Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 124

Huo Mou Shen holds the washed Song Zhi again without a word for someone to put on her shirt, wrapped in his black suit jacket towards the outside.

Lu Ziyan wandered around the doorway for a long time before he saw the clear and refreshing third brother hugging his third sister-in-law and walking out.

He rushes over on his tiptoes to become tiptoe, squeezing words from his throat in a whisper, "Third brother, just now Huo Dong wanted to intercept the news release, but both Godmother and M&R released the news directly, and the scarf will explode early tomorrow morning." It was close to inviting credit.


"Then, Third Brother, can you ...... take on the Huo family?"


Lu Ziyan instantly felt the knife sticking in his heart.

There was heterosexuality without humanity.

Huo Mou Shen said in a loud voice, "I'll send you the E Star contract, all contracts with the Huo family will stop, and all business battles will stop going out."

"Will this cause damage to the Huo family's foundation?If the news of M&R and Huo's incompatibility gets out, I don't know how many people out there are waiting to see us laugh.Would it be too risky to take advantage of this opportunity to attack Huo?"

Lu Ziyan's voice was so low that it was almost silent, fearing that if he angered Third Brother's wife, he would simply roll off to dig for coal tomorrow.

"Pull out directly."

"Third brother, impulsiveness is the devil ah, if the people in the second house take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze out Huo Dong's directorship, then wouldn't it be even harder for third sister-in-law to enter the Huo family?" Lu Ziyan didn't want to lose a lot of money for a small reason, he preferred to shade people.

"The higher you hold someone up, the worse they fall." Huo Mushen said carelessly.

Lu Ziyan's eyes light up, "Letting the second house be complacent for a few days will also thwart Huo Dong's sharpness, so that you can take third sister-in-law back to the Huo family with easy?"

Huo Mo Shen doesn't bother to verify Lu Ziyan's thoughts.

Defaulting is equivalent to admitting it.

"Third brother, no one is more ruthless than you." Lu Ziyan said truthfully.

All of Huo Muchen's good temper in his life had really been given to Song Zhi.

"No watering down the Huo family." After Huo Moushen orders, he turns around and leaves the Hot Springs Villa with the sleeping Song Zhi in his arms.

The tenderness in his eyes was all given to the person in his arms.


Last night's events flew around Hua City like wings.

All the major news outlets reported that Song Zhi had been recognized by the Huo family's in-laws as the center of attention.

Jing Lianxi had all the jade bracelets that the Huo family only passes down to their daughters-in-law firmly placed on Song Zhi's hands.

She also put out the word that her daughter-in-law could only be Song Zhi!

This is a complete mother-in-law with daughter-in-law hand tear secretly dislike of the small three, small four ......

Song Zhi was lucky in her last life, her husband loved her, her mother-in-law spoiled her, and she was simply a proper winner in life!

If Song Zhi knew, she must smile and look at you, "You come, I'll tell you what I did in my last life to become a winner in life!"

This news was a hard slap in the face of the last report!

At the same time there were quite a few more true love fans of Song Ru and Huo Mushan who started to go looking for the originator of that post, bound to find the person who framed Huo Mushan and Song Ru.

The netizens at the bottom commented.

Netizen A: "The person behind it must be sick of our little fairy before trying to wait for an opportunity to frame her, sitting and waiting for the person behind it to hit his face!"

Netizen B: "Right, right, right, Huo Shao favors his wife so much, how could he find another woman?

It's complete nonsense!

Maybe the person in the photo is Mrs. Huo, jealous that Mrs. Huo is favored by Huo Shao and is secretly framing her."

Netizen C: "I also agree with the upstairs, maybe the person behind the scene refers to how ugly it is, quickly come forward and apologize! How beautiful our little fairy, how can Huo Shao afford to find someone else."

Netizen A + B + C: "Hurry up and come out and apologize, if we find out who you are, we have to make you come out and apologize!"

For a while, the headlines were all dominated by the news that Song Zhu was the wife of the famous Huo family!

And Huo Xinxin has been paying attention to this matter, especially when she heard her mom talking about meeting Song Zhi she hated it even more.

Ding ding ding!

The girl next to her directly hands her cell phone to her to see.

Huo Xin Xin is in class when she sees this and gets so angry that her face turns red and she directly pours hot water on the classmate in front of her!

Song Yanran wasn't any better, she directly slammed the papers on the table in front of everyone in Tang City and pulled her leg out to leave!


And it was at this time that Song Zhi woke up quietly.

When she woke up without Huo Mushan's figure on her side, she wasn't surprised, M&R's work to launch the E-Star project was particularly busy, and she knew from her previous life that Huo Mushan often stayed up all night for several days and nights.

Right now, Song Ru just wants to push the E-Star project forward quickly so that Huo Mou Shen can reach his goal quickly.

She simply ate breakfast and took the car to M&R.

Just after arriving at the department, many people's attitudes towards her began to undergo a huge shift.

Song Zhi was curious but didn't say anything, she lowered her eyes and continued to work, only to silently click on her cell phone and was instantly surprised.

All the news in Hua Yanju was all shot out by the media, Jing Lianxi's words were all reported, and the part about Ye Mei and Huo Xishen was half empty, rather like ...... a deliberate act.

Jing Lianxi was purposely calling her out, and deliberately took this opportunity to let everyone know her identity!

Song Zhi put down her professional book and immediately dialed Jing Lianxi's phone.

She inwardly contained her excitement until the call went through and spoke excitedly, "Mom, thank you for what happened online."

Jing Lianxi had cleaned up Huo Xishen's little bitch yesterday, and beat up the little bitch for her daughter-in-law, and was in a cozy mood.

This time, when she heard her daughter-in-law's dainty thanks, her heart felt even better, "What are you thanking for, you're the daughter-in-law that the Huo family recognizes."

"Mom, are you okay after going back yesterday?" Song Zhi asks worriedly.

"What could be wrong!" Jing Lianxi disdained, "The little goblin wants to enter the door, but don't look to see if she has the ability to do so! Yesterday I already told Huo Xishen to go sleep in the study, reflect on it yourself."

"Mom, it's still you who's great."

"When you come back in a few days, mom will teach you some more, you can't take it lightly when dealing with a man's side's little secretary who wants to get to the top, you have to strangle it in the cradle. No matter what Ye Mei's thoughts are, mom won't allow her to set foot in the Huo family!"

"Enn, when the time comes, mom will teach me more." Song Zhi breathed a sigh of relief in the bottom of her heart.

Jing Lianxi is now on the alert, and according to Jing Lianxi's skill, she won't give Ye Mei another chance to take advantage of the situation.

Song Ru really don't want to see Ye Mei get her way, when her ...... little mom.

Jing Lianxi spoke, suddenly changed the topic: "These days your grandfather also read when you can come back, counting the fingers of life."

Song Zhi guffawed, as if seeing that old man Huo who defended him through the screen.

"I miss grandpa too."

Really wanted to.

In her last life, when her grandfather died, she wasn't even able to kowtow to the spirit.

Elder Huo really wanted the best for her and really hated her, but he would leave her breath no matter how big a mistake she made.

She also remembers that she stole business secrets discovered by the Huo family and was beaten half to death, although it was Grandpa Huo who gave the order, but it was also Grandpa Huo who was soft at the end and deliberately ordered the force of the stick to be lighter.

Grandpa Huo has limited mobility and sits in a wheelchair, his palms pinching the wheelchair handle, saying fiercely to her: ''Resignation girl, how our family Mu Shen is sorry for you! You don't have a family to care for you, the old man to you, no one loves you, Mu Shen everywhere to protect you, you feel your own conscience, our family where I'm sorry for you!"

Song Zhi was then beaten until she couldn't climb up, glaring fiercely at Grandpa Huo.

She froze and suddenly heard Jing Lianxi call her, "Xiao Ru, just now grandpa was right next to me, let him talk to you."

"Ah ...... Grandpa was right beside you? I'm not at all are not I'm not ready, how about ......"

"Grandpa is not some man-eating devil oh, Xiao Ru don't be afraid, besides and I'm this mother-in-law at your side to help assist, afraid of what!" Jing Lianxi listened to Song Ru's nervous voice, couldn't help but hook up the corners of her lips and smile more amiably.

"But ...... but mom ......"

"Yesterday, mom and grandpa talked about you." Jing Lianxi thinks of the fight with Huo Xishen last night and can't help but grunt coldly: "Now Huo Xishen has been driven to the study by me to sleep!"

At the mention of last night's incident, Song Zhi's eyes sank.

Then, she heard Jing Lianxi say, "Mom trusts your character, in the future you can talk to mom directly if there's something wrong, you don't need to go through Mu Shen!"

Song Zhi laughed on the other end of the phone.

She couldn't do it without asking for permission.

Huo Mou Shen was right, Jing Lianxi could only listen for a moment when she spoke!

"Thanks mom."

After Song Ru thanked her, a few soft laughs came from the other end of the phone, "Xiao Ru, grandpa is jealous next to you, I'll let grandpa answer the phone with you!"

"What! Can I not talk to grandpa, Mu Shen hasn't asked me to talk to ......"

Before Song Ru was ready, he heard Grandpa Huo's serious voice coming from the opposite side of the phone, "Stinky girl, married to Mu Shen for so long, haven't even come to see me as an old man until now, is it because you want me to go and see you in person!"

"Didn't don't want to go see, Huo Mushan won't let me!" Song Zhi pushes the blame.

Huo Yan grunts coldly, "I knew it was that kid's idea! He treasures you like a jewel in his eye, like the whole family will eat you if you come back."

"Won't eat me, but it's almost as good as eating me!" Song Zhe muttered.

"You've even learned to talk back, see if I don't beat you to death when you come back!" Huo Yan was furious, but not really.

Old people are used to being alone, in the huge Huo family no one accompanies them, this will be able to talk is almost the same.

"Grandpa, are you willing to give up? I'm your obedient granddaughter-in-law." Song Zhi remembers pampering Grandpa Huo, he eats this the most.

Huo Yan's anger suddenly withdrew, and his mid-air hostility subsided quite a bit, "When will you be back?"

"Waiting for your birthday banquet will be back." Song Zhi also wanted to go see, but she could not go against Huo Mu Shen's mind, worried that Grandpa Huo was angry, and immediately added: "But Grandpa I prepared a surprise for you to ensure that you will like it, and if you don't like it, hit me."

"Hit you a little, Huo Mou Shen still won't be able to turn the entire Huo family upside down." Huo Yan's mood is finally quite comfortable: "Girl, remember what you said, if you can't bring back what I want, I won't give the inscription."

The inscription is also the genealogy of the family.

If you get the approval of the highest decision maker in the Huo family, you will be a member of the Huo family through and through.

Previously, Huo Muchen left the Huo family in order to marry Song Zhi, but as long as the genealogy is still there, Huo Muchen is still a member of the Huo family, even if he founded M&R.

Only Song Ru didn't know that Huo Mushen really wanted to hook off his name and completely turn his back on the Huo family.


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