Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 16 Beating You to Death, Because You Slander My Husband

"No!" Lu Huaiyan sees Huo Muchen about to leave, the bottom of his eyes covered with fearful horror: "Huo Shao, I was wrong! I was egged on ......"

The latter words are clipped off by the sound of the iron door before he finishes begging.

Jiang Jing Xing saw his footsteps hurrying towards somewhere really helpless, no wonder Huo Mou Shen, who was just ready to slowly play with death, directly forced people into a desperate situation in an instant.

I think Huo Mushan is very sure that Lu Huaike's car accident was not accidental, but was aimed at Song Zhi!

Jiang Jing Xing retracted his line of sight, then slammed the hot water cup towards Lu Huai Ke: ''Don't scream! Lu Huaike, you should know the rules in Huacheng, there are people you can't offend, and you want to sue the Huo family?"

"Don't you know that you can get into a car accident because your brake brake was cut?"

"You want to die, there are ways to play you to death!"

Jiang Jing Xing favored the police officer next to him and hooked his lips obliquely, "Take the person into custody and wait for someone to come to bail."

Lu Huaike fell back into the wheelchair disheveled, somewhat bewildered listening to Huo Muxian lawyers group saying something, but could not hear anything.

Jiang Jing Xing is too lazy to pay attention, turning around and crossing out the door to see Huo Mushen and Song Zhi staring wide-eyed at each other in a miserable scene of 'looking at each other with no words, and even choking on no words', the corners of his lips twitching once again.

Song Zhi was stepping on the ground with one bare foot, her slippers a few steps away from her, walking too fast and being thrown away.

She then tilts her head to meet Huo Mushan's eyes, tramping in place.

She didn't seem to have behaved herself and waited at home for him to come home, would he think that this was her not trusting him?

Song Zhi finally understands the pain and sweetness of trying to get close to someone and guessing their mind, and her heart grows more and more distressed for Huo Mou Shen.

"Want to cry again?"

From the top of her head fell a cold breath.

She didn't tense up at all and raised her hand to touch Huo Moushen's face, and then fumbled around on his upper body itself, so anxious that outsiders could see her smacking her lips.

Huo Mou Shen caught her messy little hand, low voice and low eyes: "Want? Go home and then give you good, so many people look, not too good."

Although he said so, no one dared to look around.

Song Zhi touched Huo Mou Shen was not injured, and only then did she feel that the feeling of self-loathing that she had suppressed in her heart lessened a bit.

Huo Mou Shen holds Song Zhi's shoulders but feels that she is a little off, especially the chilling coldness that is transmitted to his palm through his windbreaker, he looks down and sees Song Zhi's toes, as white as seashells, curled up on the floor, his eyes sink, he reaches out and forcefully tugs the person into his arms, directly ripping off her windbreaker, touching her back to a wet piece, his cold, sunken eyes instantly ignite in anger, and his hidden veins are almost ready to jump through his forehead.

"Song Ru!"

The entire corridor echoed with his angry roar.

"You went to get wet didn't you!"

Song Zhi: "......"

She shook her shoulders and nodded her head in a cowering manner.

If she said that not only did she get wet in the rain, but she also raced cars, crashed cars, and climbed doors would ...... she not have to get out of bed for a month?

"Song Ru, take my words as a whisper, isn't it!" Huo Mou Shen's arms passed over her armpits, picking the person up, teeth rooted: "Well well well, really three days do not hit the upper room to uncover the tile, you think your body is almost good, enough to toss to come is not it!"

Song Zhi stood in front of Huo Mou Shen to be lectured, did not say a word as a child who did something wrong, that look to be more pitiful and more pitiful.

Huo Mou Shen roared, saw the person cold and trembling, the anger suddenly subsided by half.

"Huaibei, go drive."

Song Zhi was carried away by Huo Muchen in a horizontal hug, her small head resting drowsily on his shoulder, asking breathlessly, "Muchen, did Lu Huaike that bastard not do anything to you?"

"What do you think he can do to me?" Huo Moushen laughs in exasperation, revealing a few unseen favorites in his brows and eyes.

"Then what about him!"

"What, are you worried about him?" Huo Mou Shen's tone is cold and ghostly, pulling open the car door and carrying the person to the back seat, "What do you want him to do?"

Song Ru looks wan, sneezes several times in a row, nestles in his shoulder nest, muffled humming, "Of course it's to beat him to death, let him defame my husband!"

"Hehe ......"

The man laughed lightly, then raised his head, "Huaibei, turn the heater to the maximum, focus on driving, no turning back."

Chu Huaibei was stunned, and immediately felt two lingering gazes on his back hovering at his neck.

As long as he turned back, his neck and head would be separated, right?

He secretly thought.

Huo Mou Shen feels Song Zhi's body getting colder and colder, frowning as he rips her suit off, his cold eyes happen to sweep over a long cut on his white arm, the blood has stopped but you can tell the wound is still deep.

He was stabbed in the bottom of his heart, forced himself to hold back from opening his mouth to blame himself, reached out and somewhat rudely ripped off her pants, held back his anger, tried to put on a level head and calmly went to ask: "Song Zhi, you'd better make up an excuse for me as to why your arm wound and pants broke!"

"And, it better be an excuse that won't let me get you killed!"

He bared his teeth as white as a wasteland beast.

The car was shrouded by light-colored lights, the man's handsome and cold face was covered with a layer of haze, looking at Song Zhi stifling his aggression, he could only muster up the 'courage' to brave the guillotine.

"I ...... went to find Jiang ......" Song rhetorically stumbled over his words, "to find him to save you, and then accidentally hit . . crashed the car."

She carefully lifted her eyes to observe the man's color, and hastily added: "But the car performance is very good, I people have nothing to do, just scratched down the arm."

"Heh ...... then I still have to thank the car I usually buy for its good performance, only to let you randomly crash into the car are fine!"

"Of course I don't mean that." Song Zhi was speechless.

"What about the legs?"

"Legs ......" Song Ru did not want to say bad things about Jiang Jing Xing, automatically shielded, only say what can be said, "I'm going to say, climbing the door and falling down, will you be angry?"

Hearing a voice like a mosquito fly, Huo Muchen, even though he was no longer expressionless, couldn't help but twitch the muscles around his mouth.

He put his suit hard over her head and took another deep breath, "You still dare to climb the wall?"

"Ah ...... climbed."

Huo Mou Shen saw her smothered in his arms not daring to raise her head, closed his eyes hard, forced himself to resist the urge to strangle her, yanked her two legs over, touched the soles of her feet with his hands, so cold that he shivered, gritted his teeth and squeezed the words out of his throat, "Song Zhi, there's what you don't dare to do? Why did you go to Jiang Jing Xing?"

"I'm too worried that something has happened to you, I saw that the media outside are waiting to shoot our news, he must have planned this for a long time, I don't want you to lose face because of me." Song Zhi sincerely said, her nose seems a bit out of breath.

Huo Mou Shen also knows that he scared her, and extends his long arms to hold the person and gather her in his arms, going straight back to Huo Garden.

Although it's nearly twelve o'clock at night, Huo Garden is still brightly lit.

The housekeeper is relieved to see Mr. Hugging his wife back.

"Go prepare ginger soup, call the family doctor and tell them that they must be at Huo Yuan within half an hour!"


The housekeeper rushes off to do something, then turning his head, Huo Muchen holds the shivering Song Zhi up the stairs and directly enters the bathroom, turning the temperature up to the maximum, he debugs the hot water without saying a word, strips her entire being clean and puts her into the hot water, and then turns around and heads out of the bathroom.

"Come out in three minutes, I'll wait for you at the door."

Huo Mu Shen exudes a calm and cool aura, everything seems to be calm and unhurried, but Song Zhi knows that he's angry and is deliberately holding back.

He had a cold face the entire time and didn't even give her an extra look.

As he turned to leave, Song Zhi's heart palpitated slightly.

"You're angry with me, aren't you?"

"No, don't think too much." Huo Mushen said in a rare flat voice.

Seeing his erect back trembling, Song Zhi deliberately pouts, but her voice is slightly hoarse: "You're angry with me, Huo Mou Shen, that's just how you are, you hold back your anger and don't talk to me, so how do you want to lose your temper and use wine to get rid of your sorrows? Don't you know that you have a bad stomach?"


The man was silent.

Song Zhe didn't want to delay the two misunderstandings until tomorrow to explain, she loved Huo Mu Shen.

"My hand is hurt, don't go, help me to take a bath, okay?"


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