Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 5

Tangyue rubbed her stomach and panicked: "Miss Si, I'm really sorry."

She frowned, looking uncomfortable, but still holding back.

Feng Yujie gritted her teeth and said, "What are you doing with this look? I was the one who got burned, so it's possible that you feel more uncomfortable than me."

Tangyue shook her head, she whispered, "I just have a stomachache."

Her hand seemed to have inadvertently scratched the wet mark on the skirt.

Wu Ma's expression on the side suddenly changed: "Second Young Madam's stomach was also scalded, I don't know if it hurt the child."

She was sent by Mrs. Feng to take care of the second young lady. If something happened to the child in the second young lady's stomach, the old lady would not let her go.

Because the child in Tangyue's womb was precious, the family doctor was busy again.

Feng Yujie wanted to take revenge, but she didn't find a chance.

She was about to die of anger: "She must have done it on purpose. When I first came, she had a stomachache. How can there be such a coincidence?"

Jiang Wenling patted her reassuringly: "Whether she did it on purpose or not, you can't hurt her child in the open."

She sneered: "After all, the old lady cares about this great-grandson very much."

Feng Yujie sneered: "What great grandson, it's because she's playing tricks. The Feng family didn't even hold a wedding, so they don't recognize her at all."

"It is true that she does not recognize her identity, but she does recognize the child in her belly."

Feng Yujie stomped her feet unwillingly.

Jiang Wenling lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea.

However, in the Feng family, only the old lady Feng would care about this child. Feng Xie, an illegitimate child, was fostered and disabled, so what trouble could be caused.

If Feng Xie's mother hadn't saved the old lady Feng's life, the old lady wouldn't have been taking care of Feng Xie all the time.


The sunlight hits the leaves, casting dappled light on the ground.

"The condition of the fetus is normal." The doctor said with the examination report.

Hearing this, Mama Wu breathed a sigh of relief, she didn't care what happened to Tangyue, but she cared about the child in her stomach.

"You go back first, I want to go out for a walk." Tangyue said lightly.

Wu Ma said: "Second Young Madam, let me watch you, what if you and the child have a good or bad relationship."

"I'm not that fragile. Besides, exercising more is good for my body. I don't feel comfortable with you by my side." She glanced at Wu Ma.

Wu Ma froze for a moment, the second young lady was obviously gentle and gentle, but she felt that her words could not be refused.

Having said all this, Wu Ma had no choice but to go back first.

Tangyue stopped a car with her hand. The Tang family had swallowed up her mother's company back then, and it was still running in a mess. Now she wanted the company back.

It was all mother's hard work.

After getting off the car and passing a corner, she heard begging for mercy coming from the alley beside her.

"Second Young Master, I'm with you...Miss Tang is innocent, even if I lend me ten courage, I wouldn't dare poach your corner, so just let me go."

Er Shao? Miss Tang?

Tangyue stopped in her tracks. Knowing that curiosity killed the cat, she still couldn't help but walked a few steps inside.

There were several people in the alley, and Gu Yuan was pressed to the ground by two people, his nose was bruised and his face was swollen, he seemed to have been given a serious lesson, he didn't care about his appearance, wept until he was crying, and kept begging for mercy.

The tall man turned his back to Tangyue. He was wearing a pair of expensive leather shoes, his right foot was carelessly touching the ground, and he was playing with a sharp knife in his bony hand. Under the refraction of the sun, it reflected a cold light.

This man is Feng Xie.

Tang Yue remembered the rumors outside that Feng Xie's Bai Yueguang was Tang Xinyao.

So, he is teaching the adulterer a lesson?

"Continue to talk, Nightlight Bar, what have you done, please tell me in detail."

Feng Xie held the sharp knife and pressed it against Gu Yuan's neck. With a little force, blood flowed down.

Gu Yuan trembled: "Second young master, I really don't know what night bar is."

The knife was placed on his artery, as long as Feng Xie pierced it, it would be a life, a morbid excitement flashed in the man's slender eyes.

Gu Yuan was about to faint from fright, he came up with an incredible idea, the Second Young Master was not asking Tang Xinyao, but Tang Yue.

He's only been to Ye Shi Bar once, and he hasn't been with Tang Xinyao yet.

That time Tangyue was only sent to an old man's room.

How could Feng Xie care about such an ugly Tangyue.

Maybe it was Feng Xie's whim.

Gu Yuan didn't dare to hide it, so he told all the plans he had made to divorce Tang Yue, but he cleverly concealed Tang Xinyao.

If the Second Young Master knew about his relationship with Tang Xinyao, it would be over.

"Second Young Master, Tangyue is just an ugly monster. Whoever marries her will be the victim of a great injustice. I have no choice but to make such a bad plan." Gu Yuan said hastily.

It's over.

Qin Zheng shook his head, now the gods can't care about Gu Yuan, he dared to call brother Xie a big injustice.

"Keep fighting."

Feng Xie's face was slightly cold, he stared at Gu Yuan condescendingly.

Gu Yuan was going crazy: "Second Young Master, what did I do wrong?"

Feng Xie asked someone to stop him today, just beat him up, he was sure that he had never offended this young master at all, the only thing was his relationship with Tang Xinyao, but that was Tang Xinyao's initiative to seduce him.

After thinking about it, it must be because of Tang Xinyao, but Feng Xie didn't ask Tang Xinyao a word.

This master always does things as he pleases, so he was directly put in a sack and beaten up without any reason.

His answer was more intensive fists.


There was another scream in the alley, which lasted for a long time.


Tang Yue had already arrived at Tang's house, and when she walked outside, Tang Xinyao's terrified voice came from inside: "Mom, you want me to curry favor with Young Master Feng, he almost killed me, he is a lunatic, a lunatic! "

"Brother Gu Yuan called me just now. He said that Young Master Feng wanted to take revenge on him. He probably found out about our relationship. What should we do now?"

Huang Caihe said: "Calm down, he may not know, even if he does know, let's find a way to put the matter on Gu Yuan."

She sighed: "The Feng family has a great career. If you can marry into it, you will be able to step into a wealthy family with one foot. I am also doing it for your own good. How could you know that Feng Xie is as absurd as the rumors."

Tang Guodong said irritably: "What are you doing to provoke Er Shao Feng? Even the Feng family can't control him. His marriage with Xinyao is just a joke and can't be true."

When Tang Yue's parents were still there, the Tang family had a glorious past. At that time, when the Tang family and the Feng family had contacts, they mentioned the marriage between the two families, but they didn't say who the marriage was.

Tang Guodong thought a little bit, and spread the news, saying that his daughter and the young master of the Feng family had engaged in baby marriage.

Things have been passed on until now.

First Young Master Feng is married, and Third Young Master Feng is still studying even though he is an adult, so only Second Young Master Feng is left.

Tang Guodong wanted to climb high, but now he felt unlucky.


There was a knock on the door, and Tang Guodong said impatiently, "Go and open the door."

Seeing Tangyue standing outside the door, Huang Caihe glared at her: "What are you doing here, you have already been driven away, you are not welcome here."

Tangyue smiled slightly: "Second Aunt, even if I leave, I should get back my parents' inheritance."

"Bah, your parents have been dead for so long, and you are all supported by us. I didn't ask you to give us money. You still want to ask me for money."

Huang Caihe cursed: "Your parents left nothing behind."


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