Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 129

She asked Lu Ziyan what was the so-called code that Chu Huaibei and the rest of them were talking about.

Song Zhu suddenly guessed.

What was written on it was all about her preferences and some small habits, which were related to her everywhere anyway.

A hint of sweetness rippled through Song Zhi's chest.

She was immersed in the sweetness when there was a stark contrast outside the door.

"Huaibei, arrest all the people involved in today's back kitchen one by one and interrogate them individually, any one who dares to lie, directly break their legs and chop them up and feed them to the dogs!"

"Yes, President."

Chu Huaibei moved quickly and did not delay for a single moment.

Dozens of bodyguards directly separated the people and interrogated them one after another.

In ten minutes, Chu Huaibei walked in with one of the short and fat men, "President, we've found out, the ingredients he said are different from everyone else."

The short and fat man was tackled by the bodyguard's hands, the bend of his knee was kicked hard, and the whole person was like a puddle of pork directly lying on the ground.

"Say, who told you to put something else in the ingredients!" Chu Huaibei is also ruthless when he gets his hands dirty.

There were a few soft-hearted people who had been born and died beside Huo Mou Shen, all of whom were good-faced and ruthless!

The short, fat man is about to be scared shitless.

Huo Muchen favored his eyes and waved his hand.

Chu Huaibei immediately has the others wait outside the door.

After all, it's better not to let people see this bloodthirsty and cruel image.


Huo Muchen smiles lowly and dully, but his smile doesn't reach the bottom of his eyes.

The short, fat man slumps to the ground, clenching his teeth in death.

"Oh, it seems to be a hard-boned one." Huo Moushen said, his scholarly and polite way of speaking causing those present to shiver.

This was Huo Mou Shen's performance before he got angry.

"Since you'd rather not say anything, you're willing to offend me. Huaibei, remove his limbs and throw him out into the wilderness to feed the dogs!" Huo Muchen grunts humorously.

The short, fat man's throat gulps, and he sees the black-clad bodyguards walking towards him.

Two people, one on the left and one on the right, one tackles his arm, and another directly presses down on his official rank with force, frightening the short and fat man's plump body to shake a few times.

"You can't do this to me, you're breaking the law!" The short, fat man screams and roars harshly, "Huo Shao,"

"Huh, say it or don't say it?" Huo Mushen coldly hooks his lips, his eyes shady to the extreme.

He pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, smoking it.


The short, fat man's body shakes like sifting chaff, looking up at the man's cold, silent face and clenching his teeth.

The corners of Huo Mou Shen's mouth hooked up in a smile-like arc, coldly sweeping the man who didn't know how to die, impatiently saying, "Huaibei, waste away!"

He had always not wasted his time on useless people, as long as he wanted to know, he had ways to know.

Indoors, the atmosphere was cold and harsh to the extreme, so stifled that almost not a word could be said.

Chu Huaibei presses down on his arm, breaking the person's arm, until the short, fat man's forehead seeps out in a silky, dense cold sweat, so painful that he almost faints, before he hears a mournful scream.

Huo Mou Shen's lips hooked up and said in a deep voice, "Huaibei, go check! Find out all the news about his entire family."

"Huo Shao!" The short, fat man finally can't help himself and grits his teeth, "I beg you to spare my family, please ......"

"When you moved my wife, you didn't think about sparing my family, huh ......" Huo Muchen narrowed his eyes and dusted the cigarette ash off his fingertips, letting the sparks burn the back of the man's hand.

"Huo Shao, it's me who's wrong, I beg you to spare my family."

Huo Mushen favored Chu Huaibei.

Chu Huaibei immediately understands that the clean freak president won't be able to do it himself, and he pulls the man up from the ground, "Say it, Huo Shao is willing to give you a chance to let you and your family have a way out, but if you won't cherish it yourself, don't blame us."

"I'll say, I'll say it all." The short and fat man like a dog lying on the ground wolfishly panting, intermittently said, "There is a woman gave me a sum of money to ask me to add mango powder to the meal, I do not know that the president's wife will be allergic to it after eating it, I really do not know anything ......"

"If you don't know, feel free to under, early orders Gu M & R up and down are not allowed to appear mango, you are knowingly violating the law." Chu Huaibei cold voice said.

"I ...... I ......" The short fat man's gaze was weak.

"Where did you put the mango powder?"

"It's ...... right here in my staff cabinet."

When Chu Huaibei heard this, he immediately ordered people to search.

Without a moment's effort, the bodyguards found a small packet of mango powder in his cabinet.

Huo Mushen's gaze was gloomy and a few more points colder, "Go find a doctor to come over and check to see what's inside."

M&R's spare doctor hurriedly came over, his heart beating out of his chest.

Chu Huaibei handed the stuff to the doctor.

The doctor busily took the stuff in his hands and started examining it, not daring to have a moment's delay, and only after a long time did he frown and say, "There are hallucinogenic ingredients in here, eating too much of it will make a person infertile. And it will also make a person go crazy and become a complete psychotic."

"What will happen if you mistakenly eat it once?"

Song Zhi was shocked to hear this in the room and couldn't help but push open the door and rush to the doctor to ask.

The doctor was somewhat flattered by having his hands grabbed, and began to stutter in his speech, "Ma'am ...... it's fine ...... just need to pay attention in the future not to eat it by mistake again."

"Thank you doctor, thank you so much." Song Zhi just about burst into tears of gratitude.

Huo Mou Shen frowned at Song Zhi, his long arm pulled her hand back from the doctor, and with a cold face and tugged lips, he asked, "Don't touch it, it's poisonous."

Song Zhi: "......"


Can't mess with can't mess with, big brother's brain circuit is completely unimaginable.

Song Ru decided to touch Huo Moushen less in the future, saving her from being sterilized ten times before she could enter the house.

Huo Moushen pinched her palm and quickly pulled out a paper towel, slowly and methodically wiping her fingertips, but his voice was directed to the person next to him, "Who is the woman behind you?"

The short and fat man's breathing tightened, and there was no way for him to hide it when it came down to it, but all that could be said was really too little.

"Huo Shao ...... that woman has been wearing a hat, not saying a word, I don't know anything, took the money and drugged the ingredients."

"So, you know what kind of drug is in the mango powder?" Huo Mou Shen coldly asked back.

"I ...... thought it was just a little bit wouldn't have any effect on Mrs. Huo, I really knew it was wrong, I didn't mean to drug Mrs. Huo!"

The short, fat man crawls his fat body on the ground, but when he sees that everyone around him is indifferent, he can only put his last hopeful gaze on Song Zhe.

"Mrs. Huo, please save me, be generous and don't blame me, I really didn't know that the medicine inside would be so dangerous! If I had known that the medicine inside would be so dangerous, I wouldn't have dared to give you the medicine even if I had the guts."

He tilted his head back and grabbed at Song Zhi's ankle, screaming like a ghost.

Only before his hand could touch Song Zhi's foot, the bodyguard yanked it back.

"Mrs. Huo, aren't you the kindest of hearts? Even the child you can save, I didn't mean it this time ......"


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