou Hai was subdued, and the police also came. One of the policemen recognized Zou Hai: "You kid, you just got out of prison for six years, and you committed another crime. Heh, you are addicted to prison. Let's go."

Six years in prison?

This man just said that he had an affair with Su Qing five years ago.

With the police, everyone now understands that this is really slander.

Zou Hai immediately asked Su Xue for help: "Miss Su, help me, Miss Su, you can promise me that I will be fine."


These words made the whole hall explode again.

It turned out that the second miss of the Su family had found someone to frame Su Qing.

Such a vicious scheme can be imagined.

Everyone looked at Su Xue, but Su Xue dodged her eyes, panicked, and subconsciously hid back, hesitating and speechless.

Su Qing stared at Su Xue: "Dear sister, shouldn't you explain to everyone what's going on?"

"I don't know this man at all, so I don't know what he's talking about." Su Xue pushed the blame completely.

Zhou Rou said: "Just now you were obviously on the side of that man. If you say you don't know him, who would believe it? Otherwise, why did he ask you for help instead of others?"

Su Qing was a little surprised, she didn't expect Zhou Rou to speak for her.

Su Xue argued: "I didn't, I just felt sorry for this man, how could I know that this man is a liar."

"Miss Su, why did you cross the river and tear down the bridge?" Zou Hai stared at Su Xue excitedly: "Obviously you asked me to do this."

"What nonsense are you talking about? I don't even know you. How could I let you do this?" Su Xue refused to admit it, and that's the end of it. She cast a look at Chu Tianyi for help.

Chu Tianyi frowned and said nothing, he would not be so stupid as to pay for Su Xue, an idiot.

Qin Suqin said: "How can everyone believe a liar and a labor camp prisoner? Besides, Xiaoqing, you used to be willful and reckless. We really thought you had something to do with this person. After all, what the other party said didn't sound like a lie, and you ..."

"This person dares to slander my daughter, so he can't be forgiven so easily. My daughter is innocent, how can she let others slander her."

It was Su De'an who spoke, and he stood up at this time, nothing more than wanting to ease the relationship with Su Qing.

Su Qing is valued by the Li family, and he cannot let Su Qing be ruined.

Su Qing naturally knew what Su De'an meant, so she didn't thank her much.

Liu Xueqin put on a posture of protecting the calf: "If anyone dares to pour dirty water on Xiaoqing again, I, Liu Xueqin, will be the first to forgive."

This is not only protecting Su Qing, Liu Xueqin is also protecting the Li family's face.

Zhou Xiongfei suddenly came out at this time, and said: "Miss Su, you have to forgive others and forgive others. The rumor-monger has also been arrested. You can't hold on to it forever. It's a loss of generosity."


Su Qing shot back with a sneer: "The magnanimity that Mr. Zhou said means being framed, being slaughtered, and condoning crimes?"

It really does not hurt my back when I stand and talk.

Zhou Xiongfei couldn't hold back his face for a while, he didn't expect that he would stand up, Su Qing was still holding on like this, and he didn't even give him face.

Of course, why did Su Qing want to save face?

What a shame.

"Xiaoqing, how can you talk to Mr. Zhou like this." Li Kuihua walked over with a smile, and blamed Su Qing, but there was no sense of blame in his tone: "Spreading rumors will damage your reputation. How can you pursue it? That's your right."

The implication is, what does it have to do with an outsider?

Alluding to Zhou Xiongfei meddling in his own business.

Li Kuihua is not afraid of offending Zhou Xiongfei.

Su Qing smiled: "I know about my godfather, I will pursue this matter to the end for spreading rumors and slander, but today everyone is going to introduce the banquet to save face, and we can't let irrelevant people spoil everyone's happiness."

As long as the true faces of Su Xue and Qin Suqin are known to everyone, the goal will be achieved.

Su Qing glanced at the little boy. This child is obviously not Zou Hai's child. Now that Zou Hai has been taken away, it is a question of whether this child will stay or not.

Looking at the little boy, Su Qing thought of the child she had never met, and her heart softened.

Su Qing asked the servant to take the little boy down to have something to eat and comfort him, while she also went to change clothes, the dance was about to begin.

Su Qing slowed down in the lounge and changed into clothes, but was pulled into a thick chest at the corner.


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