Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 1

"Miss Tang, were you the woman who plotted against me two weeks ago?"

The man who asked this sentence was sitting on the sofa opposite.

He casually held a cigarette between his fingers, a little smoke rose slowly, blurring his face, and the polished leather shoes casually touched the ground.

Tang Yue bit her lip, that man turned out to be Feng Xie, the second young master of the Feng family.

Who is Feng Xie? Haicheng's face changed when he talked about it, and the man who heard it made him frightened.

Someone she can't afford to offend.

She denied with trembling lips: "No, I was framed too."

The man snorted lightly, he didn't believe Tangyue's words.

Tangyue covered her stomach, she had a secret, she was pregnant with Feng Xie's child.

Not long ago, she saw a man and a woman being intimate, the man was Gu Yuan, and the woman was Feng Xie's fiancée Tang Xinyao.

It was Gu Yuan who plotted against her.

Gu Yuan and her childhood sweetheart have been engaged since they were young. Five years ago, after she was disfigured in a car accident, Gu Yuan became more and more distant from her.

Two weeks ago, in order to get rid of her, Gu Yuan tricked her into the bar, drugged her secretly, and pushed her to an old man's room. She managed to escape, but strayed into the next room by mistake.

A ridiculous night.

In the small room, with a blurred atmosphere, the man was obviously drunk and delirious, he locked himself tightly like a ferocious beast.

After everything was over, she ran away in a hurry.

After returning home, Gu Yuan wanted to break up with her on the grounds that her private life was too chaotic. As an orphan who was fostered in the Tang family, the Tang family had long disliked her as a burden, and they even kicked her out this time.

Her world suddenly collapsed.

Tang Yue's face was pale, she stood up and wanted to run away, but was dragged into a car by the man.

Half an hour later, she was taken to a hospital where she was forcibly examined.

Holding the inspection report in Feng Xie's hands, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and his lowered voice was extremely dangerous: "Two weeks, Miss Tang, whose child is this?"

Tangyue's nerves were tense, she pursed her lips tightly, and said nothing, a fine layer of sweat appeared on her forehead.

She knew that Feng Xie must have thought that he was deliberately plotting against him and conceived his child, and she couldn't argue with it now.

Suddenly, Feng Xie's hand touched her flat stomach.

"Do not touch me!"

Tangyue shook her body and was about to push him away, but her meager strength was simply not enough to watch.

Feng Xie's hand firmly covered her stomach.

He sneered, his outstretched hand was well-articulated, swaying her waist, his eyes looked at her belly affectionately, his voice was charming and full of magnetism: "It's amazing that such a flat belly gave birth to a small life. "

The slender waist seems to be broken if you don't grasp it, it looks really pitiful.

Tangyue tried to break free, but the man had great strength, and she had no ability to resist in front of him.

Assistant Qin Zheng stood aside respectfully, expressionless.

Feng Xie caressed her belly affectionately, his movements were gentle, and his expression was gentle, just like treating a lover.

Qin Zheng knew that this was all an illusion, this young master was a cruel person.

He coughed and said, "Miss Tang, if you abort the child, we will give you a compensation, which is good for everyone."

Tangyue's face turned pale, she clenched her tongue until she tasted blood at the corner of her mouth: "No, I can't kill the child."

Hearing this, Feng Xie's hands stopped.

She took a deep breath and said slowly: "Mr. Feng, two weeks ago, I didn't break in on purpose. Someone tricked me into the bar. I wanted to escape, so I accidentally ran into your box."

"I didn't want to plot against you, nor did I think of threatening you with a child. This child is a life. I want to keep him. I promise that I will never tell him who his father is in this life."

She begged loudly, hoping that Feng Xie would let her go.

Feng Xie's cloud was calm, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

After she finished speaking, he extinguished the cigarette, grabbed Tangyue's chin, and the severe pain was transmitted to the brain: "Ah..."

There was a cruel smile on his thin lips: "You thought I would believe your poor excuses."

"Either you die, or he dies, you choose one."

He is serious.

Tangyue hugged her stomach anxiously, as if she could protect herself by doing so.

Feng Xie pinched her chin tightly until her chin was completely numb.

He stood in front of her, looking down at her, with a cold and inorganic light in his eyes: "I'll give you three seconds to think."

Tangyue looked sad, she shook her head: "Don't..."

"It seems that you have already made your choice. It just so happens that this hospital is under Feng's banner. Even if you die on the operating table, it will be silent."

He let go of his hand, his eyes fixed on her stomach, a morbid excitement on his face.

This is for her to die.

A chill ran from the soles of her feet down her spine to the top of her head, making her dizzy.

Feng Xie had a lot of lives on his hands.

He is the second young master of the top wealthy Feng family, an illegitimate son. It is said that her mother was not born well, she was just a dancer, and she seduced Feng Xie's father to have him.

After his mother gave birth to him, she didn't keep him in the Feng family, but took him away. When the Feng family found him, his mother had already passed away, and he had grown up, becoming a gangster in that area.

The Feng family didn't correct him. He has a gloomy personality and is full of hostility. He doesn't do his job properly every day, plays with things, beats his subordinates, bullies the weak, and is simply the scum of society.

People in Haicheng are frightened when they mention him.

Tangyue had heard of his reputation a long time ago, but she didn't expect him to be so crazy.

If she wants to keep her baby, she must first protect herself.

She stumbled to her feet, trying to find a chance to escape, but two nurses came towards her and tried to take her away by force.

Tangyue struggled desperately.

"Feng Xie."

A voice sounded, and then, an old lady in elegant and luxurious clothes walked in from the door.

She smiled kindly and grabbed Tangyue's hand: "I am Feng Xie's grandma. I heard that you have my grandson in your stomach. That's fine. Grandma will make decisions for you. You must take care of the child." Live in peace."

"Let's go home with grandma."

"You think I'll let her have the baby?"

A raging smile appeared on Feng Xie's face: "I will solve this matter myself."

Taking advantage of Old Madam Feng's arrival, Tang Yue finally broke free from the nurse and hid behind her.

She wore a black veil on her face, covering most of her face. Under the butterfly-like eyelashes, a pair of twinkling almond eyes were revealed. Those eyes were well-shaped, like smoke and mist, and had a quiet temperament. .

Before she was disfigured, she must have been a great beauty.

It's just a pity.

A trace of regret flashed in the old lady Feng's eyes. She sighed, thought of her plan, and tapped the crutch in her hand: "How do you solve it? Your solution is to kill my grandson. I will never allow it. Since Now that you have children, you can choose a day to get the certificate, tomorrow is an auspicious day."

The figure of the man was extremely tall, he stood against the light, the sunlight cast a thin layer of light on his hair, the expression on his face was blurred, Tangyue couldn't see clearly at all.

His voice was cold, like the hell king of hell: "What did you say? Get a certificate?"

The old lady Feng became angry when she saw him like this: "People have died, of course you have to get a certificate. Do you want your child to be an illegitimate child? The Feng family will never allow this to happen."

Feng Xie's face was particularly ugly.

It was rumored that he was the illegitimate son of the Feng family, and the word illegitimate child was his reverse.

The old lady Feng was not afraid of provoking him, she continued: "I will decide this matter, and have you forgotten Anya's last wish?"

As soon as the words fell, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, Feng Xie seemed to be enduring something, and a storm was brewing in his eyes.

Tangyue tightly grasped the corner of her clothes.


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