Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 17 Huo Shao, deep routine!

Huo Mo Shen's footsteps were lurched.

His deep eyes swept over in contemplation for a long while before he suppressed his heartache and turned his head toward her.

"Put your hand up."

Song Zhu puts her hand in his palm, small and soft, placed in his palm, it doesn't take up any space at all.

Huo Mou Shen has a cleanliness fetish, and with her being unkempt, he should have shrugged it off, but he didn't.

Huo Moushen looked down, seeing her palm-sized little face covered in starry little red packets, his heart palpitating slightly.

"It would be nice if you could be as obedient every day as you are after you make a mistake."

He threw out a stiff sentence.

At this moment, Song Zhi puffed out her cheeks and a small humming little voice came up.

At the same time, Huo Mou Shen senses that Song Zhi is trying to pull his small hand away from his palm.

Huo Mushen's eyes flickered, and he didn't move to tighten his fingers, "Saying a couple sentences and then losing your temper, and you can't say anything else?"

"No! How dare I be angry with you! Even if I'm angry, I'm also angry that scum actually hit a rake backwards, next time we meet I'll definitely beat him to death." Song Zhe slams his fist hard into the bathtub, splashing all over his face and onto Huo Mu Shen's shirt.

"So you're showing me your true heart?" Huo Mushan holds down her shoulders, "If you keep acting up, don't blame me for not being able to help it!"

Song Zhu: "......"

She made a face.

Said afraid of who!

People are milky and ferocious, only like a paper tiger that breaks at the first poke.

Huo Mu Shen lightly hooks his lips, fishing the person out of the hot water and putting on conservative pajamas.

Knock knock knock!

The family doctor just happened to knock on the door and came in, checking the abrasions on Song Zhi's arms and a few bruises on her legs: "Ma'am, the wounds are a bit infected from the rain, they need to be medicated."

Song Zhi was so good-natured that she spread out her arm and stretched it out in front of him, looking over with an 'I'm fine' look.

The doctor put down the medicine box he was carrying, and the cotton pad dipped in alcohol was pressed onto Song Zhi's wound so unexpectedly.

She didn't hold back and drew in a cool breath, her unperturbed face suddenly turning as white as paper, her nightgown pinched and wrinkled, her body shrinking backward into Huo Mushan's arms.

"Lighten up!"

Huo Mushan pats Song Zhi's back with one hand, raising his eyes he chides coldly.

"Yes yes yes."

A few drops of cold sweat broke out on the family doctor's forehead.

The next movement is almost as light as a feather, for fear of being lynched by Huo Mushan's eye-knife.

After applying the medicine, the doctor prescribed Song Zhi some medicine to prevent colds and fevers, and instructed, "It's best if madam doesn't dip into cold water again in the next few days, and eat a light diet; the sprain on her ankle is more serious, and she also needs a month's bed rest; she can't walk for too long, and she needs to be appropriately active once in a while."

"Mistress has a weak constitution, and because of the rain today, she may catch a cold and fever in the middle of the night, but it's best not to use medicine right now, it's medicine that is three times more poisonous, you can drink a bowl of ginger soup to drive away the cold, and if it's best, you can get through it." The doctor spoke faintly.

Song Zhi was in a trance, her ears were buzzing, she didn't hear what the doctor was saying at all, looking at the doctor a bit speechless.

On the contrary, Huo Mushan listens carefully and attentively, imprinting every word in his head.

With this contrast, the doctor's lips twitch twice.

"Housekeeper, go get a pen and paper for the family doctor to write down the precautions he just said, in addition to arranging a guest room for the family doctor to stay in." Huo Mo Shen instructs in a loud voice.

He holds Song Zhi, who leans into his chest, her body soft.

Huo Mushen sees that she looks wan, and takes the hot ginger soup that Lin Ma brings up, gently blows on it and sends it to her lips, "Drink it."

The pungent ginger spice flavor drills into her nostrils, hard to smell as Song Zhi fills her face with rejection.

She leans back hard, not caring how many people are present, and grips Huo Mou Shen's coat corner under the covers in an attempt to evoke sympathy from Huo Mou Shen.

"Huo Mou Shen, the ginger soup is hot and spicy, can I not drink it?" Seeing Huo Muk Shen's half narrowed eyes, Song Zhi shrunk her neck and loosened her grip on Huo Muk Shen's coat corner, gesturing with her fingertips, "Then can I just drink a little bit, just a little bit? My body is fine, you see I'm fine even after crashing my car, and I definitely can't get a fever from getting wet."

The housekeeper and doctor brush their eyes speechless, bargaining can still be like this?

"Mrs. Huo, you're bargaining with a businessman, so shouldn't you give me some payment?" Huo Muchen caresses the corner of her mouth, fearing that Song Zhi will bite herself, "Good girl, don't bite."

Song Zhi felt like she was being set up again.

Huo Mou Shen, is it good for you to set up your wife like this?

"Then what do you want in return?" Song Zhi spreads her hands and feels that she seems to have nothing, except for the five million dollars she got back this morning and spent more than a hundred thousand dollars to buy shoes for Huo Mou Shen, the rest of her has nothing.

By the way, she still had the bride price from the Huo family and the generous dowry her mother had left her, all in the hands of the Song family!

She must get it back!

"Your heart."

Huo Mu Shen is in a good mood and can't help but tease Song Zhi.

"My heart?" Song Zhe's cheeks are flushed, so beautiful that snot bubbles can spurt out, "But my heart, I gave it to you a long time ago. In this life, in the last life, it's been in you."

Song Zhi only saw Huo Mushan when he was on the verge of death, and also completely recognized his heart!

When people are in the most danger, the person they think of is the most important person in their life, so Huo Mushen is the most important!

Huo Moushen remains expressionless, only the hand holding the soup bowl shakes, almost scalding Song Zhi, exposing his inner unrest.

His brows wrinkled up, and when he saw her inhale her red nose, he said with a cold face, "Since your heart has already been given to me, there's no negotiation on this matter, drink the medicine."

Song Ru: "......"

"Don't you love me?"

Where is this the same thing?

Song Zhi was stared at by his stern gaze with no way to hide, obediently took the bowl, pinched his nose, tilted his head and gurgled and poured it down his throat.

"Cough cough cough ......"

Song Zhi coughed so hard that her face was suffocating red.

She almost thought she was going to cough up her own lungs as well!

Huo Mou Shen gently patted her back to make her throat feel better and looked at her with heartache.

Until Song Zhi tears stopped coughing, she directly buried her head into his arms and said in a jar, "So bitter."

Suddenly, her chin was lifted by cold fingertips, her lips imprinted on the thin, cool lips, and her tongue traced her outline.

Song Zhi's heart thumped extremely hard, her eyes blinking and blinking in a blur of ecstasy, her breath being entangled tighter and tighter.

It wasn't until a quarter of an hour later, when Song Zhi almost felt like she would become a woman who suffocated from kissing, that Huo Muchen released her.

She looked back into the room and realized that there was no one left, patting her chest, thankfully thankfully, the disgrace didn't reach home!

"Is it sweet now?"

"Huh?" Song Zhi froze, suddenly chagrined back to his senses, whirled up his fist and pounded his shoulder, and cat scratching like, "It's not sweet, it's sour, huge sour kind."

Big vinegar tank!

In her previous life, she was a big jealous jar, as long as she was in contact with Lu Huaike, she would be dragged to bed by him and taught a lesson!

As for how to teach a lesson, it was probably body negative distance!

"It's fine if you're sweet." Huo Mou Shen pats her little cheeks, straightens up and heads out, "Be good, I'll go get you some honey dates."

Song Zhi instantly brightens her eyes and nods her head in a garlic pounding fashion.

Immediately, he reacted back to his senses.

Nima, molested again.

When did Huo Mou Shen tease so much?


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