Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 127

Huo Mou Shen felt that he must have been so angry with Song Zhi that his mind was not clear, and made a strong effort to press her head towards his chest.

"But it's not like the major I studied was a secretary, which happens to be suitable for E-Star.

Huo Mou Shen, you haven't had a peaceful sleep in a long, long time lately, so if this project can be carried out ahead of schedule, won't you be able to get a good night's rest?"

Song Zhi lifts her thumb to gently rub the hidden auburn under his eyes, her breath near her invades every inch of Huo Muxian's pores with a warm scent.

She poked and prodded at his face, and even deliberately pulled up the corner of his lips, coming over to kiss him twice: "Don't be angry, this matter is something I didn't inform you about beforehand, but Lao Liu knows about it as well, and I thought he would tell you."

Song Zhi silently apologized to Lu Zi Yan in the bottom of his heart, there's no way dirty water can only be poured on you.

"And you all know I'm coming well, don't be angry. You have not eaten yet, so let's eat together, okay?" Song Zhi pampered, winks one after another throw.

Huo Mo Shen accepts it as it is, but his face remains impassive.

Although the anger in his chest slowly subsides, and is successfully pacified by her kisses, it doesn't allow him to forget that Song Zi was hungry and sneaked to M&R without consulting him.

With her jaw tightened, Song Zhi was forced to lift her small face and face the cold as ice man straight on.

"I gave you a chance, you're the one who didn't want it."



Big brother, when did you give me a chance, I didn't not want it ah.

I wanted it, I wanted it.

"The day you came to M&R, to today, a total of three days, you not only didn't talk to me, but also attempted to hoodwink the past." Huo Mou Shen coldly said.

Song Zhi can feel that this man is not coaxed well, so sex is not coaxed, low voice muttered: "Not coaxed, have not seen such a difficult to coax the man, anyway, I have come to M & R, you can not drive me out."

She was about to struggle to climb down from his lap.

But just rubbing down a little was pulled back by the man with force.

His slender fingers couldn't control to pinch her thin waist: "What are you moving for, can't you say two sentences about you?"

"I've already apologized." Song Zhi looks at the man with dissatisfaction, she doesn't know where the man's anger comes from, she just wants Huo Mu Shen to rest.

It couldn't be coaxed well enough to break the pot anyway.

"Looks like you're still proud of yourself for lying?"

Huo Mou Shen wrinkles his eyebrows, picking up the back of the person's neck and flipping her over onto her lap.

Raising his hand, it was a slap!


Song Zhi was dumbfounded.

Other than Tang Shi, no one had dared to spank since childhood!

Many images floated through her mind, Song Zhi was messed up.

Her eyes froze for a few seconds, and she didn't move for a long time.

Huo Mou Shen lowers his eyes to look at Song Zhi who is lying on his lap, her back facing him without a word, his brows knit, "Xiao Zhi?"

Song Zhe doesn't respond to him, but her face is red and burning hot.

Huo Mou Shen forcefully turned her over to see Song Zhi's pale face forced out a hint of flushing, an unprecedented wave of remorse and heartache from the bottom of his eyes, touching her face, "Small hearted child, was scared?"

The warm touch on her lips pulled back Song Zhi's complexion, she wrinkled her eyebrows, her pink fist swung up and smashed on his chest, "You still hit me! I'm going to tell mom and grandpa that you're domestic violence me!"

Song Zhi whimpered and fake cried, "Who said Huo Mou Shen loves his wife, obviously he still domesticates her!"

Huo Mou Shen saw through her tricks with a glance, and the heartache that had just risen up in the bottom of his heart was broken just like that.

"Then tell me, why did I beat you?"

Song Zhi was at a disadvantage, puffed up her cheeks, with a look of 'I'm not reasonable, who can do anything to me', and sat across his waist, "Anyway, I don't care! You hit me, I'm going to tell on you today! Mom's heart aches for me, and grandpa loves me, so when the time comes, let me divorce you and remarry, there are so many Huo families anyway."

The more Song Zhi speaks, the more she flies, completely ignoring Huo Mu Shen's face that is as black as a pot.

When Song Zhi's mouth was dry from talking, she suddenly felt the temperature in the room drop to the extreme and shivered.

Huo Mou Shen narrows out a dangerous arc, pinching her chin, his voice line cold and stern: "Xiao Ru, take back this kind of words, I don't want to hear it."


"Listen well, you can only be my Huo Mou Shen's person in life, and you can only be my Huo Mou Shen's ghost in death!"

Song Zhu timidly swallowed.

"No one dares to divorce us in this life!

If you dare to remarry anyone in the Huo family, I'll kill them!"

The solemn and overbearing words ring out over and over in his ears!

Huo Mou Shen squeezed tighter and tighter, and only withdrew his hand when he saw Song Zhi being forced out of physiological tears.

"Xiao Ru, be good."

He slowly bends down, his voice low and cold, "Don't be angry with me, I'll be heartbroken, eh?"

Song Ru's black and white eyes widened, her eyelashes that were stained with fine rays of light fluttered gently.

She also knows that she said something wrong, nodding her head like pounding garlic, not daring to anger Huo Mushan who is on the verge of fury again, she just touches his taut jawline with her small hand, and coaxes him lowly, "Husband, I said something wrong, don't be angry, aren't we not having dinner yet? Then let's go eat now."


Huo Mu Shen sniffs and lowers his head to seal her lips, fierce and fierce, more like a punishment.

It wasn't until Song Zhi in her arms was kissed to the point where her breath was uneven that Huo Mu Shen let her go.

"Xiao Ru, don't make me angry again, in the future I will go home and not work all night, eh?" Huo Muxian said in a low, husky voice.

Song Zhi obediently stayed in his arms and didn't move.

Huo Mou Shen hooked his lips in satisfaction, raised his hand and pressed through the intercom, and ordered in a low voice: "Send two employee set meals up, send them up in five minutes."

Song Zhi remembered to eat but not to fight.

But she thought back carefully to what happened just now, and always felt how she took the initiative to send the door to be beaten.

Huo Muchen directly crushed her by sending out a big fire.

On this side, Chu Huaibei had just finished eating and was about to come back, when he suddenly received a message from the president, he inhaled deeply, and his long legs flew back to run again, rushing to the cafeteria to beat the food window.

"Quickly, quickly, come two employee set meals."

"Assistant Chu, what kind do you want?"

The cafeteria master was a bit bewildered and confused, shaking his spoon he didn't know which one to serve.

"Just want the deluxe version, the most deluxe version, the best one of whatever there is." Chu Huaibei said anxiously.

The cafeteria chef embarrassedly pointed at the few dishes left at the bottom, and Can Can said, "Now there are only these few dishes left, and not many, there are still a few Xiao Long Bao left in the back kitchen."

Chu Huaibei's face darkened.

"Want ...... it either? Or I can go do it now." The cafeteria master shivered and opened his mouth.

"Yes, hurry up and serve it, this is for the president and the president's wife to eat." Chu Huaibei had a few points of urgency.

Five minutes, the speed of death, he didn't want his bonus to be deducted again.

Not a minute, the cafeteria chef packaged all the meals, the hall M & R president and president's wife even want to eat the cafeteria left over, knowing that it will not be his neck chopped off.

Chu Huaibei also did not think so much, all the way out of breath also smacked the elevator slow running two floors or a few minutes late to the office door.

Knock knock knock!

"President, the meal was delivered." Chu Huaibei at the door, whispered.

And in the office, Song Zhi heard Chu Huaibei's voice outside the door, drew breath on his lips, and haphazardly searched for his own voice: "En ...... someone ...... I'm hungry... ..."

"I'm hungry too." Huo Mushan pinches her thin waist, the two sticking together as their bodies sink deep into the soft cushions.


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