Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 121

Song Zhi watched as his ears actually reddened, and couldn't help but press against his earlobe, exhaling hot air and pouting, "I'll just tease Mr. Huo, how's that?"

"You can try!"

Huo Mo Shen's bulging throat knots rolled twice, his sturdy and powerful muscles taut and frightening, dragging down the person in his arms whose weight was almost negligible, but as if he was dragging down the entire world.

"Try, just try."

Song Zhe smiles to reveal a row of small white teeth, completely unaware of out of what mindset to provoke Huo Mu Shen.


Huo Mushen hugged the person and drilled into the Maybach car.


Song Zhi was thrown onto the passenger side, and with a 'click', the seatbelt was fastened.

Her heart jumped to her throat, her face reddening to a feverish heat.

"It's too late to realize you're afraid now." Huo Mou Shen flexed his finger and flicked it towards her head.


"Let's let you try, what exactly are the consequences of teasing me?"

Huo Moushen's hands are athletic, he takes a long leg and quickly unscrews the key, starts the engine, the gas pedal is stepped on to the extreme, and whooshes out of the doorway of Huayin Residence abruptly.


Song Yanran, who got out of the Mercedes, only saw Huo Mushen's back, and before she could run out of the car, she was thrown a mouthful of ash.

"...... Cough cough cough!"

An Lina came down from the driver's seat, seeing her covering her mouth and nose and coughing hard, she was busy to ask: "Yanyan, what happened to you? What are you in such a hurry to get off the car for, it's not like we've been here once or twice."

"No, I saw Huo Mushan." Song Yanyan wrinkled her eyebrows.

Upon hearing this, An Lina grunted coldly, "Yanyan, I just want to talk to you about this matter."

"Say what matter?" Song Yanyan picked up her bag and headed towards Huayan Residence.

The waiter introduced them, Song Yanyan naturally pulled out a platinum card from her bag and handed it to the waiter, anyway, the money she spent was all from Tangcheng Corporation, she wasn't heartbroken.

"Last time you asked me to go find the author of the design drawings at M&R, but someone had already redeemed the job at M&R with a special appointment letter." An Lina followed her in, her eyes even more filled with hatred.

Song Yanran looked askance, "Who is it?"

"Yes, Song Ru!" Annelina gritted her teeth and spat out two words.

"Song Zhe!" Song Yanran's eyes showed cracks and her face instantly darkened, "What's going on?"

An Lina saw the opportunity coming and added more fuel to the fire, "Seeing that she was about to be repudiated by the Huo family, Song Zhi intentionally took M&R's special appointment letter to the E-Star department, and intentionally made a bad move to drive me down from the subjective department!"

Saying that, she keeps observing Song Yanran's gradually distorted complexion, gritting her teeth and blowing her anger even more, "Song Ru is definitely trying to pester Huo Shao.

I've already seen today that Huo Shao has an extra beautiful secretary by his side.

Song Zhi is worried that his position as Mrs. Huo will not be guaranteed, so he tried his best to find such an excuse to come to the company.

This Song Ru must have taken advantage of the fact that you bought that person's copyright before and deliberately threw dirty water on you!"

"Song, resign!"

Song Yanran's eyes were glaring out now, so angry that she was on the verge of going crazy.

An Lina hooked her lips in satisfaction, "Yanyan, Song Ru deliberately stepped on your name to make a big deal in the company about her status as an anonymous designer.

Now the company is all over you for plagiarizing in the first place, all of them are praising her, can you stand it?"

Regardless of whether Song Ru was the real Anonymous or not, An Lina was going to avenge this!

A strong sense of humiliation arose, Song Yanran grabbed her bag strap and walked quickly towards the door.

Annelina hurriedly grabbed Song Yanyan, this was her ally.

"Yanyan, you can't be in a hurry yet, if you go now, won't it be just as she wants, and even more so, you'll be misunderstood by everyone, Huo Shao definitely can't trust you, and in case a mentally ill one like Song Zhi is completely uneducated, and slanders you in public, you won't be able to do anything to her?"

"She's just mentally ill!"

Song Yanran clenched her palms tightly and looked at An Lina, her anger itching to be spewed onto Song Zhi immediately, right away.

After a pause, Song Yanyan sank her eyes, and the fire danced in her temples, "What should I do now? I can't let Song Zhi just step on me and go up, I'm not willing."

"I also know that you're not willing, let's think of a way to prove that Song Zhi isn't anonymous, so that everyone is convinced, and I'll then proceed to help you find out who's behind you?" An Lina already had a plan in mind.

Song Yanran sat back on the sofa and looked at An Lina with nervous skepticism, "What kind of method?

Song Zhi is full of bad water, behind the scenes may be how to calculate me?"

The last time, she and Song Zhi tore their faces off, if it wasn't for the Song family still ......

And so on!

Song Yanran's eyes lit up, her eyes revealed an excited gaze, and she coldly said, "Song family! As long as the Song family is still around, Song Zhi won't be able to run away."

"You have a plan?" An Lina followed suit with excitement.

"Didn't Song Ru say that Tang City was founded by her long-dead mom? She'll have to listen to dad even if she's reluctant, so I'll let dad step in these days." Song Yanran said.

An Lina nodded in approval, "Right!"

"During this period of time, you keep an eye on Song Ru at M&R, and once she makes a move, you'll tell me in time." Song Yanran slightly soothed the agitation in her chest, her voice line collapsing into extreme coldness and anger.

An Lina looked at Song Yanyan in a difficult situation, a little bit of a word: "Yanyan I also want to help you, but I'm now being made by Song Zhi to work as a ...... cleaner in the logistics department, there's no way to help you."

Song Yanyan gritted her teeth in indignation, "Lina, I will definitely help you with the job, don't be in a hurry. You continue to work at M&R these days, and as long as I become Mrs. Huo, I'll let you be the general manager directly."

An Lina smiles after hearing this, then lets out a long breath, "Yanyan, I'm heartbroken for you, obviously you're the one who should be Mrs. Huo, how come it's Song Zhi's turn?"

"Song Zhi was supposed to steal my Mrs. Huo!"

Song Zhi's face darkens even more, reddening her eyes, so angry that she lifts her heels and kicks them on the coffee table.

"Yanyan don't be angry, what's yours will always be yours! Sooner or later Song Zhi will have to get out of the Huo family!" An Lina soothes from the side.

Song Yanyan's eyes sank and darkened a few degrees before she spoke, "What is Song Zhi doing lately?"

"She's been in the E-star department lately, who knows what she's doing, but she's also doing some kind of program.M&R and AK are working together, that's a big project, thanks to that icon, AK is very satisfied. Last I heard secretly, AK asked that designer by name to design all the subsequent screens." An Lina told Song Yanran all that she had inquired about.

Song Yanran's methods were stronger than hers, and she very much recognized that.

"Song Ru is trying to keep relying on Mu Shen's side, she's thinking beautifully!" Song Yanran coldly grunted, "A mental illness still thinking of pestering Mu Shen, delusional!"

For up to ten minutes, Song Yanran kept counting down Song Zhi until the breath in her chest came out, then she stopped.

She calmly said, "Lina, go keep an eye on Song Zhi, get whatever project she's doing that involves business secrets, I'll give you enough money, just pull Song Zhi down."

She doesn't believe that a person who betrayed Huo Mou Shen, he can still endure!

She takes her time and waits, waiting for the day when Song Ru is kicked out of Mrs. Huo by Huo Muk Shen!

"Good, this matter is wrapped up in me." An Lina returns, "I still have people with good connections in that department."

Song Yanran calmed her anger and refilled her makeup.

To outsiders, she was still the dignified and pleasant Song Family Miss.


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