Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 55

Intuition told Su Qing that Xia Bao got into trouble.

She really guessed right.

Xiao Li, a policeman from the police station, came over: "Miss Su, you are here."

"Officer Li, why is Xiaobao here? Has he fallen into the wrong hands again?"

"No, here's the thing. This kid sold a hairpin worth millions. The boss suspected that it came from a wrong place, so he sent him to the police station." Officer Li said, "This kid said it was yours." Give it to him, we will contact you now."


Officer Li took out the hairpin.

Su Qing remembered that the hairpin that Lu Rongyuan gave was taken away by Xia Bao.

Su Qing glanced at Xia Bao, Xia Bao looked like a good baby who did something wrong, with his head down, pretending to be pitiful: "Pretty auntie, I know I was wrong."

Su Qing has learned the lesson, Xia Bao admits his mistakes as fast as he makes them.

Stealing is no small matter.

Xia Bao is so young, he learned to steal at a young age, and he is full of lies, Su Qing is very worried.

She couldn't let this little child be ruined like this.

"Officer Li, I'm sorry, I did give this hairpin to Xiaobao." Su Qing apologized, "Xiaobao is still young, and this child is pitiful, causing you trouble."

"It's okay, just figure it out." Police Officer Li said, "This child is indeed pitiful. He has no father and no mother. We are going to contact the orphanage and send the child there. This child is wandering outside, and it is too dangerous."

"I'm not going to the orphanage." Xia Bao reacted very strongly when he heard that he was going to the orphanage again.

He still needs to find his brother.

Xia Bao cleverly hugged Su Qing: "Auntie pretty, Xiaobao is so cute and obedient, do you have the heart to send me to the orphanage? Woohoo, Auntie pretty doesn't like Xiaobao, Xiaobao is so sad, his heart is broken .”

Su Qing: "..."

This child is really dumbfounding.

Xia Bao hugged Su Qing and did not let go: "Beautiful auntie, take me back. When I grow up, I will marry you as my wife, and I will treat you very well."

Su Qing couldn't help laughing out loud: "You still want to marry me? When you grow up, auntie will be old."

"Auntie is always the most beautiful in Xiaobao's heart."

This kid has a sweet mouth.

Xia Bao's facial features are very good, his eyes are particularly attractive, and his mouth is sweet. He is going to grow up, and he doesn't know how many girls he will harm.

Police Officer Li also couldn't laugh or cry: "Miss Su, this child is unusual, smart and rosy, and looks better than the child stars on TV. If this child is sent to an orphanage, there must be many people to adopt it."

Are you really going to send Xia Bao to the orphanage?

Looking at Xia Bao's clear and pure eyes, Su Qing couldn't bear it.

Su Qing's heart softened: "Officer Li, why don't you let me take the child back for a few days first."

"This..." Officer Li was a little embarrassed, and said, "Miss Su, from a procedural point of view, this does not comply with the regulations, and this child needs a stable living environment. At this age, he should go to school. If Miss Su really likes this Child, Miss Su, if you don't go through the adoption procedures, adopt this child back."

"Adopt back?" Su Qing hasn't thought about this question yet.

Raising a child, she didn't know if she could do it.

Xia Bao tried hard to recommend himself again: "Pretty auntie, take me back, I will be very obedient and make you happy, it's a pistachio, auntie won't suffer."

"Take me back quickly" was written in Xia Bao's eyes, no one could bear to see it.

Just like that, Su Qing felt as if she was in a daze, and really went through the adoption procedures.

When she brought Xia Bao home, she came back to her senses.

God, she actually abducted such a big child back.

Xia Bao liked Su Qing's residence very much. It was warm and comfortable. He lay down on the bed with a happy and satisfied look on his face: "I finally have a home, I am so happy."

Xia Bao was so happy that his eyes narrowed into slits.

Seeing Xia Bao's happy look, Su Qing also felt good, and immediately, her heart felt sour again.

Xia Bao liked such a small house very much and called it home. Other children grew up under the care of their parents, but Xiao Bao didn't even have a home.

A warm home, a warm bed, and the love of his parents are all a luxury for Xiaobao.

Su Qing suddenly felt very uncomfortable and distressed.

If her child was still alive and was as old as Xia Bao, maybe he would be as smart and cute as well.

"Xiaobao, are you hungry? Auntie will cook for you." Su Qing walked over and gently stroked Xia Bao's head, her heart was soft.

Xia Bao sat up, her beautiful eyes showed a cunning light like a fox, hooked Su Qing's neck, and called sweetly: "Sister."

Su Qing was stunned by the sound of sister, not knowing what Xia Bao was going to do.

Xia Bao hugged Su Qing's neck, and winked at Su Qing: "From now on, I will call your sister, and when Xiaobao grows up, I will marry my sister as my wife."

"Stinky boy." Su Qing couldn't laugh or cry: "Okay, then I will wait for you to grow up."

It's really not very nice to be called auntie. Although my sister is awkward, it sounds good.

"Pull the hook." Xia Bao stretched out his small hand: "If you pull the hook, you are not allowed to change. Whoever changes is a pig."

"Okay." Su Qing smiled and pulled the hook.

Now that she has brought everyone back, she has to be responsible to Xia Bao next.

It is basic to take care of Xia Bao, eat and drink, and the most important thing is to discipline, go to school, and let Xiaobao receive education.

"Xiaobao, I'll take you out for dinner, and then I'll buy some daily necessities."

"Okay." Xia Bao took Su Qing's hand, with an affectionate expression like Liang Shanbo's reincarnation: "Sister, you are too kind to me, don't worry, I will only love my sister in the future, and I will only marry you as a wife. Treat you well."

Su Qing felt like being molested by a four-year-old child.

"Stop." Su Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Where did you learn all this, you can't say such nasty things anymore, you are still young."

How could you be so good at teasing girls at such a young age?

Xia Bao raised his little hand and touched his heart with one hand: "Sister, Xiao Bao is sincere."

"Okay, I'm just teasing you." Su Qing said with a smile, "Go, let's go out to eat."

Su Qing took Xia Bao to have a good meal first, and then went to the mall to buy clothes and daily necessities.

Xia Bao was very happy all the way, children are sensitive and smart, and he could feel that Su Qing was sincere to him.

Xia Bao's smile was very contagious, and Su Qing's mood was also very good, and she directly left Lu Rongyuan in the hospital behind.

at night.

Su Qing gave Xia Bao a bath, and there was only one bed at home, and Xia Bao was so young that she could only sleep together.

Xia Bao was so happy in his heart, he got into the bed, hugged Su Qing's hand, satisfied and happy, and smiled all night: "Sister, you smell so good."

"Little Treasure." Su Qing's tone was a bit serious, this child would always tease her.

Xia Bao giggled, suddenly thought of something, and became sentimental: "Sister, I have a big soft bed to sleep on now, my sister hurts, I don't know how my brother is doing, whether he has enough food and clothing, whether he has been bullied, I am so happy I miss my brother."

While talking, Xia Bao was about to cry.

He really misses his brother.

This is the first time the brothers have separated.

Su Qing felt distressed: "Xiaobao, don't cry, sister will definitely help you find brother."

"Well, my sister is the best."

Saying that, Xia Bao slipped into Su Qing's arms again.

Su Qing: "..."

On impulse, Su Qing adopted Xia Bao, but she had to go to work, and the next day, she had a problem. It was impossible to take Xiao Bao to the company, so she could only leave him at home.

It seems that I have to find a kindergarten as soon as possible.

In the next few days, Su Qing was busy finding school work for Xia Bao. After work, she took Xia Bao out to eat and buy things, and went to the playground.

Lu Rongyuan, who stayed in the hospital for a few more days, saw that Su Qing was not moving, and couldn't sit still.


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