Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 49

Su De'an was startled.

This is the second time Su Qing asked this question.

And the last time was five years ago.

After Su Qing gave birth, the first thing she said when she saw him was: "Where's the child?"

Su De'an always remembered his answer at that time.


After those two words fell, Su Qing's entire face was pale, and the expression of endless grief was vividly remembered.

But now, Su De'an looked at Su Qing, frowned, and nodded: "Dead."

Same answer as before.

"Are you dead?" Su Qing murmured, as if she was talking to herself, but she also seemed to be asking, but she didn't know who to ask.

"The child's whole face was black and blue when he was born, and he didn't cry, and the doctor rescued him, but he couldn't be rescued." Su De'an sighed and said, "Xiaoqing, it's been so many years since this happened, so don't worry about it again." Think about it, what happened back then, I know that your Aunt Qin did something wrong."

Hearing this, Su Qing's pupils dilated: "You know everything."

But Su De'an chose to favor the mother and daughter.

Su De'an knew about this matter, but he never mentioned it, and he didn't take it to heart. He also felt ashamed when the incident happened.

To Su Qing, he did have a lot of guilt: "Xiao Qing, Dad is sorry for you."

Su Qing closed her eyes in pain, and smiled self-deprecatingly: "I should have known earlier."

It's not that Su De'an is ignorant of the grievances and sufferings she has suffered in these years, but she just turned a blind eye.

"Xiaoqing." Su De'an said earnestly: "Now that you are valued by the Li family, your life will only be better in the future. Why can't you find a man? Don't look back."

That was her first child.

She hadn't even met face to face.

Su Qing didn't speak, and Su De'an left with a sigh.

He couldn't let those two children ruin Su Qing.


Su Qing actually gave birth to a pair of fraternal twins, who were very beautiful children. Su De'an couldn't bear it back then, but the Su family couldn't be ashamed.

Su Qing gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and no one knew about it. He couldn't keep the child, so he let someone deal with it.

Now the whereabouts of the two children, he does not know.

When Su De'an got into the car, Qin Suqin cried first: "Old Su, look at today, Su Qing's eyes have grown to the top of her head, and she didn't pay attention to my stepmother at all."

"That's right, Dad, Su Qing was even stopped by someone to let you in, isn't that embarrassing for you?"

"You two idiots." Su De'an asked sternly: "What happened to that child and that man at night? Do you really think everyone is a fool? You ruined Su Qing, and it will do you no good."

Su Xue's face was full of jealousy: "I just don't want her to step on my head and show off her power. Besides, she had a child out of wedlock."

Su De'an hates iron for being weak: "Your status in the Chu family is not stable, and if you freeze the relationship with Su Qing, it will only be more detrimental to you. If you want to gain a foothold in the Chu family, not only can you not fight against Su Qing now, you have to fight against Su Qing." To repair the relationship, our Su family will have to rely on Su Qing in the future."

"Let me curry favor with her? How is this possible?" Su Xue remembered how she had messed herself up by trying to curry favor with Su Qing, and hated Su Qing even more.

Qin Suqin thought it through quickly, and took Su Xue's hand: "Xiaoxue, your father is right, Su Qing has now become Li Kuihua's goddaughter, this is a fact, you are not Su Qing, but the Li family , if you fall into Li Kuihua's eyes and he recognizes you as his goddaughter, how can Chu Tianyi escape from your Wuzhishan?"

When she heard that she could hold Chu Tianyi, Su Xue's heart moved, her eyes lit up: "Mom, Dad, I understand, don't worry, I won't fight against Su Qing in the future."


The introductory banquet is over.

Su Qing accompanied Li Kuihua and Liu Xueqin to see off the guests.

When Chu Tianyi came out, Su Qing just glanced at him lightly, without any extra eyes.

Chu Tianyi hesitated to speak, but finally said nothing.

After the guests left, Liu Xueqin said, "Xiaoqing, you've been tired all night, go and rest."

"Godmother, I have to send Xiaojie back to the hospital. I'll go straight back to the rented room later. Godfather and Godmother, you've been busy all day, so go to bed early." Su Qing is not used to living in Li's house.

Li Kuihua saw through Su Qing's thoughts at a glance, and gave Liu Xueqin a wink.

Liu Xueqin smiled and took out a bunch of keys: "Xiaoqing, your godfather and I have prepared a house for you in Huayang Community, you can move there."

How could the goddaughter of the Li family still live in such a small house.

"Thank you godfather and godmother." Su Qing accepted the key, but did not intend to move there.

Su Qing saw off Su Jie, and Lu Rongyuan came out from Li's house.

Li Kuihua saw him off in person.

"Young Master Lu, I have already greeted the man who slandered Xiaoqing, and he will never come out again in this life."

"Yes." Lu Rongyuan said in a cold tone, "I don't need to bother Mr. Li for the rest."

The implication is that the rest will be up to him.

There is no need to make Li Kuihua difficult.

Li Kuihua smiled: "OK."

It is unreasonable for him to go to trouble with the mother and daughter, and it is considered a personal grievance of the Su family, so it is even more inconvenient for him to intervene.

When Lu Rongyuan got into the car, Wan Yang asked: "Boss, you have been missing for several days, and if you don't show up again, Ms. Su might be hard to coax."

Lu Rongyuan came today as the head of the Lu family, just to let Li Kuihua know how much he attaches importance to Su Qing.

He should also go to see Su Qing.


Su Qing sent Su Jie back to the hospital and left. The calm after the hustle and bustle made her feel in a trance.

Su Qing stood by the river, blowing the cold wind, and Xiaobao's clever appearance appeared in her mind.

Where did that kid go?

The entire Li family has not been found, and he has no father or mother, where can he go?

The phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID was Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing stared at the phone, frowned, but didn't answer it for a long time.

In a car on the opposite side of the road, Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing who was dazed by the river. Seeing that Su Qing didn't pick up for a long time, he felt a little puzzled.

The phone ringing stopped, but Su Qing still maintained her original posture.

Lu Rongyuan called again, Su Qing collected herself, and then answered.

On the phone, it was Lu Rongyuan's impatient tone: "Qingqing, are you angry?"

Putting one hand in her pocket, Su Qing tried to keep her tone steady: "No, are you done?"

"Well, I'm already back and want to see you. Where are you? I'll go find you right away." Lu Rongyuan didn't get out of the car to look for Su Qing, and rashly appearing in front of her would only make her suspicious, so he called.

"No need, I'm staying with Xiaojie in the hospital. After a busy day, I'm a little tired and want to sleep." Su Qing lied and laughed: "You're tired too, go to bed early."

Before Lu Rongyuan could say anything, Su Qing had already hung up the phone.

She was upset, seeing Lu Rongyuan now, she was afraid of revealing her secrets.

Lu Rongyuan in the car stared at Su Qing by the river, frowning coldly.

Intuition told him that Su Qing's depression must be related to the incident at the banquet.

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