Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 50

Su Qing was wandering on the street, not knowing where to go.

It was already dark.

There are no pedestrians on the street.

Su Qing was a little hungry, and hardly ate much at the banquet.

Seeing a barbecue stand on the side of the road, Su Qing sat down and ordered some barbecue and ordered a bottle of beer.

A gust of cool wind blew, and Su Qing sniffed. If people knew that the daughter of the Li family was wandering in the street late at night eating roadside barbecue, it would be shocking.

Su Qing didn't want to fix herself as the daughter of the Li family. She was still the original Su Qing.

Su Qing ate barbecue and drank beer, quietly alone, looking at the passers-by from time to time.

This kind of comfort is her life.

In the car on the side of the road, Lu Rongyuan stared deeply at Su Qing. He followed her all the time, but didn't approach her.

After getting along for so long, Lu Rongyuan thought he understood Su Qing. It wasn't until tonight that he discovered that there was something hidden in this woman that he didn't know.

A young couple came to the table next to Su Qing. They were eating well at first, but suddenly they quarreled.

The man kicked the stool angrily, and asked the girl angrily: "Have you ever given birth to a child? You are not a young child? Are you lying?"

The girl was sad and aggrieved, sobbing: "I didn't mean to lie to you, Ah Wei, I'm sorry, it's because I was young and ignorant that I got confused, but I really love you."

"You have even given birth to a child, what do I want from you, I don't want to pick up other people's rags, and don't come to me again." The man was very determined.

"Awei, Awei..." the girl chased after him crying.

The brief episode made Su Qing even more upset, and a sense of inferiority arose spontaneously.

Do men hate women who have given birth?

Lu Rongyuan would definitely mind too.

She lied to him.

After drinking the wine in the bottle, Su Qing stumbled and took a taxi to go back. Maybe she was tired, maybe she was drunk, so she fell asleep on the bed.

Downstairs, Lu Rongyuan was sitting in the car. He didn't get out of the car, nor went upstairs. He lit a cigarette and smoked it silently.

There was nothing Lu Rongyuan wanted to know that he couldn't find out.

But he didn't dare to find out why Su Qing was so abnormal tonight.

The smoke was ignited.

The car was filled with smoke, and there was a pile of cigarette butts on the ground.

As the sky gradually dawned, Lu Rongyuan left and returned to the Lu family's old house.

Chen Xiufen got up early, she hadn't gone to see Su Qing for several days, and it was inconvenient for her to show up at yesterday's introduction banquet, for fear of revealing her secrets.

As soon as Chen Xiufen went downstairs, she saw Lu Rongyuan coming in from outside with a cane, walking very fast.

"Son, what's the matter?" Chen Xiufen's heart skipped a beat: "Did you quarrel with Xiao Su?"

Chen Xiufen said it casually, but she didn't expect the temperature in the air to drop suddenly.

Yes, it seems that I guessed it right.

Chen Xiufen asked cautiously: "Really, did you quarrel?"

Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, and almost scared Chen Xiufen to death.

"Son, you should say something, what's the matter, tell me, Mom will give you some advice."

"It's okay." Lu Rongyuan dropped two words and walked upstairs.

Chen Xiufen remembered something, seeing Lu Rongyuan walking upstairs, she quickly reminded her: "Son, Lu Chengjun is back."

Lu Rongyuan stopped, his brows twisted into the word Chuan.

As soon as Chen Xiufen finished speaking, a tall and handsome man appeared at the stairs in home clothes.

"Brother is back, long time no see."

Lu Chengjun had a gentle smile on his face, but if you look closely, that smile was mixed with a bit of insidiousness.

This person is Lu Zhanyuan's eldest son, Lu Chengjun.

Lu Rongyuan stared at the person in front of him, subconsciously clenched the hand holding the crutch a little.

"Before the second brother came back, why didn't you notify me?" Lu Rongyuan's thin lips hooked lightly: "Did you come back to visit the second uncle?"

"I heard that it was people from the Dark Night Organization who made the move this time. My father has suffered such a big fall. As a son, he must get it back for his old man, right?"

Lu Rongyuan sneered: "Second brother is really filial, be careful to plant yourself in."

"Thank you for your concern, brother. I must be careful. I will ask An Ye ten times to get back the goods that Dad lost this time."

The two were talking and laughing happily, but the air was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

"By the way, elder brother, I specially brought back a genius doctor from abroad this time, and asked him to treat elder brother well."

"No need." Lu Rongyuan refused with two words, and didn't give Lu Chengjun any favors, and went straight to the room.

Lu Chengjun's expression was gloomy, his eyes fell on Lu Rongyuan's limping legs, and his eyes became darker.

Lu Rongyuan wears a mask all year round, making it impossible for people to guess his emotions and understand his mind from his face.

The door of the room was slammed shut, and Lu Chengjun looked at Chen Xiufen with a smile: "Auntie, it seems that elder brother is still worried about the fact that I drugged him five years ago. lead to such a tragedy."

Chen Xiufen sneered: "Don't cry like a cat and pretend to be merciful, Chengjun, you came back so early because you hoped that my son would die soon, so don't worry, even if something happened to my son, the Lu family will not be able to do it." Go to your second room to take charge."

Lu Chengjun's face darkened: "Auntie, what do you mean by that? I have never coveted the property of the Lu family."

"Heh!" Chen Xiufen sneered, and left without saying anything.

She was deliberately trying to make Lu Chengjun unhappy. As for what it meant, who knows, she was just talking nonsense.


Su Qing went to work as usual, and all the colleagues in the company were very attentive to her.

She is not used to it.

People are always looking for profit, and the introduction banquet is so grand, I am afraid that no one will not know it.

The hospitality of the colleagues is entirely aimed at the title of the Li family's daughter.

"Su Qing, Mr. Lu asked you to go to the office." A colleague brought a message.

"Okay." Su Qing packed up and went to the office.

"Boss Lu."

Su Qing knocked on the door and went in: "You look for me."

"Close the door." Lu Xingnan didn't raise his head.

Su Qing closed the door suspiciously: "Boss Lu, what do you want from me?"

Lu Xingnan raised his head and looked at Su Qing: "Just to make sure, do you really want to go to the headquarters of the Lu Group? If you don't want to go, you will be promoted as a product manager here."

Going to the headquarters may be a little transparent, but in this subsidiary, she can be promoted in one fell swoop.

Su Qing was very surprised, did Lu Xingnan want to keep her here?

Seeing that Su Qing didn't speak, Lu Xingnan leaned against the back of the chair and said with a smile, "You can go back and think about it..."

"No need, Mr. Lu. If I succeed in the election, I still hope to enter the headquarters." Su Qing said bluntly, it wasn't that she was not afraid of offending Lu Xingnan, she wanted to go to a higher platform before, but now, she wanted to change to another environment.

Lu Xingnan frowned, knowing that he couldn't keep it, but he still tried.

"Okay!" Lu Xingnan crossed his fingers, looked at Su Qing and suddenly said, "You were great at the banquet last night."

"Boss Lu, you went too?"

She didn't see Lu Xingnan last night.

"I watched the news."

That's right, if Lu Xingnan went, those ladies would have to scream.

The title of male god Lu is not for nothing.

"Thank you." Su Qing smiled slightly: "Mr. Lu, is there anything else?"

"The audit results are out, you can go to the headquarters to report tomorrow." Lu Xingnan looked at Su Qing: "Congratulations."

Even though Su Qing was determined to win, she was still very surprised.

Not long after Su Qing left the office, another quota was announced, and another person who was selected to go to the headquarters took everyone by surprise.


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