Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 3

However, this medicine was found for three whole days.

The medicinal material Tangyue wants is Cordyceps sinensis, which is not an ordinary product, but the best.

Old Madam Feng had the habit of taking Cordyceps sinensis, so Tangyue made such a request.

In the end, the Feng family gave her the best Cordyceps sinensis.

No matter how expensive it is, the Feng family won't care about these herbs.

Tangyue held the medicinal materials in her hands. She has been handling these medicinal materials all year round, and she also has a faint medicinal fragrance on her body.

Over the years, the second uncle has been watching her, and she can't do many things at all.

Now that she is in the Feng family, she can at least be a little more stable during this period of time. After the child is born, she wants to find a secluded place, open a pharmacy, and pass on traditional Chinese medicine.

There is still hope in life.

Tangyue closed her eyes slightly, and remembered her mother's words: "Medicine has yin and yang cooperation, mother and brother, rhizomes, flowers and fruits, grass, rocks and flesh. There are those who walk alone; those who need each other; There are evil ones; there are opposites; there are mutual killers."

"Yueyue, you are my only daughter. I don't ask you to carry forward the Tang family's traditional Chinese medicine, but you also want to inherit my mantle."

"Identify these herbs well and remember their efficacy."


The two cars collided, and her parents used their last strength to push her out of the car.

The car rolled off the cliff.

Car crashes.

She has no parents since.

That year, she was just fifteen years old, but she had tasted all the bitterness in the world.

The second uncle coaxed: "Yueyue, you are the only daughter of my sister-in-law. It's impossible that she didn't give you the prescription. You must know where it is? Now you eat mine, use mine, and make some contribution."

"It's really useless. She really didn't leave you anything. If I knew you were a waste, I shouldn't have taken you home."

"Get out, get out of here now!"

Gu Yuan cared: "Yueyue, you are my fiancee, I will treat you well, did auntie really not leave you the prescription?"

"You really think of yourself as a young lady, you look so ugly now, how can you still be worthy of me?"

Surrounded by the fragrance of Cordyceps sinensis, Tangyue's mind became a little clearer.

It was already dark, and it was drizzling outside, and the water splashed from the eaves hit the bluestone boards, making a crisp ticking sound, she opened the window, and the cold wind stirred her long hair.

Now she is alone.

She has to be strong, those who are sorry for herself, she will make them pay the price sooner or later.


Legendary Racing Club.

The checkered flag in the racing baby's hand fell hard.

The red Ferrari rushed out like an arrow. When turning, the tires rubbed against the ground like flames.

The car race begins.

The road in Qinling Mountain is very complicated, with dangerous terrain and many bends.

But for Feng Xie, that's all.

He took the lead and rushed to the front, and the second car was left far behind by him.

His car has modified the engine, and its speed and performance have reached the peak.

At the last turn, the car rushed directly to the finish line.

"Brother Xie is number one again!"

"It's too powerful, there is still no suspense this time."

"I thought I was watching The Fast and the Furious."

The car door opened, and Feng Xie came out with a carefree expression.

A tall, stylishly dressed woman walked over with a bouquet of white roses. She said softly, "Second Young Master, congratulations on winning the competition."

The surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Feng Xie didn't look at her, he took off his gloves casually, his dark hair concealed his handsome eyebrows, wild and lustful.

Even if he knew that he was a bastard, he would still be shocked by his appearance.

Tang Xinyao regained her composure. She kept telling herself that Feng Xie was just an illegitimate child, and he couldn't inherit the family business at all.

This kind of second-generation ancestor is not worthy of me.

But it would be a good experience if he could make Feng Xie his servant.

Her marriage with Feng Xie was settled verbally, and Feng Xie never denied it.

Over the years, no matter how absurd he was, he never had scandals with other women, and it was rumored that he had a deep affection for him.

Tang Xinyao thought so too.

A confident smile appeared on her face, her soft body leaned towards Feng Xie, and the flowers in her hands were stuffed into Feng Xie's arms.

Everyone held their breath.

The grass on the grave of the last woman who seduced brother Xie was almost as tall as a person.

After doing this operation, the man's gaze finally fell on Tang Xinyao's face, he raised his head inadvertently, and a thrilling evil flashed in his eyes.

Tang Xinyao felt her heart tremble, this appearance was too stunning, no matter how bad his reputation was, it didn't seem unacceptable.

She said softly, "Second Young Master, let's go have a meal and then play together."

"Play?" Feng Xie's voice was indifferent.

Tang Xinyao thought that Feng Xie agreed to her invitation, and proudly said: "Yes, we are a fiancée, and it's normal for us to get closer. I should have come to you earlier, but I was too busy with my studies a while ago. , there is no time, and it is not too late, let's go out on a date."


Why didn't they know Brother Xie also had a fiancee.

Hearing this, a dark light flickered in Feng Xie's eyes, and he played with the gloves: "Dating? Let's go here."

"Here? There's nothing interesting here either."

Tang Xinyao looked around, the club was basically full of men, and she didn't know much about racing, so she cursed Feng Xie for being incomprehensible.

No one is dating here.


Feng Xie's thin lips moved slightly, and she walked in front of the red Ferrari.

Tang Xinyao was a little excited. It was said that Feng Xie's second seat had never been seated by a woman, and she would be the first woman.

Qin Zheng on the side guessed something, his face trembled.

Sure enough, Feng Xie took a look at him.

Two bodyguards immediately grabbed Tang Xinyao and dragged her aside. One of the bodyguards tied her body with a rope.

"What are you doing? Second Young Master, save me!"

Tang Xinyao screamed in disbelief.

Not far away, Feng Xie looked at her coldly, then opened the car door and walked in, the car lights shone on her face, making her unable to open her eyes.

Tang Xinyao suddenly realized.

She understood what Feng Xie meant by racing cars.

Madman, this is a madman!

She shouldn't have come to provoke him.

The Ferrari was driving towards her at a fast speed, Tang Xinyao struggled desperately, but to no avail, she could only watch helplessly that the car was about to run over her.

At this moment, she was too close to death.

She was so frightened that she burst into tears.


The sound of brakes suddenly sounded. Seeing the car only one centimeter away from her, Tang Xinyao rolled her eyes and passed out.


Feng Xie said mockingly, ignoring the lump of rubbish on the ground.

Qin Zheng didn't dare to look at his expression, and said respectfully: "Brother Xie, she is also your fiancee after all."


Feng Xie narrowed his eyes, but there was no emotion in them.

Qin Zheng guessed that he didn't even know that he had a fiancée, but it didn't matter anymore.

He sighed: "This is also your father's joke at the beginning. Now that you are married to the young lady, the marriage should be annulled."

"I've checked. It's not the young lady who drugged you. She's innocent."

After he finished speaking, he didn't leave, with a look of hesitation on his face.

Feng Xie threw the glove to him: "Speak up if you have something to say."

Qin Zheng said: "Young Madam will appear there. Her cousin Tang Xinyao and her fiancé Gu Yuan tricked her into coming here. They arranged other men with her. They are in the box next to yours. She broke in by accident. .”

He felt that the young lady was very pitiful, being tricked by the people closest to him.

The most outrageous thing was that Feng Xie's fiancée had an affair with the young lady's fiancé.

Just like acting in a movie.

Now that Feng Xie knew the truth, he would definitely take action.

He gave Tang Xinyao a bad start today, maybe because he knew Tang Xinyao's personality.

"Yeah." Feng Xie walked away, his voice indifferent.

that's all?

Aren't you going to help the young lady find her place again?


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