Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 58

Xia Bao's appearance made Lu Rongyuan stunned.

Lu Rongyuan recognized at a glance that this was the child named Su Qing's mother at the confession banquet.

"Why is this child here?" Surprised, Lu Rongyuan asked subconsciously.

It was a certain distance before, and he had never seen it up close. When Xia Bao appeared in front of Lu Rongyuan, he always had an indescribably familiar feeling.

Su Qing's heart tightened, and she explained with a dry smile, "I brought it."

"Sister, I want to pee." Xia Bao crossed his legs, looking anxious: "I can't hold it in anymore."

"Be patient for a while, I'll take you to the bathroom right away." Seeing Xia Bao's face flushed from holding back, Su Qing was also anxious.

The office is some distance away from the public restroom, Xia Bao must not be able to hold back.

Su Qing saw that Lu Rongyuan's lounge was open, and said to Lu Rongyuan: "Mr. Lu, please borrow the bathroom. It's urgent." Picking up Xia Bao, she rushed into the bathroom in the lounge.

"Su Qing." Lu Rongyuan only had time to shout.

Su Qing quickly took off Xia Bao's pants, because the toilet was too high, and Xia Bao couldn't hold it back, so he urinated directly and urinated all over the floor.

Lu Rongyuan followed closely, looking at the urine all over the floor, he was surprisingly lifeless.

Even he himself was surprised.

Lu Rongyuan is obsessed with cleanliness, if it was before, he would have thrown him out a long time ago.

Su Qing cleaned the toilet, washed the urine off the floor with water, and took Xia Bao to wash her hands. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

The bathroom was filled with the aroma of shower gel, and even the water vapor did not dissipate.

Lu Rongyuan stood at the door, his eyes fell on Su Qing who was washing Xia Bao's hands, this scene made people feel warm and unwilling to be disturbed.

After urinating, Xia Bao looked relieved, washed his hands and wiped them clean: "Sister, can I get off work? I'm still very hungry."

Su Qing wanted to get off work, but the big boss was still here and didn't say anything.

Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan, and raised a bright smile: "Mr. Lu, can I get off work?"

Lu Rongyuan was afraid that the scar on his face would frighten Xia Bao, so he had already put on a mask.

"This child..." Lu Rongyuan stared at Xia Bao: "He played a play with Zou Hai, which almost ruined your reputation. How could he be with you?"

"Xiaobao has no father and no mother, and Zou Hai is in trouble again, and no one is taking care of Xiaobao. I think this child is cute, so I adopted him." Su Qing said: "Xiaobao is so young, he can't tell right from wrong, so we can't let him He falls into the wrong hands again."

Lu Rongyuan was surprised, he didn't expect Su Qing to adopt this child.

"You're unmarried...but you adopted a child. Does your boyfriend have any objection?"

Su Qing said frankly: "I have already broken up with him."

Lu Rongyuan raised his eyebrows, and under the mask, his expression was cold.

Su Qing said it so frankly, without even hearing any nostalgia in her tone, which made Lu Rongyuan feel even more uncomfortable.

Lu Rongyuan suppressed his emotions: "Then you have to get married in the future, and you have children, how do you get married?"

Su Qing shrugged: "Who said that women must marry?"

After breaking up with Lu Rongyuan, Su Qing really didn't plan to find another man, let alone get married.

After having Xia Bao, she felt that her life was too full and she didn't need a man at all.

"Did you really break up with your boyfriend?" Lu Rongyuan asked knowingly, and chuckled: "Didn't you say that you didn't marry him before, or did you lie to me at that time?"

Su Qing is in trouble, she can't talk about her personal relationship with Lu Rongyuan, and she can't admit the nonsense she told to get away.

Just when Su Qing was in trouble, Xia Bao stared at

Xia Bao also stared at Lu Rongyuan in front of him, with his small hands on his hips: "You want to chase after my sister, don't you? My sister is mine. When I grow up, my sister promises to marry me. It's not a gentleman's action to win love with a sword."

Su Qing was dumbfounded. This child also knows how to win love with a knife.

Xia Bao looked at Lu Rongyuan exactly as he looked at his rival in love.

Lu Rongyuan hooked the corner of his mouth, Xia Bao's provocative posture in front of him reminded him of Xia Tian.

Su Qing pulled Xia Bao, and gave Lu Rongyuan a dry laugh twice: "Young words are not jeopardized, children's words are not jeopardized, Mr. Lu, don't take it seriously."

Then, he said to Xia Bao: "Xiaobao, this is my sister's boss, not to pursue my sister, you misunderstood."

Young Master Lu chasing her?

It's scary to think about it.

Su Qing didn't want to die anyway, even if marrying Lu Rongyuan had many benefits as Zhang Yue said, she might be able to inherit the inheritance directly, but that would have to be fateful.

Seeing Su Qing's expression of being afraid of getting anything to do with him, Lu Rongyuan's face became gloomy again, and he said, "Let's go."

"Can you get off work?" Su Qing was overjoyed.

"It just so happens that I'm a little hungry too, let's go together."

"What? One, together?"

"What? You work in my company, shouldn't you invite the big boss to dinner? Huh?" Lu Rongyuan said that I gave you the opportunity to curry favor with your boss, shouldn't you be grateful.

Su Qing was stunned. She invited the big boss to dinner?

Isn't it always the boss who rewards the employees?

How can she have the money to treat the big boss to dinner?

But Lu Rongyuan's last "um" was somewhat lethal, Su Qing dare not refuse.

This is the person in charge of the Lu family, Young Master Lu, her big boss.

"Should, should." The smile on Su Qing's face was stiffer than crying.

As soon as the words finished, she saw Lu Rongyuan tearing off the bath towel around her waist in front of her, so frightened that Su Qing subconsciously turned her head away, and blindfolded Xia Bao's eyes by the way.

It was later discovered that Lu Rongyuan was not wearing nothing underneath, but also wore a pair of underpants.

Su Qing realized that she was being teased, and held Xia Bao by the hand: "Mr. Lu, let's go out and wait for you outside."

"En." Lu Rongyuan's voice was cold, and he reminded lightly: "Don't run away, this is not the first time you have done this kind of thing."

Wouldn't it be trifling to dare to run away from marriage and even a meal?

Su Qing: "..."

He led Xia Bao and went out directly.

She wanted to escape, but would she dare?

Whether she can keep her job now depends on the mood of the big boss.

Lu Rongyuan looked at the figure of Su Qing leading Xia Bao out, and the corners of his mouth raised an arc unconsciously.

Lu Rongyuan put on his clothes, and when he went out, Su Qing was holding Xia Baozhen and waiting obediently.

Lu Rongyuan didn't let Xia Dong drive today, but drove himself.

Anyway, Su Qing also knew that his leg was fake, and there was no need to hide this in front of Su Qing.

Su Qing and Xia Bao sat in Lu Rongyuan's luxury car, which was very spacious. Xia Bao stared at the mask on Lu Rongyuan's face curiously: "Uncle, why are you wearing a mask? This mask is so cool, you can show it to me." see?"

Su Qing thought of Lu Rongyuan's hideous scarred face. If the face was good, who would want to wear a mask to show others?

Taking off this mask will definitely scare Xia Bao.

Only then did Su Qing notice that Lu Rongyuan had put on a mask after seeing Xia Bao.

He was afraid of scaring Xia Bao.

I didn't expect Lu Rongyuan to be quite careful.

The corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth twitched: "Why do you call me uncle, but call her sister?"


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