Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 18 Your Name, My Surname

After leaving the door, the doctor and housekeeper were still at the door, and when they saw the folds on Huo Mu Shen's clothes, they coincidentally smiled.

According to the degree of love between Mr. and Mrs., Huo Yuan will soon have a young master.

You should know that Huo Mushan is a natural cleanliness freak and doesn't like too many servants in the house, so there aren't too many servants in the Huoyuan villa, and most of them clean up and then leave.

Huo Mou Shen also doesn't like people disturbing his work, and only married Song Zhi before bringing Lin Ma and the housekeeper from the old mansion over to take care of Song Zhi's problem of not eating properly.

The doctor hands over the precautions he just wrote to Huo Mou Shen, then takes out a small bottle of ointment from the medicine chest and says in a very low voice, "Sir, this is the medicine that can be applied afterwards to abate the wife's pain."

The doctor had already made his words very subtle, but he was still waved off by Huo Mushan.

"I've just checked my wife's body for her, and there's something I didn't say, her uterine cold is more serious, she may have a lower chance of conceiving, and once she gets pregnant she'll suffer a lot more than other women." The healer was kind, and he didn't want anything to happen to Song Zhi.

"Can it be tempered?" Huo Mushen purses his lips and asks.


The Huo family's family doctor is a top renowned doctor within all of Huacheng, and is also the Huo family's handpicked dedicated medical family Anjia, so his medical skills are naturally guaranteed.

As long as he says it can be good, it can definitely be regulated.

"En, first prescribe medicine for me to eat me, wait for her body to be well adjusted before having a child." Huo Mou Shen's brows twist into a 'Chuan' character, pinching the paper page, and instructing in a deep voice, "No one is allowed to tell her about this matter."

"Okay, sir."

The doctor agreed dryly, and feeling the cool chill on his neck again, two wary gazes fell.

In the end, the butler sees that he's sweating profusely, and like a savior takes the man away under the doctor's pleading gaze.

Huo Mou Shen doesn't have the slightest idea that his aura has scared a lot of people, instead he still takes it for granted because as long as Song Zhi isn't afraid of him, it's fine.

He goes downstairs to find Lin Ma to get the honey dates, and then sees the housekeeper come over with his cell phone, "Sir, it's Mr. Jiang who called, saying that there's been progress in the case of his wife's car accident."

Huo Muchen's eyes sink like the sea, he takes the phone and walks into the study, hearing Jiang Jingxing's playful greeting from across the room, "The person wasn't tossed to death."

In the police station, I saw the old man angrily carry people back, this will be tossed over.

"You came to ask this?" Huo Mo Shen's voice is low and cold.

"Of course not, just now the Lu family came to the Lu Huaike to bail out, I interrogated the meeting, half with a warning to let the Lu family carry away. However, Lu Huaike that boy does not know his car was moved, it seems to be a scapegoat, behind someone is rushing to your wife." Jiang Jingxing speaks immodestly, but every word carries killing intent.

Huo Mo Shen's breathing is cold and heavy, his body shrouded in hostility.

"Who moved last time you found out?"

"Not yet, but once you find out, what are you going to do?" Jiang Jingxing is still at the police station looking through the video from that time, calmly analyzing, "Should we wait, there may be someone behind the scenes who is more than just rushing at Song Zhi, and it could be you."

Huo Mushen, as a young entrepreneurial leader in Huacheng, occupies significant resources and connections, stealing the business of other enterprises entrenched in Huacheng, naturally making them incredibly red, they secretly can't wait for Huo Mushen to have an accident.

They secretly can't wait for something to happen to Huo Muchen. Any means can be used in the shopping mall, and there are plenty of battlefields where people can kill without bloodshed.

Huo Mou Shen's throat rolls, lifts his wristwatch to look at the time, and opens his mouth harshly, bluntly giving Jiang Jing Xing the result, "There's no need to wait, dare to have the guts to move Song Zhi, I won't let a single one go!"

"Older three, I mean it's better to use Song Zhi ......"

"Big brother." Huo Mou Shen interrupted Jiang Jing Xing's words and raised his hand to rub his temples, "Song Zhi is my most important person, I won't use her as bait, and I don't need Song Zhi to pay any price in my business."

Jiang Jing Xing's words were choked back in his throat, Huo Moushen had already seen through what he had in mind and could only change the subject, "What did Song Zhi go back to say to you?"

He kind of wants to know if Song Zhi has sued him.

He wanted to know if Song Zhi had sued him. He knew that Lao San was a heavy wife-controller, and Song Zhi had long been looking for him with a knife because of his accident!

However, Lao San is also extremely capable of holding back, and if he doesn't say anything now, he may also secretly do something bad in the future.

This can be seen from the fact that Huo Mu-shen can hold back for a long time to force his rivals to the end of their rope, Huo Mu-shen is definitely not as calm as he sounds.

Huo Moushen's brows wrinkled, his fingertips knocking against the sandalwood table, his clear eyes gradually enveloped in frost.

As a minute passes, his face turns blue, his thin lips pursing up as he speaks in a cold, deep voice: "Big brother, you're testing Song Zhi?"

"...... "After a second's pause, Jiang Jing Xing said resentfully, "Uh...... she told you."

"She was very good, didn't say anything to me." Huo Mou Shen lowered his eyes, his voice sullen: "But she went to find you, but crashed the car, but also climbed the wall before letting you take her to the police station, not you do not open the door for her, but also because of what?

How about big brother, you also think of a good excuse for me?"

Nima, being shady!

How could Jiang Jing Xing forget that Huo Mushan was a cunning and insidious businessman, the words were like a negotiation, and he was set up just like that.

"Well, seen by you." Jiang Jing Xing said naturally, half of the meaning of guilt: "Just can't stand to see her treating you so well before, taught a lesson to see what degree can be done for you, except that I also didn't expect Song Zhi to actually be able to stand in the heavy rain for so long and still climbed the wall to come in to look for me, which doesn't also promote your couple's feelings?"

"So it's also within your design that you intentionally didn't look for me directly and waited for her to find you?" Huo Mo Shen leans against the balcony railing, his eyes blending with the night color, deep and bottomless.

Nima, being shady again!

"Can't you stop crushing me with your intellect?" Jiang Jingxing spat breathlessly and said hotly, "It's not just a joke with your wife, and I didn't immediately know that Lu Huaike reported the case to the police station, and it was also the people in the police station who told me."

"But according to your means, no need to think, I know it's not a big deal." Jiang Jing Xing frankly admits that he is just testing Song Zhi, and even fixing her to take the heat for Huo Moushen!

Huo Mushen's tone is slightly cold: "Song Ru is my wife, young and unintelligent, big brother I hope you can coexist peacefully."

Jiang Jing Xing is somewhat stunned.

He also knows that he can't let Huo Mou Shen get caught in the middle of it, "This thing I did is indeed a bit impulsive, how about you do the honors, and call out a few of our brothers, as if you were to open a wedding banquet for you alone, which is also considered to be my atonement for my sins, you ......"

Huo Mou Shen and Song Zhi's wedding was spent in a joke, with little extra process.

There weren't even any vows.

According to reason, Huo's Huo Moushen is to bring his new wife to attend a press conference, so that he can also hit the popularity in Huacheng, but unfortunately, the delay is not there.

Huo Mushen furrowed his brows and swept the honey pot on his desk again.

"Big brother, Song Zhi can't sleep without me, eat to make amends and talk about it later."

'Tut tut tut' -

Before Jiang Jingxing could finish, he was interrupted by Huo Mushen.

He stays frozen in place for a long time before he comes back to his senses and bursts out in foul language.

"F*ck, having a wife is marvelous!"

Having a wife is indeed marvelous.

For Huo Moushen, the most bright and upright yet dark and devious thing he had done in his life was to put Song Zhi under his surname!


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