Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 123

After a few minutes of walking, they came across a light hot spring estate.

She curiously raises her eyebrows, "This is a hot spring?"

"En, taking you to a hot spring to relieve the aches and pains in your body, tomorrow I can't be home to take care of you, I have to go to M&R to deal with the Huo family." Huo Mushen's eyes flashed with a touch of viciousness.

Song Ru said, "I didn't know there were hot springs here, I thought you guys would develop a tourist resort here."

"Third Sister-in-law, we do have this idea, and once the E-Star project is stabilized we'll be able to invest money in this plot of land." Lu Ziyan appeared in the doorway at some point and looked at them with a smile.

Song Zhi looks at Lu Ziyan, surprised, dismayed, and then shy, her old face doesn't know where to rest.

She buries her head in Huo Mushan's arms.

Lu Ziyan couldn't help but flirt, finally able to find a chance to avenge the 'revenge of women's clothing'.

He purposely feigned ignorance, "Third brother just saw your car rushing up from the Pan Mountain Road, but after waiting for half a day your car was just swaying there, how come it didn't come down, what are you and third sister-in-law doing in there?"

Song Zhi's face instantly turned even redder!

Knowingly asking!

Huo Mou Shen feels Song Zhi's face burn even hotter, his long legs step into the Hot Spring Villa, and his sharp gaze shoots through towards Lu Zi Yan: "You're in charge of all the Huo family's cases."

Lu Zi Yan's face collapsed, "Third Brother, I was wrong, I shouldn't have flirted with Third Sister-in-law. The projects with the Huo family are just too many, we withdrew more than a dozen projects the last time we withdrew, and every day various branches of Huo's come to the door to negotiate, and then I'll drink out of my beer belly if I socialize."

"This is your business." Huo Mushen looks at him askance then walks towards the hot springs with disdain.

"Third brother, I'm really wrong, I don't want to face your father!"

Although Huo Xishen had adopted him, Lu Ziyan knew deep down that Huo Xishen was an old fox, he didn't want to confront the Huo family!

"It's also your father."

Without looking back, Huo Mushen hugged Song Zhi and walked into the innermost hot spring.

Song Zhi couldn't help but snicker as she heard the wailing behind them.

"Hubby, if you flirt with Old Six like this, he'll probably cry to death."

The well-fed Huo Mushan opened his mouth insatiably, "You're not happy laughing?"

"Happy! Hahaha!" Song Zhi lies in his arms and can't help but start laughing.

Huo Moushen also followed with a low laugh, leaving only Lu Ziyan crying behind him.

The hot springs are steaming, dense with white mist.

Song Zhi was just blown by the night wind for a long time, the body gradually cooled, this will be wrapped in hot air, taut nerves are followed by relaxation.

Huo Mou Shen slightly lowered his eyes, the emotions in his eyes hidden in the small shadows cast down by his eyelashes, his voice was very low and magnetic: "Go soak in the hot spring for a bit, and then take you home later."

He bent down and placed her by the hot spring, then turned to go out.

Song Zhi listened to the sound of the door closing before she dared to stretch her two little legs, which were shaking like clockwork, toward the hot spring water.

"So hot."

She whimpered, then slowly descended into the hot spring pool holding her small waist, closing her eyes and letting out a long sigh of relief.

The small waist that was pinched by Huo Mushan was all soothed, Song Zhi looked to turn around and let her body be completely submerged into the pool water, thinking, "Huo Mushan shouldn't be coming back, she's the only one left in the entire hot springs room, and there's nothing for her to be shy about."

Thinking about it, Song Zhi became even more gorgeous.

Not having Huo Mou Shen pestering her was simply so happy!

However, sometimes it just doesn't go as one wishes!

After an unknown amount of time, she heard the sound of 'clattering' water coming towards her.

Song Zhi felt the water temperature getting hotter and hotter, her legs getting softer and softer, her body slowly sliding down the warm and slippery stone wall, until her whole body almost didn't go into the water, only then did she open her eyes in shock, and her waist had already been embraced by someone.

Looking at the handsome face close at hand, Song Zhi exclaimed and blushed: ''When did you come in? You obviously went out just now, how did you come in?"

"Not expecting me to come in?" Huo Mushen's indifferent lips hooked up in a magnetic arc: "Opposite the hot water in the hot spring room is cold water, I flushed cold water before coming in."

"Opposite cold water?"

Seeing that the man is wearing nothing like her, Song Zhi blushes even more and her voice is a soft mess.

Huo Mu Shen laughed, "En."

"Then I'll soak it, hubby, you soak it slowly." Song Zhi was in a panic, and after saying that, she didn't look back and was going to climb towards the shore.

Before her feet stepped on the edge of the cobblestones, she was pulled back by a warm palm with thin calluses.

The person slid back into Huo Mushan's arms like a water snake, his smooth spine pressing against his firm and powerful chest muscles.

"Wash with me." The man said.

Song Zhe's throat tightened, "Can you not accompany me?"

She had already sensed something unusual about him.

"I can't, if you keep twisting around, I don't guarantee that the fire I just soaked in the cold water won't come rushing back." Huo Mushen warned in a low voice.

Song Zu deng obediently dared not move any more in his arms.

It turned out that he had just deliberately soaked in cold water before coming over, so how much more powerful would it be if he hadn't soaked in cold water before coming over!

Song Zhi's face was so red that it was dripping red, and his mind still had a flashback of being in the car ......

"That car ......"

Huo Mou Shen saw her language grapefruit, rubbed her face, "If you do not want, I order people to go to the car to destroy, and then change the new car."

Song rhetoric backed up a mouthful of cool air, full of meat pain: "Do not have to destroy, quite good, if you do not like can give me to drive with."

Joke, limited edition Maybach can easily cost tens of millions of dollars!

She has not been so loser!

"You like?" His hot breath sprayed on Song Zhi's earlobe, causing her nerves to become sensitive, and she shrank straight toward his arms, softly saying, "Itchy ~"

Huo Moushen laughs lowly, "Think about wanting it?"

"Think about wanting! Especially want!"

"Then I'll give it to you."

Huo Moushen hugs her and whispers, "Hold on to me, don't fall."

"You let go of me, I'm going out, I'm done washing." Song Zhi said warily, she didn't dare to look up at Huo Moushen for fear of being burned out by his burning gaze.

"When you get here, do you think I can still let you go?" Huo Mou Shen said in a hoarse voice.

At these words, Song Zhi is trapped by his strong arms between his pectoral muscles and the stone wall, her heart thumping so hard that it almost leaps out of the eye of her throat.

She winced and raised her eyes, "What are ...... you doing?"

He licked his tongue and held on tighter, "I thought you said you wanted it, I'm giving it to you."

"Ah! I said yes ......"

Huo Mu Shen didn't give her the chance to finish her sentence, directly sealed the lips.

Huo Moushen's low, dull call rings in her ears over and over again.

"Xiao Ru ......"

"My little heart ......"

Song Zhi fell into his arms, listening to his evil call.

Song Zhi never knew that a man's voice could be so ...... charming.

She must be fast fainting.

Huo Mou Shen holding her did make her almost dizzy with exhaustion.

Song Ru was able to hold on to her eyelids at first, but gradually, her body was so comfortable that her drowsiness came in waves, and she didn't care what Huo Mou Shen would do to her, and sank into a deep, deep sleep on his shoulder.

Half an hour later, without warning, Huo Mou Shen heard the even breathing sound on his side, side eye on wearing her put down her guarded look, eyes gradually deep, the corners of his lips slowly hooked up a trace of doting curvature, lowered his head and gently kissed her on the forehead.

"Good girl, sleep, my little heart."

Huo Mou Shen compassionately looks at Song Zhi's face that has a few moments of fatigue, rubbing her aching whole body, seeing her eyebrows slightly stretching before he hooks the corner of his doting lips.


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