Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 47

Su Qing was still in shock, subconsciously hooked the opponent's neck.

Seeing the face in front of her eyes clearly, Su Qing was almost scared out of her wits.

"Lu, Young Master Lu?"

The scar mask on Lu Rongyuan's face would have scared anyone, let alone caught him off guard.

"Miss Su is too impatient, throwing herself into her arms?" Lu Rongyuan's thin lips curled up slightly, and he raised a wicked and maniacal smile.

Su Qing settled down, quickly let go, and got up from Lu Rongyuan's arms.

"What is Young Master Lu doing here?"

Su Qing's voice was cold, she was angry, obviously he dragged her, why did she throw herself into his arms when he beat her up?

"I came here specially to give Ms. Su a gift." Lu Rongyuan took out the gift he had prepared long ago.

It was a hair clip, shaped like a butterfly, inlaid with diamonds, which matched Su Qing's long light blue dress very well.

The skirt Su Qing was wearing was a dance skirt, a tube top underwear, and a blue tulle outside, and the see-through fabric of the tulle was decorated with dozens of blue butterflies. The tulle fluttered as she moved, The butterfly also seemed to be alive, dancing lightly.

Su Qing just glanced at it lightly, but did not accept it: "Young Master Lu's heart is accepted, thank you Young Master Lu for coming to the introduction banquet."

Because of what happened just now, Su Qing's mind is not completely settled. The man and the child are not real, but the thing is real.

As long as Qin Suqin and Su Xue broke the boat and continued to make things worse, she would not have escaped so easily.

Su Qing thought a lot when she was in the lounge just now, what should come will always come, and the secret in her heart will be discovered sooner or later.

Regardless of Su Qing's willingness or not, Lu Rongyuan took out a hairpin and fastened it on Su Qing: "There is no reason to take back what I, Lu Rongyuan, sent out."

Lu Rongyuan...

Xu has the same name and surname, the three words Lu Rongyuan, Su Qing just forgot to react for a while.

Should she be glad that Lu Rongyuan went on a long-distance run and didn't come to the banquet?

Otherwise, she didn't know how to explain to him what happened tonight.

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan in front of her, and there was always another appearance of Lu Rongyuan in her mind.

"Thank you." Su Qing was no longer polite.

Lu Rongyuan sat on the wheelchair, and tapped the armrest of the wheelchair with his index finger casually: "Miss Su's actions just now were too kind, did you just let the mother and daughter go so easily?"

Today's situation was caused by Qin Suqin and Su Xue's mother and daughter.

"To the enemy, punishing the heart is the best revenge, and the future will last forever. Let them see that I am living a better life than before. Isn't this kind of revenge more enjoyable?"

Just relying on Qin Suqin's and Su Xue's sophistry skills, so what if they send people to the police station?

Today's occasion is not suitable for doing that, otherwise it will make it difficult for Li Kuihua to do so.

Zhou Xiongfei stood up, and Li Kuihua also expressed his attitude of standing on her side, that's enough.

Personal grievances should be resolved in private.

After today's incident, Su Xue will have a very difficult life in the Chu family, and Qin Suqin will never get a firm foothold in the wives' circle.

And she didn't just let it go.

Lu Rongyuan observed Su Qing's expression, and remembered Su Qing's reaction to that child just now.

It felt like something stabbed me in the heart.

But when Su Qing was with him, the bright red blood on the car showed that it was her first time.

Thinking of this, Lu Rongyuan suppressed the doubts in his heart.

"Miss Su, the dance is about to begin."

"Su Qing, I just heard that Su Xue has made a fool of herself again." An Ruo's voice came from downstairs.

Su Qing glanced downstairs, and An Ruo ran up in a hurry: "I left for a while just now, I didn't expect such a big thing to happen, the mother and daughter are too disgusting, I can't see you well."

"It's not worth it to be angry for irrelevant people." When Su Qing looked back, Lu Rongyuan was no longer there.

"I have a bad temper, if I was there just now, I would kill that mother and daughter, what the hell."

"So angry, did An Yu provoke you again?"

Su Qing also finds it strange that this An Yu always provokes An Ruo every now and then. The two are half-brothers and sisters, but they are at odds like a pair of enemies.

"That kid ruined my dress just now, so I had to go back to the car and change my dress." An Ruo said angrily, "I'm really incompatible with him. I've already told my dad that there would be him in that family without me. , with me without him."

Su Qing smiled, sometimes she really envied An Ruo's willful and wanton temperament.

Only those who grow up surrounded by love will have a warm personality like the sun.

The dance has begun.

The opening dance was performed by Su Qing. iread novel app read the full content

The melodious and melodious music in the hall sounded, and Su Qing stepped onto the dance floor with open arms and light dance steps.

The slender hands and slender figure are stunning as soon as they appear on the stage, attracting everyone's attention.

Su Qing danced a classical dance, and the butterflies on the tulle danced along with the dance, and Su Qing seemed to turn into a butterfly, her beauty was breathtaking.

Su Qing hasn't danced for a long time. The last time she danced, she was dragged by An Ruo to a bar a few months ago.

It is still rare to start with classical dance, which is refreshing and eye-catching, and it is a visual feast.

Su Qing's figure is very soft and nimble. Every movement seems easy, but it is very difficult, which makes many famous ladies secretly admire.

Before today, no one knew Su Qing, but after today, there will be no one who does not know Su Qing.

At the end of the song and dance, Su Qing took the last move, and the audience burst into thunderous applause.

Li Kuihua and his wife laughed from ear to ear, they picked up a treasure.

Su Qing smiled generously and left.

The next dance floor was handed over to others.

Su Qing went to the backyard to rest and change out of her dance skirt, so she had time to drink a glass of water to calm her nerves.

Su Qing knew that today would be a turning point in her fate, and from now on, her life would not be peaceful again.

Taking a few deep breaths, Su Qing took out her phone and looked at the information, but it was empty, and there was no news from him.

Feeling lost.

Su Qing put down the water glass and went to the guest room.

The little boy was obediently eating sweethearts. When he saw Su Qing coming, he stood up timidly: "Pretty auntie, I'm sorry, Xiaobao didn't lie on purpose."

This kid is really clever.

Knowing how to read his face, look at those black eyes, you can know that this kid is careful and thoughtful.

"Then you have to tell me, why do you lie to others? What about your parents?"

Perhaps it was because this child looked as old as the child who had no chance to meet, Su Qing's maternal love was aroused.

"I don't have parents. I'm an orphan. I have a brother. I got separated from my brother and fell into the hands of that bad uncle." The little boy lowered his head: "The uncle said that as long as I come with me, I will call Mommy, you will have delicious food, clothes to wear, and someone will hurt you, otherwise you will beat Xiaobao."

Su Qing's heart softened, and she felt an urge to hold someone in her arms.

Xiaobao looks very cute, and pink and tender, and those eyes are particularly beautiful, and even a little familiar.

Xiaobao sobbed and said, "Pretty auntie, you won't be angry with Xiaobao, are you?"

"No." Su Qing hugged Xiaobao.

"Really?" Xiaobao was delighted and asked, "Pretty auntie, can you help me find my brother?"


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