Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 2

Suddenly, Feng Xie coldly swept across her face.

Those eyes were extremely oppressive, and Tangyue felt her heart was entangled.

She took a step back, but the man pushed forward. He picked up a strand of her hair and pulled it gently until her scalp collapsed to the extreme.


She couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Miss Tang, then you have to take good care of your baby."

Feng Xie smiled wickedly, his voice was as gentle as honey, he lowered his head, and murmured like an ambiguous sympathizer: "There are still 10 months, 304 days, these days, you must take good care of your stomach, don't go out It was a bit of a surprise."

After speaking, he turned and left.

Tangyue's tense nerves relaxed slightly, and she suddenly fell down on the public chair in the hospital, her whole body collapsed, like a fish out of water, panting heavily.

Getting along with Feng Xie was too tiring.

The old lady Feng worried: "Is it not feeling well, please ask the doctor to check."

Before leaving, Tangyue couldn't help turning her head to glance at Feng Xie. He had one hand in his trouser pocket, his posture was casual and unrestrained, and he was holding a cigarette on his fingertips, flickering on and off.

He was like a poisonous snake. Although he was gone, the fear he brought to her still remained on her body.

Life is too precious to be entangled with such terrible people.


the next day.

The old lady Feng happily picked her up in the car, and the extended Lincoln drove smoothly, and soon arrived at the destination.

Civil Affairs Bureau.

Tangyue was wearing a white shirt, with her long, smooth hair spread behind her back, she was quiet and soft.

Today is sunny, suitable for moving and marriage.

The warm sun shines on the body, very comfortable.

After the two entered the Civil Affairs Bureau, Feng Xie hadn't arrived yet, so they waited by the side.

During the period, several couples also took wedding photos.

Tangyue touched her face through the veil. Her appearance was not as scary as the outside world said. She has basically recovered, but she is still in treatment, so she will always show her face with the veil. When the ID photo is taken, she will remove the veil...

After a while, a bodyguard shook his head helplessly at Old Madam Feng: "Second Young Master said, he won't come."

The old lady Feng was suddenly furious: "Then go find him, and tie him up too."

The bodyguard had a bitter face. He knew that what the old lady Feng was saying was angry.

In Haicheng, who would dare to tie the second young master, unless he thinks his life is too long.

"But the second young master didn't go back last night, and he doesn't answer the phone now. We can't find anyone at all."

Old lady Feng was about to die of anger.

Tangyue sat quietly on one side, with her eyes downcast, her hands on her lap, her expression indifferent, as if she didn't care whether Feng Xie came or not.

At this time, the bodyguard came up with an idea: "Even if the second young master doesn't come, a marriage certificate can still be obtained. It's not a big deal to just take the photos of the two of them together."

The old lady Feng frowned. The most important thing about a rich marriage is actually a wedding. Only after the wedding was it introduced to the high society and recognized by the family.

Obviously, the Feng family did not intend to give Tang Yue a grand wedding.

If Feng Xie didn't even come to take pictures of the marriage certificate, it would be too embarrassing for Tangyue.

"This is the best way. Second Young Master sometimes goes out and doesn't come back for several months. I don't know how long he will stay out this time." The bodyguard persuaded.

The old lady Feng pondered for a while, but still agreed: "Okay, I will do as you said."

Feng Xie didn't take photos, and Tangyue didn't need to. She provided a photo of herself from before, and the staff quickly posted the photos of the two of them together, with a red background behind the ID photos.

At first glance, it is not obvious that it is a technically composite photo.

Old lady Feng put away both marriage certificates, she stood up in satisfaction: "Go back."

Tang Yue silently followed behind her.

The Feng family's villa is located in the suburbs, surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is extremely gorgeous, covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters, it can be called a palace.

A red carpet was spread all the way to the door. There were two rows of maids standing at the door. Seeing the old lady Feng coming in, they hurriedly bowed their heads to welcome her.

The No. 1 wealthy family in Haicheng is really luxurious.

Old Madam Feng was getting old, and she was tired after a whole morning of tossing around. After she went to rest, the butler brought Tang Yue to the bedroom on the second floor.

"Second Young Madam, this is the wedding room of you and Second Young Master, you should live here for the time being."

There was no ups and downs in the butler's voice.

Tangyue understood the meaning of his words, she nodded slightly, her face calm.

To live temporarily means to move out at any time.

When receiving the certificate, Feng Xie never showed up, nor did she meet the rest of the Feng family.

From the very beginning, this was an absurd marriage.

But she has no right to refuse.

The old lady Feng attaches great importance to this child, and she also wants to protect the child, so no matter what, she can only endure.

Her parents died long ago, and now only the child in her womb is her relative.

She closed her eyes and took out a bottle from her bag, which contained a Chinese ointment made by herself. Her mother is a famous doctor of Chinese medicine, and she also dabbled in a little bit.

An accident disfigured her, and the second uncle refused to spend money to treat her illness, so she made some ointment by herself.

Tangyue took off her veil, and she carefully applied the brown ointment around her face.

Her appearance has recovered to 90%, and in a few days, she will be able to return to her previous appearance.

After doing all this, she began to look at the room. The room was very spacious and decorated in a simple way. There was a huge bed in the middle, which occupied a third of the room. It was covered with big red sheets and quilts. The word "Happy" was hastily pasted on the door.

This is Feng Xie's room.

Pregnant women get tired easily. She curled up on the bed, closed her eyes and began to take a nap.

A scene from the past played in a loop in my mind like watching a black and white movie.

She lived in the second uncle's house for the past few years, walking on thin ice. The second uncle took her in for the formula of traditional Chinese medicine her mother was dying. They all suspect that the mother left the formula to her.

After the second uncle found out that she really didn't know anything, he beat and scolded her.

The same is true of her fiancé, Gu Yuan. When she had nothing, he got involved with Tang Xinyao.

She stroked her belly and gradually fell asleep.

Woke up again, it was already afternoon, the housekeeper knocked on the door and came in, holding a drafted contract: "Second Young Madam, this is the drafted contract, after you read it, sign it."

Tangyue was not surprised when she looked at the thick stack of contracts.

She flicked through the files slowly.

There are many clauses against her. For example, after they divorce, she will not get a penny. For example, after the child is born, she can only return to the feudal family.

She knew that the old lady Feng asked her to marry Feng Xie for the sake of the child, but after seeing the terms listed, she still frowned.

Seeing her dawdling, the housekeeper was a little displeased: "Second Young Madam, if you don't understand anything, you can ask me."

"En." Tang Yue clenched her fingertips.

Seeing her delay in signing, the housekeeper said: "After you give birth to the child, you will divorce the second young master. The Feng family will not treat you badly. They will give you five million as compensation."

"I've checked your past, and you can't move a single step in the Tang family, five million can already make you worry-free all your life."

Tang Yue lowered her eyes.

The Feng family is so powerful, she has no right to refuse at all.

They were right, she didn't want to go back to that cannibal place of the Tang family.

After her mother died, the company was robbed by her second uncle. Due to poor management, it soon closed down. She wanted to revive the Tang family, at least to pass on the traditional Chinese medicine of the Tang family.

This all requires the help of the Feng family.

A mere five million, she didn't pay attention to it.

She looked at the butler leisurely, and said slowly: "I want some medicinal materials, can you find them for me?"

"What? Medicinal ingredients?"


How much are the medicinal materials worth?

As long as Tang Yue is willing to sign, the housekeeper easily agrees.


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