Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 7

Wu Ma turned her head and looked around, and after finding no one, she whispered, "I think Second Young Master might really like your type, he is very tolerant of you."

There were women who approached Feng Xie before, but Feng Xie didn't give them any face, and tortured those people terribly.

Tangyue was noncommittal, she put the traditional Chinese medicine in a bowl.

She thought of Feng Xie's perverted and brutal appearance, such a person doesn't understand love at all.

Wu Ma said: "Actually, Er Shao is very pitiful. Er Shao's mother is the master's first love. They were in love with each other very much, and they both reached the point of getting married, but they were separated."

"It is said that there was a problem with the Feng family's business at that time, and the Feng family forced the master to marry him. The master was unwilling and eloped with the second young master's mother. Half a year later, the master came back and agreed to the marriage. The second young master's mother also Disappeared, do you know what happened?"

"What happened?" Tangyue asked kindly.

"It is said that Old Master Feng found them and threatened him with the life of Second Young Master's mother, so he was forced to marry another woman. Second Young Master's mother was also a staunch one. She refused to accept the betrayal and left Haicheng directly."

It is said that Feng Xie's mother seduced Feng Zhen, and this illegitimate child was born. I didn't expect there to be so many twists and turns.

"Although the master is married, he has nothing to do with the original wife. He has always slept in a separate room. The young master is the son of the original wife and other men."

Wu Ma vomited out a family secret, which was actually well known to the Feng family.

Speaking of this, Wu Ma breathed a sigh of relief: "Don't look at the second young master's bad reputation, the master loves him deeply and is very responsible. He loves him very much in his heart. After all, he is the son of the woman he loves the most. He finally married The current madam is also because the appearance of the madam is three points like that of the second youngest mother."

"It is rumored that the second young master is not favored and has no inheritance rights. I can't see it. You, as long as you hold on to the second young master's heart, you will be rich in the future."

"Mama Wu."

Tangyue interrupted her: "You help me bring the medicine into the room."

"Hey, good."

The two didn't talk about Feng Xie any more.

Tang Yue's life in the first fifteen years was very smooth, and her social relationships were also very simple. If nothing happened to her family, after she found out that Gu Yuan was cheating, she might find a man of similar background to marry and have children.

After all, she won't have any interaction with a man like Feng Xie.

Just talking to Feng Xie would consume her entire life.


Qinghe Hall.

There are more than a dozen pills in the jar, which are fragrant.

Ding Fu held it in his hand, looked at it carefully, sniffed it slowly, and then took a bite, his eyes became brighter and brighter: "Miss, this is Anshen Pill!"

Anshen Pill is a pill developed by my wife. It is not the most expensive, but it is the best-selling pill.

This pill can fundamentally treat neurasthenia and solve the problem of insomnia without any side effects.

I didn't expect that the eldest lady could really reproduce it.

Tangyue smiled: "I have tried several times to make it, so I will sell this medicine first in the future."

There are many well-known pills in Qinghetang. My mother became famous with a Qinghe pill back then. She still has the knowledge her mother taught her in her mind, but it is still a bit difficult to make it immediately.

Ding Fu agreed immediately, and said excitedly: "Okay, okay, people inquired about this medicine a few years ago, but these days it has already stopped, and now it is a good start."

Even if there is only Anshenwan, at least it can guarantee that Qinghetang will not just go bankrupt.

It's just that Qinghetang used to have regular customers. After Tang Guodong took over, those customers also left. It may be difficult to sell pills.

Tangyue smiled, she thought for a while, and said, "Don't sell medicines in Qinghetang. Over the years, Qinghetang's reputation has gone, and it has lost the market and customers. Now our foundation is unstable, and we sell medicines rashly. Medicine, the Tang family may come to make trouble."

Ding Fu said angrily: "The reputation of Qinghetang has been ruined all his life by Tang Guodong. He has discredited Qinghetang's reputation in the past few years in order to make money, sell fake medicines, and deceive customers."

Tang Yue paused for a moment: "I heard that the Su family will hold a traditional Chinese medicine appraisal banquet in three days. If we can recommend this pill, there will be no shortage of customers."

The Su family is a master in pharmacy. Their business is very big, not only importing and exporting various traditional Chinese medicines, but also contracting the research of western medicines.

This is a great opportunity.

Ding Fu worried: "But the people invited by the Su family are all from famous families. It may be very difficult for us to get the invitation letter."

Tangyue lowered her eyes, her jade-like fingers stroked the pills: "I am the daughter-in-law of the Feng family, so I can go in."

Ding Fu was stunned.

Tangyue has nothing to do with this status, but since she can make a profit, she is willing to use it.


three days later.

The Su family's traditional Chinese medicine appraisal banquet was held at the eight-star hotel in Tianshangzuo in this city.

At eight o'clock in the evening, many luxury cars were parked at the gate, and the guests passing by were dressed luxuriously.

There is a dedicated waiter at the entrance of the hotel, as long as you hand over the bronzing invitation letter, you can enter.

Although it is a traditional Chinese medicine appraisal banquet, it is actually a social gathering of the upper class. It is said that the Su family has recently made a new pill and wants to show off.

"The Feng family and the Su family are family friends, and the relationship between the two has always been very good. That's why the Su family held a banquet at the Heavenly Seat. This hotel is under the Feng family, and the waiters are also specially selected by the Feng family."

Ding Fu looked at the guests who went in: "The Feng family can move around at will, so maybe we can go in too."

"Try it."

Tang Yue touched the veil on her face, and then took it off.

Immediately, a smooth and fair face appeared.

Ding Fu was shocked: "Miss, is your face healed?"

Tangyue smiled faintly: "Well, I have been using traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, and I finished the last course of treatment today."

She wanted to use her identity to get in, so of course she couldn't keep her face covered, otherwise no one would trust her.

Ding Fu said excitedly, "It's really God's blessing."

If it wasn't for the wrong timing, he still wanted to worship Buddha.

He has also discovered now that he has no idea about the ability of the eldest lady, and she may really be able to restore the glory of Qinghetang.


Tangyue changed her makeup today. For the first time, she put on a delicate makeup. She wore a brown wig and a set of black business attire.

She didn't go in with Ding Fu until almost everyone had gone in.

The waiter stopped her: "Miss, please show the invitation letter."

Hearing this, Tang Yue glanced at him, and said softly, "I am Feng Xie's wife, and I come from my hotel, do I still need to show the invitation letter?"

The waiter was stunned.

Tianshangzuo Hotel is the most upscale hotel in Haicheng. Everyone likes to choose this place for entertainment and treats. The waiters know many people, especially those from the Feng family.

He didn't know Tangyue, and he wasn't sure if she was Feng Xie's wife.

But he could tell at a glance that Tang Yue was not an ordinary person, as the clothes on her body were above six figures.

Ding Fu said: "This is the second young master's newly married wife. What are you still doing here? You don't wink at all."

The waiter became even more confused, and then he seemed to have really remembered something. His father was a gardener in the Feng family, and he said that the second young master had obtained a marriage certificate with a woman.

It wasn't publicized much, but insiders basically knew about it.

Could this really be Young Master Feng's wife?

Of course the waiter didn't dare to suspect, if it wasn't true, that murderous young master Feng, who would dare pretend to be his wife?

Unless it is too long to live.

Tang Yue and Ding Fu entered the hotel so easily.

The hotel is very large, divided into three parts, one side is the dance floor for everyone to play, one side is the food area, there are a lot of dazzling food, and a row of tables is set up on the other side, and several people are discussing medicinal materials.

Tang Yue's eyes flickered slightly, she patted Ding Fu, and said in a low voice, "I shouldn't come forward, you go first."

Her status is special, so she shouldn't be too ostentatious, lest it cause trouble.

The reason why I came here in person is also because I want to mix into the hotel.

On this side, several men are discussing.

"What medicine has the Su family researched this time, and why is it so grand?" A young man asked curiously.

Another man said: "It is said that it is a pill for sleeping and calming the mind. It is imitated by Anshen Pill. Because it is very successful, it will be put on the market soon."

"Over the years, many companies have imitated Anshen Pills, but they all failed. The formula of Anshen Pills has never been leaked. Is this news really reliable?"

"Who knows, and only those who have tried the pills are eligible to evaluate."

At this time, a man in a suit and vest came over, and with a snap, he put a box on the table: "Look, this is a new medicine made by my family. It has the same effect as Anshen Pill. Research It took three years to get the finished product."

"The name of the medicine is Xin'an Shen Pill."

The man was Su Ling, the third young master of the Su family. Although he was not the one who supervised the batch of medicine, he had a name for it. Therefore, as soon as a batch of the pills was produced, he seemed very proud.

The pill was observed by everyone, and Ding Fu followed. The shape of the pill was the same size as the Anshen Pill, and the color was similar.

But there is a difference in smell.

It's too strong.

Ding Fu's medical skills are mediocre. After all, he has been immersed in Chinese medicine for decades, so he can still distinguish his own medicines.

He said directly: "You are not a calming pill, it has no soothing effect at all."


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