Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 53

When Su Qing returned to the company, she was also absent-minded.

It's okay if we don't meet each other, but when we meet, my heart is always in a state of anxiety, and the memories of dating come back to my heart from time to time.

Su Qing shook her head, she couldn't think about it any more, she just broke up.

Su Qing went to the tea to get some water, and saw a group of colleagues chatting gossip, and quickly pulled her into it.

"Assistant Su, do you know Qin Yafei who came with you from the subsidiary company?"

"Not very familiar, what's the matter?" Su Qing didn't know why.

After entering the headquarters, she had never even seen that Qin Yafei. If her colleagues hadn't mentioned it, she would have forgotten that there was another Qin Yafei who came to the headquarters with her to study.

"Just now I saw her come up in the elevator with Vice President Lu. She is from the same subsidiary as you, and she thought that Assistant Su knew who she was from."

Qin Yafei is here?

Su Qing was quite curious.

Another colleague said enviously: "That Qin Yafei is so beautiful, her figure is really amazing, with big breasts and thin waist, even a woman like me is envious."

"I took a look at her waist just now. I'm afraid I could grab it with one hand. Among us, only Assistant Su can compare."

Listening to the gossip, Su Qing became so curious about a person for the first time.

What's the origin of this Qin Yafei?

Chatting in the tea room was in full swing, and suddenly a beautiful woman in a rose red dress walked in.

Su Qing heard a colleague beside her say, "This is Qin Yafei."


Su Qing couldn't help but look at the other party a few more times. The other party was so young, probably in his early twenties, with collagen all over his face.

"Hello, everyone." Qin Yafei took the initiative to greet everyone, and went to fetch water with a glass with a smile.

The colleague standing at the water dispenser moved away.

Qin Yafei smiled and said, "Thank you."

The colleague quickly said, "You're welcome."

Qin Yafei took the water and set her eyes on Su Qing: "You are the goddaughter that the Li family just recognized, Su Qing!"

It's not a secret either, almost everyone in the company knows that she is the goddaughter of the Li family.

Su Qing said generously, "I am."

"I'm Qin Yafei. It's nice to meet you. I was supposed to report with you on Monday, but I fell ill suddenly, so I didn't come here until today." Qin Yafei smiled and said, "I hope we can work together happily in the future."

Su Qing smiled slightly: "Happy working together."

Even though Qin Yafei was very kind, Su Qing still felt uncomfortable getting along with her.

When they met in the tea room, Su Qing returned to her seat and continued to do her own work.

Without the harassment from the Su family, it was rare for her to be quiet for a few days.

It was a little early to get off work today. Su Qing passed by the vegetable market, got out of the car and went in to buy some food. She also bought a chicken and went home to make soup.

Although Lu Rongyuan said that the car accident had nothing to do with her, morally, she should do something.

Su Qing convinced herself in this way, finished the soup, went to the company early the next morning, and waited at the door of Wan Yang's office.

When someone came, he handed the thermos bucket to Wan Yang.

Wan Yang wondered, "What is this?"

"chicken soup."

Wan Yang was flattered: "Miss Su, you are so kind to me. How embarrassing to bring me chicken soup early in the morning."

"It's not for you, it's for him." Su Qing said, "Mr. Wan, please take it for me when I go to the hospital."

"It's for the boss, Ms. Su, you should send it over by yourself." Wan Yang said: "The boss must be very happy to know that Miss Su made the soup herself. The two of us will settle down, that's all."

"I didn't stew it, I bought it outside." Su Qing lied: "Don't get me wrong, I just express condolences from the perspective of a friend, there is no other meaning, please trouble."

"The boss suddenly had a headache in the middle of the night last night, and the doctor said it might be a sequelae." Wan Yang lied and said nonsense: "The doctor also said that the boss may not be able to see, and he still has blood clots in his brain. Miss Su, you Don't look at the boss who doesn't have any injuries on the surface, in fact, they are all injured inside."

Su Qing was fooled once, so naturally she won't trust Wan Yang so easily.

"We broke up. Anyway, what happened to him has nothing to do with me."

Su Qing felt that she couldn't be dragged along.

"If you can't be a lover, you shouldn't be a stranger. Anyway, you and your boss had a bad time." Wan Yang said exaggeratedly: "After the boss broke up, it's just that he doesn't think about food and drink. You saw it yesterday, and you lost a few pounds. gone."

Su Qing: "..."

She really didn't see it.

Wan Yang said so much because he just wanted Su Qing to visit Lu Rongyuan again. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

Wan Yang sighed and said, "If Boss is really blind, or if something goes wrong, how will I live?"

"Huh?" Su Qing looked at Wan Yang with strange eyes.

Wan Yang realized that he had said the wrong thing, and said with a sneer: "Slip of the tongue, Boss and I are definitely not like you, we are both innocent."

Su Qing pursed her lips: "I'll leave the chicken soup to you, and I'll go to work."

After speaking, Su Qing returned to her post.

Wan Yang is carrying the thermos. It seems that the boss still has a long way to go after his wife.


Wan Yang sent the chicken soup to Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan glanced lightly: "Take it away."

"Miss Su stewed it herself, and asked me to give it to you."

It doesn't matter if it's Su Qing's stew or not, even if it's not, it's Su Qing's stew, Wan Yang put down the thermos: "I'll put it here, you can eat it or not."

Upon hearing that it was given by Su Qing, a strange light flashed across Lu Rongyuan's eyes, but he still proudly refused to drink the chicken soup.

Wan Yang complained in his heart, I see how long you can bear it.

"By the way, boss, Lu Chengjun is back."

Lu Rongyuan looked calm: "Yes, I know."

Wan Yang looked solemn: "I'm afraid he will make a big move. Anyway, I don't believe that he came back for Lu Zhanyuan. If the two father and son join forces, it will be very troublesome."

"Xia Dong Xia Qiu has been watching." Lu Rongyuan was not unprepared.

It was only then that Wan Yang realized that he hadn't seen Xia Dong Xia Qiu in recent days.

At this moment, old man Xue's voice came from the door.

"It's not a serious injury, can't you leave the hospital?"

At the door, Old Man Xue took Xia Tian with him. Hearing that Lu Rongyuan was injured and hospitalized, the two came here specially.

"Old man Xue, why are you here?" Wan Yang said with a smile, "Boss wants to stay in the hospital for a few more days to heal his emotional injuries."

"You got dumped?"

It was none other than Xia Tian who spoke.

Xia Tian curled his lips, his tone was very contemptuous.

Lu Rongyuan's face darkened: "What do you know, you little brat."

"It seems that I was really dumped." Xia Tian shook his head and sat down on the sofa: "This is from embarrassment to anger."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

Xia Tian said with a look of experience: "I have the most experience in this kind of thing. The girls and sisters on the island all like me very much. Isn't it just flirting with girls? It's easy, how about I teach you two tricks?" Bar."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

He still needs a kid to teach him how to fall in love and chase women?

Wan Yang secretly gave Xia Tian a thumbs up, so Xia Tian dared to hate Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan had a cold face: "Old man Xue, you should go back to the island today."


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