Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 20 I hurt...

"Xiaozhu, wake up, you have a fever."

Huo Muchen touches her hot forehead and frowns as he calls the family doctor.

The family doctor resting in the guest bedroom has not been sleeping, he waited to be on call, rushed over with special fever-reducing medication and alcohol sponges: "Sir, Mrs. This is a nightmare, wake the person up, take the medicine and then use alcohol to lower the temperature, people will be better."

Seeing Song Zhi breathing more and more tightly knit, her mouth constantly shouted pain, vigorously grabbed his arm, nails are deeply sunk in, buckle out of the blood marks also do not let go.

"Sir, do you want to deal with the wound on your hand first?" The doctor sees that the gouge on Huo Mu Shen's arm is not a shallow wound, that's how much force he had to use to do it.

Madam wouldn't dream of killing mister!

If Song Zhi could hear the doctor's heart, she would absolutely rush over with a knife in her left hand and an axe in her right!

"Huo Mu Shen, I'm in pain ......"

"Where does it hurt?" Hearing Song Zhi's difficult call, Huo Mou Shen's brows knit tightly, his voice revealing intense worry in its coldness.

Song Zhi puts one hand against her waist and grunts, murmuring garbled words in a vague manner.

The man's cold face, turned his head and ordered, "There's no time for that, go bring a cup of warm water over, I'll feed it myself."

The housekeeper and Lin Ma are both tossed up in the middle of the night, and one of them comes up with hot water and hands it to Huo Mu Shen.

Huo Mou Shen can't wake Song Zhi, picks up the pill and contains it in his own mouth, violently leaning down to pry open her lip cavity, the pill is pushed in.

"Hiss ......"

Song Ru frowned, biting through the corner of his lips, but also loosened up fast.

A small row of teeth marks were evident on the corner of the man's thin lips.


Bitterness spread in the lip cavity ......

Song Zhi resisted and frowned, spitting out the tip of his tongue to spit out the pill.

Huo Mou Shen tilted his head and poured another cup of water into his mouth, leaning down directly, clasping her chin with one hand, his hot breath spraying on her face, the warm water trailing down his lips and teeth into her throat.

The pill was just, very rightfully, swallowed.

The housekeeper rushes to hand over the tissue paper, Huo Mushen wipes the corners of Song Zhi's lips, and hears the doctor say, "Sir, now take the alcohol cotton and rub the whole body for the wife to lower her temperature, and you need to do it every ten minutes."

Huo Mushen 'En''s voice, his right eyebrow raised, signaling that they can go out.

They don't dare to stay one more step, almost slipping out at the speed of light.

Huo Mou Shen lowers his head and kisses Song Zhi's furrowed brows, just in time to hear her breathing shudder,

He squeezes his fists hard, the tip of his heart aching with pain, "It doesn't hurt anymore, good girl."

He took off her clothes, and the red spots from allergies faded away, revealing snow-white skin, dark hair half hanging on the sides of her shoulders, her soft body lying in the crook of his arm, like a porcelain doll.

Alcohol with a piercing coolness, Song Zhi hard to cry from the corners of the eyes seeping out tears, in his arms moving around, rely on holding his strong waist.

Huo Mou Shen sighed helplessly, and could only gently pat and caress her back, rubbing her body again.

Song Zhi in the nightmare felt someone ruthlessly tugging on her arm, and a hand was tugging on her ankle to drag her super to hell, it was Mrs. Lu, Lu Huaike, Song Yanran, Gu Qingjia ......

Their hideous faces violently woke up Song Zhi.

She screamed loudly and sat up straight from the bed violently, her eyes were so red and sour that she turned her head to look at the man who was leaning against the bed, his eyes closed in concentration.

He was not sleeping soundly either, and in the moment she sat up straight and screamed, the light of his shadowy eyes cleared violently.

The man quickly encircled her entire body into his arms, lowered his head and kissed her brow, realizing that it was no longer hot, before he breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Zhi palpitating lying in his arms breathing heavily.

Fresh air filled her lungs, she touched her ribs, and then touched her waist, somewhat skeptical that her two kidneys were still there?

In her last life she remembered being beaten in rehab until her ribs pierced her lungs and almost died, but it hurt to breathe every bout after that.

Later, she was coaxed into signing a body donation letter, had her two kidneys removed by Lu Huaike, and watched him live arrogantly and happily.

Song Zhi didn't know if what she dreamed was true, but everything was so real right in front of her eyes, vivid in her mind.

"Is it still hard?"

Hearing the voice, she looked up.

The sunlight poured in through the bright floor-to-ceiling windows, Song Zhi saw that the man's eyes were blue, his stiff spine moved slightly, and he had probably maintained this posture for a night.

Song Zhi looked up in pain, her restless heart gradually stabilized and settled.

Her eye sockets were clear and moist, because of the fever, her voice was a little hoarse: "You sat for a night?"

"En." The man faintly responded, seeing her blame herself, flexed his index finger and flicked it on her head, "Mrs. Huo, this is what you call a very good body, and it's okay to crash a car? You're really letting me see how to write the words crash is fine!"

Song Zhu: "......"

It's not good to settle accounts early in the morning.

"Hubby, are you tired?" Song Zhi playfully blinks her eyes, moving her body to feel sticky all over, but she is lazy and doesn't want to move, quietly rubbing against Huo Mushan's chest, saying in a low, soft voice, "Do you want to sleep for a while, I'll give you a squeeze on the shoulders and a whack on the back."

Huo Moushen raised his eyebrows, his white teeth glowing with the cold aura of prey, "You have the strength to sleep with me?"

Song Zhi was embarrassed.

In the end, neither of them continued to lie down during a phone call, and Lu Ziyan came to the phone and said, "The new project department was established, so it's best to come to the launch."

Huo Mu Shen follows a small tail as he rolls over and gets out of bed.

He pauses in his footsteps and turns back to scold coldly, "Walking out without good clothes, do you want to catch a cold again?"

Song Zhe walked tautly on one foot, it was comical how she looked at it.

She shook her head, "Hubby, can we take a shower together and then take me to the office with you."

"No way."

"Ah! Hubby if you don't take me out, there's so many wild winds and butterflies outside, what if they pounce on you at that time, there's me, I can help you." Song Ru was indeed a little worried.

She remembers that Song Yanran borrowed the time of her car accident to enter the Huo family's company, and then climbed step by step to become a secretary next to Huo Muxian, almost becoming a close friend.

Apart from not succeeding in crawling into bed, Song Yanyan was really living it up.

Under her name, with the gimmick of the Song family's legitimate daughter, traveling Mrs. Huo's rights, and stepping on her head to make a fool of herself!

How can one endure!

Seeing Huo Mushen's face full of gloom and not saying a word, Song Ru hurriedly pastes on a smile, "Hubby, just promise me, it's just as well that when we go to the company we can have a press conference together, and we can also go back to the Song family on the way."

"You're going back to the Song family?" Huo Moushen faintly asked.

"Back, of course."

If she doesn't return, how can she get back the relics that belong to her mother?

Huo Moushen's face shows displeasure, and he warns in a low voice, "Stay away from the Song family, you are now a member of the Huo family."

A daughter who marries out, splashes out water.

Song Zhiwei was stunned.

"Put them on!"

"Try letting me bathe you next time!"

Song Zhi's small hands haphazardly pick open the clothes to see the man's gnashing teeth, resentfully put on the clothes.

She still doesn't know just how much stoicism Huo Mou Shen used to hold back, all he wants now is to hurry up and fatten someone up, then throw them on the bed and swallow them in one bite.


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