Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 56

During the lunch break, Su Qing contacted the kindergarten online and called the principal to explain Xia Bao's situation.

"Boy, a little over four years old, Xiaobao is very smart, principal, why don't I bring Xiaobao here tomorrow, so you can see for yourself..."

It is not easy to go to public kindergartens now. Su Qing has been looking for a kindergarten for several days, and finally she can only choose to go to a private kindergarten.

And she found out that the child's schooling was a big expense.

Looks like she'll have to work harder.

She wanted to find a kindergarten that was closer to the company, so that she could send Xiaobao to school in the morning and pick him up on the way after get off work.

Su Qing was chatting with the director on the phone, but she didn't realize that there was someone standing behind her.

Qin Yafei passed by and stopped curiously when she heard Su Qing on the phone and mentioned the child.

Does Su Qing really have a child?

The turmoil at the confession banquet set off a wave of discussion on the Internet. Although the police finally clarified that it was Zou Hai's slander, and Su Qing also revealed Zou Hai's true face at the banquet, there must be a reason for the rumors.

A strange light flashed in Qin Yafei's eyes, and she left quietly.

After Su Qing made the phone call, she went to the bathroom and found that the bathroom was full of people, and everyone was fixing their makeup and arranging their clothes.

Su Qing was curious, and asked with a smile: "Is there any important person here? Everyone is here to touch up their makeup."

"Su Qing, you don't know, Boss Lu is coming today." Colleague Zhang Yue said while putting on lipstick, "Boss Lu hasn't been here for a long time, can everyone not be excited?"

"Boss Lu? Which Boss Lu?"

There are several Lu family members working in the company, so Su Qing would ask this question.

"Of course it's young master Lu, who is in charge of the Lu family." Zhang Yue straightened her clothes: "Su Qing, take a quick look, am I beautiful today?"

Young Master Lu is coming?

Su Qing was taken aback. She had been in the company for so long, and she hadn't seen Young Master Lu yet.

"Beautiful." Su Qing didn't tell a lie, Zhang Yue has a baby face with a bulging front and back, and is very popular among men.

It's just that she didn't understand why everyone was so active when Mr. Lu came to the company.

Just as she was thinking about this, she heard Zhang Yue say in a low voice: "Young Master Lu has not married a wife so far, and I heard that he doesn't even have a girlfriend. If Young Master Lu can take a fancy to this, then he can fly on a branch and become a phoenix." gone."

A person with a crippled face and a ruined face will not live long, but everyone is still so active?

Su Qing said: "But I heard that Young Master Lu was disfigured in a car accident and looks extremely ugly."

It's not just ugly, it's terrifying.

The scarred face appeared in Su Qing's mind, and she couldn't help getting goosebumps.

Zhang Yue disagreed: "What's the matter with being ugly, most of the handsome people are philandering, and it's safe to be ugly."

"But I also heard that Young Master Lu has bad legs and is crippled."

Zhang Yue: "That's even better. You don't have to worry about being out of the house. You can be with me every day. How happy you are."

Su Qing: "I also heard that Young Master Lu is not long to live, and if he gets married, he will probably be a widow."

"That would be great, marry into the Lu family, and share the inheritance directly."

Su Qing: "..."

There are so many benefits to marrying Young Master Lu.

How did she not find out before?

Zhang Yue sighed and said: "Su Qing, you are different from us, you are Li Kuihua's goddaughter, you can marry a good man casually, but it is too difficult for us to find a good man."

Those who can enter the Lu's headquarters must have outstanding abilities, and all of them have ambitions. Who is willing to work for a lifetime without doing anything?

Women want to improve themselves, one is to rely on themselves, and the other is to rely on men.

No matter men or women, finding someone who is rich and powerful can save decades of struggle.

Zhang Yue wholeheartedly wanted to take root in the imperial capital, live a good life, and marry into a wealthy family.

She has no background and no identity, her biggest weapon is this face and proud figure.

Su Qing does not comment on Zhang Yue's values.

Now her mind is full of thoughts about finding a good school for Xia Bao, and where to take Xiao Bao to eat delicious food after get off work.

Not to mention, it's been a few hours since we parted in the morning, and she really misses that child a little bit.


The person in charge of the Lu Group came to the company in person, and the whole company cheered up tenfold.

Su Qing went to the tea to get some water, and when she came back, she happened to see a group of company executives coming in surrounded by Lu Rongyuan who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Even though Lu Rongyuan was sitting, he still couldn't hide the aura of the superior, his aura was fully open, dignified and dignified, like a king pointing the country.

Xia Dong pushed the wheelchair, Lu Xingnan walked beside Lu Rongyuan, a group of people was mighty.

The employees of the company gave way one after another.

When Lu Chengjun learned that Lu Rongyuan had come to the company, he was surprised and immediately went downstairs to take a look.

Seeing Lu Rongyuan in a wheelchair wearing a silver mask, he hurried over: "Brother, why are you here?"

That's a good question.

Lu Rongyuan is in charge of this company, and Lu Chengjun is a vice president, but asking such a question is not the same as a guest asking the host.

Lu Xingnan put his hands in his pockets, with a three-point smile on his face: "Second brother asked this question, could it be that the second brother has forgotten who is the real person in charge of this company?"

The smell of gunpowder was so strong at this meeting.

Su Qing drank water, and through the glass window, her eyes fell on Lu Rongyuan who was in the wheelchair.

Lu Chengjun was so bullied that he couldn't get off the stage, and his face was gloomy: "Third brother, you misunderstood me. I was worried about the health of the elder brother. I heard that the health of the elder brother is not good these days. He has worked too hard and collapsed."

Lu Rongyuan said in a cold voice: "Thank you for your concern, my second brother, I am in good health."

As soon as he finished speaking, he coughed violently again.

This doesn't look like he's in good health at all, but it looks like he won't live long.

Lu Xingnan was worried: "Brother, what's the matter?"

"No, nothing." Lu Rongyuan waved his hand.

Seeing Lu Rongyuan's sickly look, Lu Chengjun's eyes flashed a fleeting smugness, his face remained calm, and he said with concern: "Brother, go to the office to rest first, come on, I'll push you."

"No need." Lu Rongyuan coldly refused.

"Let me do it." Lu Xingnan didn't give Lu Chengjun a chance at all: "Second brother is a busy man, so just leave this kind of trivial matter to me."

Lu Xingnan pushed Lu Rongyuan, passed Lu Chengjun, and walked directly to the CEO's office.

Lu Rongyuan and his party walked away in a mighty manner. Lu Chengjun stood where he was, staring back at Lu Rongyuan's back, his eyes were terribly gloomy.

Su Qing could feel the cold light through the glass.

It seems that as the rumors say, Lu Rongyuan and Lu Chengjun are at odds.

Lu Rongyuan and Lu Zhanyuan were not on good terms, so the relationship with Lu Chengjun was not much better.

Su Qing took another sip of water, looked at Lu Rongyuan and his party who were going away, and frowned.

When he ran away with Lu Rongyuan back then, he ran faster than her, he was out of breath, he didn't look sick at all, and his physical fitness was better than hers. iread novel app read the full content

Lu Rongyuan's lameness is fake, so is it possible that this disease is also fake?


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