Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 51

Looking at the announced list, Su Qing, Qin Yafei!

It was expected that Su Qing was selected, but this Qin Yafei was confusing.

Cai Jingmei asked: "Su Qing, is there someone like Qin Yafei in our company? Why don't I know which department he is in?"

That's right, the other person selected was a person whom no one knew and had never met.

He is not a company employee, but he was selected into the headquarters of the Lu Corporation by virtue of his status as a company employee.

Naturally, people subconsciously wonder who this Qin Yafei is.

Su Qing shook her head, she didn't know her, she hadn't even heard of it.

Suddenly she remembered what Zhuang Xiaomei said before, that a quota had been reserved by default, could it be this Qin Yafei?

Looking at the three words "Qin Yafei", Su Qing felt a little stuffy in her chest and felt very uncomfortable for no reason.

Starting tomorrow, Su Qing will not come to work here. Today's work is to hand over the work in hand.

After working for several years, I still feel a little bit reluctant.

"Su Qing, don't forget about me in the future. When you get to the headquarters, you have to miss me." Cai Jingmei hugged Su Qing very reluctantly.

"Okay." Su Qing smiled: "If something good happens, I will never forget you."

"Sister enough." Cai Jingmei smiled: "Let's go, I will celebrate with you tonight."

Su Qing was about to speak when the phone rang suddenly.

It is a WeChat.

Lu Rongyuan sent it, asking her to meet at Rose Restaurant at 8:00 pm.

What should come will always come.

Su Qing hesitated and replied with one word: Good!

"What, boyfriend?" Cai Jingmei asked.

"Yeah." Su Qing nodded, smiled and said apologetically, "He asked me to have dinner tonight."

Cai Jingmei was emotional, and joked: "Hey, I really envy you. It's like life is on the verge of death. Both love and career have a good harvest. I have to be enviable."

"Your luck is coming soon." Su Qing raised her lips and smiled: "The work handover is over, then I'll leave first."

Su Qing felt that she and Lu Rongyuan should really meet and have a good chat.

There is no way to go on like this.

Short-term pain is worse than long-term pain, and breaking up is no big deal.

As soon as Su Qing left the company, Chen Xiufen came back, and she missed the opportunity.

Su Qing went back to the rental room first, changed her clothes, put on light makeup, and made enough mental preparations before going to Rose Restaurant.

Night fell.

The lights are bright.

When Su Qing arrived, Lu Rongyuan had already arrived first.

Today's restaurant is very deserted, there are not many customers, Lu Rongyuan booked a private room, by the window, with a good view, the night view of the imperial capital, all in one's eyes.

Lu Rongyuan pulled out the chair for Su Qing in a very gentlemanly manner: "You are hungry, let's order first."

"It's okay, there's no rush."

Su Qing smiled and looked at Lu Rongyuan in front of her. To be honest, she really couldn't find anything wrong with Lu Rongyuan, especially his appearance.

Just look at this face, if there is a real quarrel, looking at this beautiful face in this prosperous age, the anger will probably disappear.

Before Su Qing came, she had already thought about many opening remarks, and finally chose a straightforward and simple one.

"Lu Rongyuan, let's break up."

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan with a calm and serious expression, not like joking.

Regarding feelings, Su Qing never procrastinates.

She can break up with Chu Tianyi, and also get together with Lu Rongyuan.

Maybe she will be sad and regret it, but now she knows exactly what she is doing.

In the relationship, she has low self-esteem, how can the unequal love continue?

It's better to cut the mess with a sharp knife and solve it quickly.

Lu Rongyuan looked confused, he was broken up?

He had already realized that Su Qing's mood was wrong last night, but he was still shocked when he heard the word break up from Su Qing's mouth.

If people know that the ruler of the Lu family in the dignified imperial capital has been broken up and kicked, it will be an international joke and no one will believe it.

However, this is a fact.

After a brief moment of surprise, Lu Rongyuan quickly suppressed his expression and narrowed his eyes deeply: "The reason."

Being kicked for no reason, anyone will ask why.

Su Qing also thought up her speech. She didn't plan to hide it anymore and made up excuses, but said bluntly: "Have you read the news today? Someone made a big fuss at the introduction banquet last night, spreading rumors that I gave birth to a child out of wedlock. In fact, this is not Rumors, five years ago, I did give birth to a child."

After finishing speaking in one breath, Su Qing felt a sense of relief, and it was not as difficult as imagined.

Even though Lu Rongyuan was also suspicious, hearing Su Qing admit it with his own ears, he was still unbearable and stunned.

Before Su Qing opened his mouth, he thought, no matter what reason Su Qing gave, he would reject it. He did not agree to break up, but he couldn't find any excuse to reject it if he had a child out of wedlock.

Su Qing gave birth to a child, and she lied to him from the beginning.

The smear of blood on the seat representing the first evidence was also fake.

Lu Rongyuan faintly showed anger on his face.

Su Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and her tone was pretending to be relaxed: "I admit that I lied to you at the beginning, and I just tried it with you at the beginning, and I didn't have any long-term plans, nor did I think about getting married. I don’t think we are suitable for each other, so let’s break up.”

The relationship was proposed by Su Qing.

The breakup was also proposed by Su Qing.

Lu Rongyuan's face was gloomy, his hands were clenched into fists, and he tried his best to restrain his emotions.

Su Qing has already talked about this, what else can he say?

Su Qing tried her best to smile, it was the first time she saw Lu Rongyuan's face so ugly.

"Lu Rongyuan, I know I owe you, but you can't force it when it comes to feelings. Today's meal is the last meal before we break up. It's good to get together and break up. I'll invite you."

Su Qing took out the token of love from Lu Rongyuan and the bracelet from Chen Xiufen and returned it to Lu Rongyuan: "I hope you can meet someone who is really suitable."

Su Qing's generous and calm attitude made the anger in Lu Rongyuan's heart rise again and again.

It's a good time to get together and get together.

Lu Rongyuan stood up abruptly, staring at Su Qing with burning eyes: "No, I'm not at a disadvantage, neither owe each other."

Su Qing understood that the two had slept twice, and Lu Rongyuan really didn't suffer.

"Then you agree to break up?"

"It's good to get together and get away."

He is a dignified person in power of the Lu family, it is already very embarrassing to be dumped, and it is not his style to rely on it and play a scoundrel.

The phrase "good gathering and good separation" was almost squeezed out from Lu Rongyuan's teeth.

Su Qing twitched the corners of her mouth stiffly. Before the meal had time to eat, the two broke up unhappy.

Su Qing sat alone in the box for a while before leaving.

Wan Yang soon found out about the two breaking up.

Wan Yang was shocked when he learned that it was Su Qing who proposed the breakup first.

I go.

Lu Rongyuan got dumped?

The head of the Lu family, Lu Rongyuan, was dumped?

It took Wan Yang a long time to recover, and he glanced at Lu Rongyuan, who was constantly drinking and trying to get himself drunk.

"Boss, did you really break up with Miss Su? Why?"

It was so sudden.

Lu Rongyuan is so good, he shouldn't be dumped.

Naturally, Lu Rongyuan couldn't say that Su Qing had a child out of wedlock, nor could he say that Su Qing never took this relationship seriously from the beginning to the end.

Having a child out of wedlock, cheating, Lu Rongyuan was angry, but compared to Su Qing's attitude towards this relationship, he was more angry with the latter.

Lu Rongyuan drank one cup after another, his whole face was very ugly, as if strangers should not get close to them.

"Boss, could it be that Ms. Su has become the goddaughter of the Li family and looks down on you for driving an online car-hailing service? Or if you reveal to Ms. Su that you are the ruler of the Lu family, she will immediately change her mind."

Lu Rongyuan gave Wan Yang a cold look.

Wan Yang said wittily, "Boss, drink, drink, I'll drink with you, if you don't get drunk, you won't go home."

I can't afford to provoke a lovelorn man.

The two were fine, and suddenly they broke up.

Wan Yang was taken aback, and Chen Xiufen was also surprised.

But Lu Rongyuan ordered that no one is allowed to look for Su Qing.

Lu Rongyuan still wants to save face.

Since the farewell to Rose Restaurant, Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan haven't seen each other again.

And when I got news from Lu Rongyuan again, it was already a week later.

And it's bad news.


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