Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 125

"Good." Song Zhi remembered the prepared gift and sweetly answered.

Huo Yan is coaxed out of his anger and returns the phone to Jing Lianxi.

Jing Lianxi directly externalized it.

"Xiao Ru, grandpa is agreeing with you, you don't need to worry about the internet anymore." Jing Lianxi softly and politely said.

Song Ru 'en', then said, "I know, thank you mom, the person behind the release of the photos didn't expect that the person who was on the same gossip as Huo Muchen that day was also me, it's okay I'm not in a hurry."

"Hmph! Huo family grandson-in-law's identity still dares someone to Kuai, if I knew who it was, I'd have to break their legs!" Huo Yan said indignantly.

Jing Lianxi: "......"

She was kind of looking forward to what Huo Yan would do if he knew that the person behind the posting was Huo Xinxin.

Jing Lianxi hung up after a few more sentences of small talk with Song Zhi and continued working.

Song Ru received the part of designing the core program for the E-Star project.

She was professional enough to be hardcore, but that didn't mean skilled enough.

After working in the office for the entire morning before knocking out a part, her head was aching with it.

It wasn't until noon that Song Zhi received the parts of the work handed over by the other employees of the E-Star department, skimming through them one after another, her brain practically exploding!

She hadn't seen the program at the time, but remembered that running it wasn't like this at all.

She wrinkled her brow and headed towards the department.

The anger along the way caused many people to follow with sideways glances, what's wrong with Mrs. Huo, why is she so angry?

Song Zhi hadn't even pushed open the glass door before she heard the chatter in the door.

"Is this true what you guys are saying?"

"Of course it's true, Song Zhi ......"

"Shh, someone's coming."

Song Zhi walked into the department, cold eyes swept over the strange looks on everyone's face, directly pulled the stool over and sat in, lazily said, "Say ah, continue to say ah, you have any dissatisfaction with me can say it, I also want to know."

The crowd was dumbfounded.

"M&R didn't hire you guys in to let you pull gossip behind your backs." Song Ru lifted his chin and pointed at the computer, "I looked at the program you guys gave me, it's completely unusable, are you all dissatisfied with me or M & R, you can speak up, I'm not some kind of evil person, I can't do anything to you guys?"

One of the employees finally couldn't help but stand out and asked, "Mrs. Huo, it's not that we're dissatisfied with M&R, it's that you were absent from work yesterday, and this job is on a tight turnaround time, so if you can't do the task assignments, we're the ones who are going to be the ones to take the fall for it!"

Song Zhi was stunned.

Someone beside him also stood out and expressed their dissatisfaction, "Mrs. Huo it's not that we don't believe in you, but as the director of the E-Star department, if you don't plan your tasks, your superiors will be punished, and there's no way we can bear this responsibility."

A minute passes.

"So you guys are fooling me with bad procedures?" Song Zhu said coldly, looking for answers on their faces.

"We just ...... don't have a clear direction on what to do, and our abilities are lacking." Someone said expressionlessly, a look of guilt all over his face.

Song rhetoric low cold laugh, cover the coldness of the bottom of the eyes: "You are all hired in by M & R elite, each is the ability to talent is outstanding, M & R also believe in your ability to gather you here, now and I say that the ability is not enough, do you think that I am really stupid or intentionally fooled me!"

"I ......"

The man choked.

Song Zhe wasn't stupid.

They had indeed given her the wrong program on purpose, and were trying to give her a hard time!

Song Ru said with a cold and serious face, "Since you guys feel that you are not capable enough, I will report this matter to the personnel department to see if we need to get a better batch of elites in to replace you."

"Superintendent Song, once upon a time, Superintendent An wouldn't be like this." Someone muttered a sentence in a low voice.

Another person suggested, "Isn't the E-Star department just short of a human position right now? You can transfer Director An back to be your deputy director, she's better at management."

This was forcing the issue!

A flash of smugness flashed across the eyes of the person who had been in the shadows and had remained silent.

Song Zhe smiled instead of being angry.

Her posture grew more and more languid as she coldly swept at the person who had spoken, "Since you want her so much, why don't you go and accompany her to sweep the toilets?"


That person's face darkened, no longer daring to speak.

"How about replacing your position with her, I think that's fine." Song Zhi faintly mocked.

An Lina was capable of management, but her relationship with Lu Huaike was a tumor.

No matter how high the ability was, when it was used in a place that didn't correspond, it was all useless.

After a ten-second-long silence, the crowd stepped forward.

"Mrs. Huo, it was our dereliction of duty."

"We ......"

"You don't have to apologize to me, I did miss work yesterday for personal reasons and it was indeed my problem, but I assure you that as long as you guys do a good job on the project with all your heart and soul, no matter if it's good or bad all the responsibility will be taken by me and I won't let you guys take the blame." Song Ru said, "E star project is indeed missing a person's quota, I will find suitable talents with management ability to come over, but it will not be as you want."

With Song Ru's assurance, everyone doesn't dare to provoke anymore, and the worries that have been hanging over their heads slowly fall to the ground.

"I can come in not by the Huo family, nor by the Song family, but only by myself." Song Ru's gaze lifts up and sweeps through the crowd before finally landing on the person in the corner who doesn't say a word before smiling coldly, "But if you guys indiscriminately believe in some random rumors, then I'm really going to have to make use of my Mrs. Huo's identity.

Mrs. Huo's identity isn't just about expelling from M&R anymore."

A chill ran down the spines of the crowd.

It was true that Song Ru had never targeted anyone when she entered the E-Star department, but instead, it had always been the case that everyone didn't believe her, and she was only angry this time because of the problems with the E-Star program's procedures.

The air was cold and silent for several minutes before Song Ru lazily got up from her seat.

"If everyone can make it, I'll go and apply for a salary increase, as for how much, oo...... I'm not too sure." Song Zhi smiled.

"Is this true?"

"Superintendent Song, you're saying this is true?"

The crowd finally saw a ray of sunshine above their heads.

"Childish and honest oh." Song Zhi tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

The fairy face value directly hit everyone!

Seeing that everyone didn't look rebellious, Song Zhi's lips hooked, "Since everyone understands that my arrival isn't to pick a fight with you, then everyone can rest assured that they can send all their work to my mailbox before they get off work in the evening."


"Little Fairy, we can!"

The previous misunderstandings were all cleared up, and Song Zhi's heart was relieved.

Huo Mou Shen had preached 'give a slap, then a sweet date' in the shopping mall, and this would make the sweet date feel even sweeter.

Everyone came forward to apologize, and Song Zhi didn't say anything.

There was no need for her to get angry with them, but she went back to the office to continue working overtime.

Without Huo Muchen to pave the way for her, Song Zhi felt a sudden hardship.

Dressed in a cleaning outfit, An Lina saw from the corner that the employees in the E-Star department were all joyfully about to get up and go to dinner, her nails sinking hard into her palms.

"Song Ru, what are you complacent about?The E Star project is as difficult as heaven, even if you sit in that position, you will come down sooner or later."

Song Ru didn't have the management skills, didn't she say she was going to find another person?

She was going to logically sit back as director.


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