Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 6

Tangyue lowered her eyelashes, casting a shadow under her eyes.

What Huang Caihe said about raising her was to leave her in the utility room to fend for herself and eat some of their leftovers every day.

After the accident, she was seriously injured, but she was discharged after only ten days of treatment in the hospital. This was because they were acting.

Otherwise, I wouldn't spend a penny on her.

Tang Yue said: "I want the Qinghe Hall left by my mother."

The Qinghetang business of the Tang family is doing very well. There used to be more than 3,000 chain stores across the country, but they have long since gone bankrupt.

After the mother died, no one could reproduce the medicine of Qinghetang, so it gradually declined.

Until this year, all the stores have been closed, leaving only the last dilapidated Qinghetang in Chaoyang County.

That shop has a history of hundreds of years. It is said that it was originally a traditional Chinese medicine shop run by my great-grandfather.

So even if Qinghetang closed down, this shop is still open, it is the original belief of Qinghetang, it is the root.

"Qinghetang? It has closed down a long time ago. If it weren't for you being useless and not inheriting your mother's mantle, how could it have become like this."

Huang Caihe complained, staring at Tangyue with eyes full of resentment.

"You are Bai Rong's only daughter, but you didn't inherit the mantle. It must be because you are not talented enough."

"As long as they give you the prescription, Qinghetang will not disappear."

Qinghetang makes a lot of profits every year, and she can receive huge sums of money just by sitting. Now that Qinghetang is gone, her quality of life has also declined.

But even if Qinghetang died in his hands, it was impossible for Tangyue to give it to him.

She has never doubted Tangyue. Over the years, Tangyue has been bullied so much that she did not come up with a prescription, and her every move is under their observation, so she can't play tricks, it can only show that what she has in hand is real There is no prescription.

Tangyue's expression remained unchanged. She took a few steps forward and stared at them calmly: "The Qinghe Hall was left to me by my mother. I am already 20 years old, so I should have inherited it."

"Get out! Or I'll kick you out."

Huang Caihe didn't want to talk nonsense with her.

Tangyue's parents had said this verbally before, and when Tangyue was 20 years old, she would inherit Qinghetang under her banner.

But they are long dead.

"You should have handed over things that don't belong to you, or you want this matter to be exposed."

After Tangyue finished speaking word by word, she took out a few photos and threw them over.

The photo showed a man and a woman intimately entangled, their faces were captured very clearly, the man was Gu Yuan, and the woman was Tang Xinyao.

If the photos were leaked, Tang Xinyao's reputation would not only be ruined, but more importantly, now was a special period, and Feng Xie knew about it, so he would definitely not let them go.

A hint of malice flashed in Huang Caihe's eyes. She grabbed the photo in her hand and said viciously: "If you leak these things, I will never let you go."

"Second Aunt, you seem to have made a mistake. It is I who will not let you go."

Tangyue's tone was relaxed, her lips curled up, and she showed a petal-like smile: "You don't think I have a backup, do you? I've already told my friend that if I don't go back after an hour, she will send me back Send these photos to the media, and within a day, the news will spread throughout Haicheng."

"you dare!"

Tang Xinyao took a few quick breaths, she was terrified of Feng Xie now.

"That depends on your sincerity."

Tangyue lowered her eyelashes, flapping her wings like a butterfly: "Can you transfer Qinghetang to my name now?"

"To her."

Tang Guodong stared at Tang Yue with deep eyes. It was just a dilapidated drug store, not worth much. Compared with the daughter he had raised for many years, he was completely willing to give it up.

He did not expect Tangyue to be so courageous after being kicked out.

After Tang Yue's parents died, it was unreasonable for Tang Guodong to occupy Qinghetang. He had always been in charge of Qinghetang, and Tang Yue was the real heir.

Therefore, the whole process is not complicated. After hiring a lawyer to complete the notarization, and then go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for filing, the handover ceremony is completed.

These two days, the Feng family was very quiet, no one came to make trouble, and Tang Yue ate in her room on time.

On the third day, after the asset appraisal of Qinghetang, she went to Chaoyang County in person.

Qinghetang still retains the ancient architectural style of the past. It is a bamboo building with two floors. The tiles on the roof are densely pressed like fish scales, which has a sense of age.

After walking in, there is a large pharmacy, with a huge medicine cabinet on the left, and a small door on the right, which connects to the yard. The yard is very fragrant, and various herbs are planted, vines are drawn, and stones are worn around the eaves. , grew well.


A deep voice sounded, Tangyue turned her head, and saw Ding Fu, he was wearing a Tang suit, with gray hair, and wiped his eyes: "Miss, it's really you, I'm sorry madam, I can only watch Go down to Qinghetang."

He didn't study much, and came to Qinghetang to do odd jobs when he was a teenager, working under Tangyue's grandfather. Later, Tangyue's mother took over Qinghetang, and he has become the store manager.

After Tang Guodong occupied Qinghetang, in order to consolidate his position, he cleared out many members of the Tang family, and even drove Ding Fu to a remote area.

Seeing that the Qinghe halls were closed one by one and the people had left, Ding Fu still guarded the Qinghe halls.

Tang Yue sighed: "Uncle Fu, this has nothing to do with you, without you, Qinghetang would have been gone long ago."

She knew Ding Fu's loyalty. When Qinghetang was just a small pharmacy, the Ding family had been accompanying the Tang family to win or lose. Counting, many years have passed.

Ding Fu sighed: "It's a pity that my ability is limited. My wife wants to teach me well, but I only learned a little bit."

Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, and it is not so easy to master it.

Ding Fu lowered his eyes: "When Madam was alive, she was extremely intelligent and had the ability to never forget. The medicine she prepared was well-known all over the country. It's just a pity. After she left, even a prescription was lost If not, these skills will be lost.”

"Your health has always been poor. Madam wanted you to be older so that she could teach you what she has learned all her life. Who would have thought that this accident would happen suddenly?"

Yes, natural disasters and man-made disasters, no one knows what will happen the next day.

Tangyue closed her eyes and said softly: "Uncle Fu, it's all over, people always have to look forward."

Ding Fu’s eyes were full of worry, and he began to talk about the current situation of Qinghetang: “I am the only one in Qinghetang now, and there are not enough three or five customers every day, and it is often closed. In order to save costs, I planted in the yard. medicine."

"Nowadays, young people don't come to see Chinese medicine. If this continues, it won't last long."

"Uncle Fu, I know a little Chinese medicine." Tang Yue said slowly.

Ding Fu was stunned. When his wife passed away, Tang Yue was not too old, and she hadn't learned it systematically. Even if she knew it, it must be just a little bit.

"In the future, you won't be fighting alone. I will continue to operate Qinghetang and pass on the traditional Chinese medicine of the Tang family."

Of course Ding Fu was on Tangyue's side, no matter what she said, he would help her.


The room was filled with the fragrance of medicinal herbs. Tangyue was wearing a cotton and linen white dress with a few clumps of blue bamboo embroidered on the skirt.

She held a pair of bamboo chopsticks and turned the casserole upside down, and the water in it was almost half dried up, mixed with various Chinese medicinal materials.

"Second Young Madam, you always take these medicines, do you feel unwell, do you want to go to the hospital?"

Wu Ma asked worriedly.

Tangyue spent every day in the kitchen fumbling with these traditional Chinese medicines, she was really afraid that Tangyue would end up with something good or bad.

"These medicines are not what I want to take."

It was the first medicine she experimented with. Although she did not study traditional Chinese medicine systematically, she inherited her mother's talent. Just the knowledge that her mother explained to her before, she has always remembered it in her mind, but Tangyue obviously didn't intend to use it. Tell Wu Ma everything.

Wu Ma belonged to Old Madam Feng, so staying by her side was meant to monitor her, but Tangyue found that she only cared about the child in her stomach, probably because of Old Madam Feng's orders.

Wu Ma didn't care what she was going to do.

After getting along with each other for the past few days, Mama Wu also liked Tangyue a little bit. She was indifferent and had no airs, so she was very comfortable to get along with.

So Mama Wu's tone was a bit more sincere: "Actually, if you stay in the Feng family well, a mother is more expensive by virtue of her son, and you will be rich and honorable in the future."

Tangyue glanced at her: "I won't stay in the Feng family for long."

Wu Ma didn't know that Tangyue had signed the agreement, she sighed: "You are married to Second Young Master anyway, as long as Second Young Master likes you, he will definitely be reluctant to let you go."

Tangyue's hands stopped.

Let Feng Xie like her, I'm afraid he is looking for death.


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