Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 19 Young Master Huo Playing Hooligans

Huo Mo Shen's lips hooked up as he stepped in a leisurely pace towards the master bedroom.

Pushing open the bedroom door, a soft light leaks out.

The man sees the woman rolling around in the quilt through the doorway, and a doting laugh spills from his throat.

"You're back?"

Song Zhi jerked her head around at the sound, revealing a flash of embarrassment.

Her scarlet lips light up with a smile when she sees that Huo Mou Shen is holding a transparent and delicate locket with honeyed jujubes in his hand.

Huo Mou Shen sees her looking at herself blearily, like a owlish little fledgling, and it's hard to hide the smile at the corners of his lips.

Song Zhi stretches out her small hand, and before she can unfold her smile, she sees Huo Moushen raise his hand and hold the box up high.

"What do you want?"

"I kinda want to."

Want to 'fuck' fuck!

Song Zhi embarrassed, her face 'swished' red.

"Rascal!" She muttered.

"Playing rogue on your own wife is called doing your duty." Huo Moushen corrects her, pulls out a honey date from the box, plugs her mouth, leans down towards her ear, and bites her earlobe in a low voice: "But right now, your body isn't working yet, so when you're better, let's see if I'll still let you have the strength to get out of bed!"

Song Zhi's heart was hit hard and she gulped.

"Don't look for another man in the future, I said I don't need to bow down to anyone when I'm Huo Mou Shen's wife, understand?" Huo Mou Shen lifted the covers and dragged the person into his arms, letting Song Zhi pillow on his arm.

Song Zhi nodded, feeling her back pressed against his hot chest, she frowned in worry and moved to the side.

Huo Mushen's long, strong arms hooked back onto the woman's slender waist, and said in dissatisfaction, "Afraid of me again?"

Why use 'again'?

Song Zhi's heart trembled, feeling the arm around her waist almost strangling.

She couldn't feel the pain, she just said heartily, "I have a cold, I don't want to infect you, you stay away from me."

"Heh ......" Huo Mu Shen is angry and laughing, covering her eyes and turning off the bedside lamp, "Sleep!"

Song Zhi stifled her laughter and found a comfortable position in his arms, leaning in tighter.

The man put his hand across her waist and touched a handful of bones, his eyebrows coldly sank, so thin?

Tomorrow, I'm going to have Lin Ma make more meat for her.

Song Zhi still doesn't know Huo Shao's grand plan to feed her white and fat and then eat her!

She's exhausted after tossing and turning all day and drinking ginger soup.

Sniffing his familiar scent, Song Zhi unknowingly fell asleep.

But this night, how could she not sleep soundly.

Her breath flooded with pain, and she saw that she was lying on the operating table again.

Two people were digging out her last kidney, blood snaking all over the floor, and she saw the room showing a gap, Huo Mushan was about to come in, but Song Yanran had tricked Huo Mushan away with her flowery words.


She's not dead yet!

Huo Mou Shen, turn around and look at me, I'm not dead ......

"No, please don't go ...... I'm not dead ......"

"Song Zhi, you're already dead! Mrs. Lu, don't you love Lu Shao the most, so she gave you a chance to let you and her son be together forever, fulfilling your last wish!"

"No, I don't want to die!"

"Huo Mou Shen, save me!"

A powerful pain surged into Song Zhi's limbs and bones, she felt her life being yanked away by Lu Huaike little by little, her body getting heavier and heavier because she couldn't breathe, and her gouged out waist was empty and painful.

She saw Lu Huaike holding her kidneys left and right, he simply took her two kidneys!

The monstrous hatred filled Song Zhi's mind, she wanted to try to raise her hand and rush over to strangle Lu Huaike, but she couldn't do anything!

A sense of helplessness trapped Song Zhi, she could only see Huo Mu Shen tearing through the darkness and walking over to her, his eyes scarlet as he gripped her slender wrists, wanting to desperately stop her bleeding, but could only watch her die!

"Song Zhi, you're not allowed to die!"

"I haven't brought you home yet!"

"As long as you come back alive, I will immediately promise you a divorce!"

"...... Song辞 "男人沙哑声就在她耳边不断徘徊,他紧紧搂住她冰冷的身体,英俊的脸深埋在她被折磨得,从心底深处翻滚出无边无际的戾气,咬牙切齿的道:" This life, the next life ...... I will not allow you to leave, even if you die, I will not allow you to leave me alone!"

"You wait for me on the Yellow Springs Road, be good and obedient, not allowed to drink Mengbo soup, just stand in the same place and wait for me, do you hear me?"

"After I finish handling our affairs, I'll go to accompany you."


The last soft question made Song Zhi feel like a big hand was ripping her chest apart, tearing her heart out viciously.

And then throw it into a meat grinder.


Song Zhi felt the wetness on her shoulder, it was Huo Mushan crying!

He was crying!

A one meter nine man in a suit hugging her corpse, just kneeling on the ground with his legs in a sorry state, letting out a loud cry, crying like a homeless child.

The few men following behind Huo Mu Shen couldn't help but mourn and redden their eyes.

The dark scene tumbled in, seemingly deliberately torturing Song Zhi's nerves, letting her see how to write the word 'regret'.

The blackened weather was deathly silent and depressing.

There was a cemetery in the backyard of the large Huo Garden that was quiet and peaceful.

Song Zhi saw that the picture on the tombstone was of herself, she was dead!

Did she die again?

Huo Mushen stood in front of the tombstone, he slowly squatted down and habitually stroked her photo with his ring-wearing left hand, his voice was low and dull, transmitting a thick layer of ruthlessness and exhaustion, "Xiaozhi, the people who bullied you are all dead, they all went to hell."

The man kissed the photo on the tombstone, his gaze lingering with deep love: "But don't be afraid of them bullying you on the way to the Yellow Springs, I'll go down to accompany you, and you'll only be able to bear my Huo Mou Shen's surname for the rest of your life!"

The man took out a knife from his pocket and pressed it towards his heart, and with a force of his wrist bone, Song Zhi was unable to cry out in shock before he saw that he had already stabbed himself in the heart!

"There's one more thing I haven't said to you, and that's that I love you ......"

"No, don't die, please ......"

This was not how they should have ended!

The scene suddenly shifts, Song Zhi sees Huo Mushan, who is collapsed in a pool of blood, and fiercely lowers her head, realizing that she is the one holding the knife, and she is the one who stabbed him in the heart!

She was egged on by Song Yanran, thinking that Huo Mushen didn't love her and only married her for the Song family's shares, keeping her captive like a pet.

As a result, the family she supposedly believed in the most forced her and Huo Mou Shen into a desperate situation!

She should not fall for Song Yanran's tricks again!

Song Zhi once again feels the boundless for of despair enveloping her, and she wants to hug Huo Muchen's body only to be tugged and kicked out the door by Song Yanyan and Jiang Jing Xing.

This suffocation of being pressed against her chest put Song Zhi in an ice-fire dilemma.

Vaguely, she seemed to feel someone tugging her towards the light ......


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