Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 60

Su Qing gritted her teeth, and pushed Lu Rongyuan in for the year-end bonus.

Who let Lu Rongyuan control her financial lifeline?

There were still people in the men's toilet, and suddenly a woman came in, she was so frightened that she almost shivered, she quickly pulled up her pants and went out.

Su Qing covered her face, not to mention the embarrassment.

After everyone had left, Su Qing turned her back and said, "Call me when it's over."

Lu Rongyuan stood up: "Just stay here and watch, what if someone comes?"

It's already here, so it's not too late to stay a little longer.

Su Qing: "Then hurry up."

Lu Rongyuan walked slowly to the urinal, seeing Su Qing turned sideways with her eyes closed, the corners of her mouth couldn't help but raise.

Su Qing waited for a long time, but did not hear any movement: "Are you all right?"

"Why did you break up?" Lu Rongyuan asked knowingly.

Su Qing was stunned for a moment, then subconsciously opened her eyes, but she didn't look back, she frowned: "Mr. Lu, this is my private matter."

"The personal feelings of the company's employees are also included in the assessment. A person who is fickle in his feelings will easily have changes in his career plan. If you come from a subsidiary company and fail the assessment, you know the consequences." Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing's back: "You women, are you so fickle?"

Su Qing half-truthfully said: "It's not suitable, you can't force it when it comes to feelings."

"You said it was inappropriate, or did he say it was inappropriate?" Lu Rongyuan was a little aggressive.

From the beginning to the end, this relationship was terminated by Su Qing.

"It's me." Su Qing still felt a little guilty in her heart.

Lu Rongyuan asked again: "So you want to break up?"


"Then have you ever thought about whether he wants to break up or not?"

"He has already agreed..." Su Qing lacked confidence.

She remembered what she said that day, she said it so unfeelingly, a man also needs to have self-esteem, and anyone would agree, so is it possible to rely on her?

She can be regarded as forcing a breakup in disguise.

"It's also for his own good." Su Qing pursed her lips: "Short-term pain is worse than long-term pain, Mr. Lu, you don't understand emotional matters."

"Why don't I understand, I..." Lu Rongyuan blurted out, realizing that he had almost slipped his tongue, changed the subject, and snorted softly: "Su Qing, you are now Li Kuihua's goddaughter, you dumped your ex-boyfriend, don't you? Don't you want to find a better one? It's normal for women to dislike the poor and love the rich."

"Nonsense." Su Qing was not happy, and she reacted greatly, she turned her head back and said, "If I really want to marry a rich man, I can just marry you. What kind of marriage did you run away from back then, maybe you married in the past direct inheritance."

In terms of wealth, there is no one in this imperial capital richer than the Lu family.

Hearing this, Lu Rongyuan was startled.


This woman, Lu Rongyuan couldn't help laughing again from the bottom of his heart.

"You expect me to die early?"

Su Qing came to her senses and smiled resentfully: "No, no, Mr. Lu will definitely live a long life, how could he die young?"

Lu Rongyuan walked towards Su Qing with slender legs. Under the mask, his eyes looked like a scheming old fox: "I really want you to marry me all of a sudden, what should I do?"

"President Lu, don't make such a joke." Su Qing changed the subject with a dry smile: "Aren't you in a hurry to urinate, go and solve it quickly, don't suffocate your kidneys."

"Miss Su can try to see if my kidneys are good."


Su Qing shook her head like a rattle: "Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu, I made a slip of the tongue. Mr. Lu's kidney must be good, super good."

The more anxious you are, the more you say the wrong thing.

"Ms. Su has to try it herself to know if it's good or not." Lu Rongyuan pulled Su Qing's hand, Su Qing screamed in fright, and ran away quickly.

Seeing Su Qing running away, Lu Rongyuan suddenly felt better.

Back in the private room, Su Qing was still in shock, and before Lu Rongyuan left, she ran away with Xia Bao who had eaten... No, she left.

Su Qing ran faster than a rabbit, afraid that she would be caught by Lu Rongyuan if she was too late.

If Lu Rongyuan really wanted to marry her, she really couldn't help it.

Su Qing suddenly felt a little regretful, if she didn't break up, Lu Rongyuan wouldn't be following her anymore.

When Su Qing got home, she turned off her cell phone so that she could sleep peacefully.

When Lu Rongyuan returned to the box, seeing that it was empty and Su Qing fled, his mood immediately became bad again.

the next day.

Su Qing took half a day off and took Xia Bao to see the school.

I had already contacted him before, and after seeing Xia Bao, the director of the garden gave Xia Bao a test, and Xia Bao passed the examination, so he let Xia Bao enter the kindergarten.

Su Qing was very grateful. After completing the admission procedures, Su Qing squatted down and said to Xia Bao: "Xiaobao, you must obey the teacher's instructions at school. I will pick you up after school. Also, don't bully the children."

Xia Bao is still very sensible, and waved to Su Qing: "Understood, sister, you go to work, I will wait here obediently for my sister to pick me up."

Xia Bao grew up in an orphanage, and he is very adaptable. He is a full-fledged showman, but he must not be treated as an ordinary child.

After Xia Bao is settled, Su Qing still needs to go to a place, the cemetery.

Today is my mother's death day.

Su Qing called Su Jie and asked him to prepare. She will be there in a while and pick him up to the cemetery.

Su Qing took a taxi and went to the hospital where Su Jie lived, only to find that Su De'an was there, and Qin Suqin was also with her.

Su Qing hadn't had any contact with the people from the Su family since the farewell feast, so she was a little surprised to see Su De'an and Qin Suqin suddenly.

Qin Suqin said with a smile: "Xiaoqing, you are here, take our car and go to the cemetery together."

Su Qing looked at Su De'an: "You want her to go to the cemetery to pay homage to my mother? Do you want my mother to have no peace under the Nine Springs?"

Isn't it a joke that mistress went to pay homage to the main room?

How could Su Qing agree with Qin Suqin to go.

"Aunt Qin isn't going, she just stopped by to see Xiaojie." Su De'an gave Qin Suqin a wink.

Qin Suqin also calmed down a lot after the banquet.

"Yes, your father is right, I just came to see Xiaojie, you go, I won't go." Qin Suqin said: "It's getting late, you go quickly."

Today is the anniversary of her mother's death, and Su Qing didn't want to waste time because of Qin Suqin.

And Su De'an was going to worship his mother, she couldn't stop her,

"Xiaojie, let's go." Su Qing didn't take Su De'an's car, but took a taxi.

Su De'an's face was a little ugly, but he didn't say anything.

On the way to the cemetery, Su Qing couldn't help thinking of some memories of her mother's life.

Her mother's death was so sudden that year, and Su Qing also believed that Qin Suqin's mother's death had something to do with it, but there was no evidence.

But it is true that Su De'an cheated in marriage and hooked up with Qin Suqin.

Because of Su De'an's infidelity to his mother, Su Qing's heart knot was difficult to untie, and she always had resentment towards Su De'an.

Today the sky is gray and rainy.

When they arrived at the cemetery, Su Qing got out of the car holding flowers, and told Su Jie behind him: "The road is a bit slippery, be careful."

"Understood, sister."

The two walked towards their mother's tombstone, but suddenly met two strange men.

The two men looked serious, dignified, with a murderous look, dressed in black, with a white flower pinned to their chests, they should also come to pay homage to their relatives.

Su Qing and Su Jie gave way, but their eyes inadvertently caught a glimpse of each other's waist with a knife.

Who are these people?

Su Qing's heart sank, and she immediately became vigilant.

Su Jie also saw it, and subconsciously called out: "Sister..."

Su Qing quickly winked at Su Jie, signaling him not to speak.

The two men suddenly turned their heads and looked at Su Qing and Su Jie sharply.

Su Qing's heart skipped a beat, and she stood still.

The two of them just glanced at each other and left.

When the people walked away, Su Qing breathed a sigh of relief.

"Xiaojie, let's go." Su Qing didn't want to meddle in other people's business, and didn't care who those two were.

At the gate of the cemetery, there was a black car parked, and the two men from the cemetery just got into it.

The man behind the wheel asked respectfully: "Mr. Li, the whereabouts of the eldest lady have been found, do you want to take the eldest lady back this time?"


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