Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 59

Su Qing was dumbfounded, Lu Rongyuan was so childish.

Xia Baodu was a little contemptuous, curled his lips: "Uncle, you are already old, do you have the nerve to let me call you brother?"

Hearing this, Su Qing almost laughed out loud.

Lu Rongyuan is indeed in his late thirties, calling a four-year-old baby brother, isn't that pretending to be young?

"Am I that old?" Lu Rongyuan's tone was a little depressed.

Anyway, wearing a mask, you can't see the expression, and Su Qing doesn't know whether Lu Rongyuan is happy or angry: "Mr. Lu, the official information shows that you are already thirty-four, and you are already on your way to four."

Lu Rongyuan suddenly fell silent, causing Su Qing to think that she had said something wrong, carefully observing Lu Rongyuan, but suddenly heard: "This is it."

Su Qing followed Lu Rongyuan's line of sight and saw that the chef next to him was the other courtyard chef.

Eating here?

She didn't even have enough money in her wallet.

Su Qing swallowed her saliva and said, "Boss Lu, are you a bit of a murderer? I'm afraid I won't be able to pay the money then, and the three of us will be detained here."

Lu Rongyuan hooked his lips: "It's not three, but you still have this brat."

Also, who dares to detain Lu Rongyuan.

"Go to the trunk and get the wheelchair out."

"What?" Su Qing didn't react for a while.

Lu Rongyuan stretched his legs: "I'm a cripple, have you ever seen a cripple walk in by himself?"

"You're obviously pretending..." Su Qing thought that Lu Rongyuan couldn't reveal that she was crippled, so she went to get the wheelchair: "Here."

As soon as he put it down, Lu Rongyuan sat up and said, "Push in."

Is this using her as Xia Dong's boss?

Xia Bao rolled his eyes, stood behind the wheelchair smartly, and said with a smile, "Uncle, let me push you."

The wheelchair is very light, and it is not tiring at all to push it.

Su Qing smiled and said: "Xiaobao, push carefully, don't overthrow uncle and fall into the ditch."

"Don't worry, sister, I'm very careful."

Su Qing walked in front, Lu Rongyuan looked gloomy, but he was wearing a mask, no one looked at his expression, he could only sulk himself.

Xia Bao chuckled and snorted: "I also said that I don't want to chase my sister, so I used all the tricks. Hmph, my sister is mine, so I won't let you."

Xia Bao felt that Lu Rongyuan could act better than him, so he pretended to be lame in a wheelchair.

He couldn't let Lu Rongyuan get close to his sister.

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

"Little kid, you haven't even grown your hair yet, and you still want to compete with me for women."

"Look, admit it." Xia Bao snorted: "In this case, let's compete fairly. Don't say that I am a child who bullies you. Don't play tricks."

Lu Rongyuan couldn't laugh or cry, he fell into the trap of a little kid, and he had to compete fairly with a little kid.

"Boss Lu, Xiaobao, hurry up." Su Qing shouted from the front, how could she know that the big and small men behind her were jealous because of her.

"Sister, here we come." Xia Bao still had strength, pushing Lu Rongyuan and running fast.

Pick uneven places to walk, anyway, wherever there are stones and uneven places, Xia Bao will go wherever there are rocks.

Lu Rongyuan's butt was numb from the bumps. He was the dignified leader of the Lu Group, and he was teased by a four-year-old child. It was an international joke when it was spread.

He can't compete with a child yet.

Lu Rongyuan never thought in his life that his rival in love would be a child with no hair yet cunning like a little fox.

Lu Rongyuan reserved a table, the three of them went in directly, and the waiter took the dishes, all of which are special dishes of this restaurant, so the price naturally goes without saying.

As far as the service fee of this store is concerned, it has been Su Qing's living expenses for several months.

Xia Bao was really hungry, and he ate a lot. When he was full, he started to get angry with Lu Rongyuan. He took a small bowl, scooped up a spoonful of custard and fed it to Su Qing: "Sister, ah, open your mouth."

Su Qing didn't know Xia Bao's careful thinking, so she was happy to cooperate.

This picture really has the meaning of "showing affection".

Xia Bao is like a pistachio. Ever since adopting Xia Bao, Su Qing has seen more smiles on her face.

After feeding Su Qing, Xia Bao got cheap and acted like a good boy, he yelled at Lu Rongyuan: "Sister likes to eat what I feed."

"Small tricks." Lu Rongyuan snorted coldly: "Su Qing, push me to the bathroom."

Su Qing's eyes widened: "Boss Lu, can't you go by yourself? Besides, there are differences between men and women, so I can't follow you into the men's restroom."

It's no longer a three-year-old child, who needs to be accompanied when going to the bathroom.

Lu Rongyuan's tone was casual: "There are too many acquaintances in the chef of the other courtyard, it's inconvenient. If you don't want next month's bonus, you can..."

"I go."

Su Qing immediately got up to push Lu Rongyuan.

She is most short of money now. To raise another child, she needs to spend money everywhere, but she can't live with money anymore.

Moreover, the chefs in the other courtyard are all famous people, if people find that Lu Rongyuan is fake lame, it will be really troublesome.

Lu Rongyuan cocked his lips at Xia Bao proudly.

Xia Bao said angrily, "Uncle is playing tricks."

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing: "It's urgent."

Su Qing didn't care whether Lu Rongyuan was cheating or not, and said to Xia Bao seriously: "Xiao Bao, wait a while obediently, we will be right back."

Xia Bao still listened to Su Qing, pouted: "Okay."

Despite being wronged, he sat on the chair obediently.

Lu Rongyuan compared Xia Bao with a pair of scissors at a place where Su Qing could not see, and was even more proud than Xia Bao just now.

Xia Bao was so angry that his little face became rounder, chubby and very cute.

Xia Bao snorted, turned his head away: "Childish."

Older gingers are more spicy.

Su Qing pushed Lu Rongyuan out of the box, only to remember that there is a bathroom in the box.

"Mr. Lu, aren't you a little naive to care about a child?"

Lu Rongyuan was very sincere: "I'm really anxious."

Su Qing: "..."

Su Qing pushed over the corner and ran into Li Kuihua and his wife head-on. iread novel app read the full content

Li Kuihua and Liu Xueqin just came out of the private room after eating, and they were surprised to see Su Qing pushing Lu Rongyuan.

"Godfather, godmother." Su Qing greeted with a smile.

"Xiaoqing." Seeing Su Qing, Liu Xueqin couldn't mention how happy she was, took Su Qing's hand, and said angrily, "Xiaoqing, you haven't seen your godmother for a few days."

Su Qing is kind and generous: "I've been a little busy recently, and I'm planning to find my godmother after a few days of busy work."

Li Kuihua exchanged glances with Lu Rongyuan who was in the wheelchair, and stepped forward to pull Liu Xueqin: "I still have to see Mr. Liu off, Xiaoqing is busy, you two will get together again when you are free."

After speaking, Li Kuihua smiled and said to Su Qing: "Xiaoqing, remember to come back often, I will go to work with your godmother first."

"Okay, godfather and godmother, you go to work first."

Li Kuihua is very discerning, how dare he disturb Lu Rongyuan and Su Qing.

He is happy to see the good things of the two.

After Li Kuihua and his wife left, Su Qing felt that something was wrong. Li Kuihua was not surprised when she was with Lu Rongyuan?

Didn't even ask.

"Su Qing." Lu Rongyuan reminded lightly.

Su Qing collected herself, pushed Lu Rongyuan to the men's bathroom, and reached the door: "Go in by yourself, I can't let me push you in."

Lu Rongyuan calmly said, "This year's year-end bonus will be doubled."

Su Qing: "..."


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