Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 9

In the surveillance room.

Feng Xie was sitting on the black sofa, his hands casually resting on the edge of the sofa, his face was expressionless, and his dark eyes were staring at the monitor in front of him.

The waiter held the banquet list, his forehead was wet with cold sweat, and he said tremblingly: "Young Master Feng, everyone at the scene has handed over invitation letters, and there is only one woman who claims to be your wife, so I will make an exception and let her in." gone."

He spoke cautiously, and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He also heard about what happened at the banquet. How could he know that someone really dared to pretend to be Young Master Feng's wife.

Just to go in and tease Feng Shao.

Is he crazy, or the world is crazy.


It was the woman who was crazy.

"Master Feng."

The waiter's voice trembled slightly: "Today, Third Young Master Su showed the pills newly researched by the Su family, which involved commercial secrets, so all the surveillance cameras in the hotel were turned off, and now there is only surveillance at the gate."

There are many blind corners in the monitoring of the hotel gate, and there are so many guests that it is impossible to take pictures of everyone's appearance.

Feng Xie's fingers slid across the leather sofa, leaving a faint mark on it. Suddenly, he chuckled, and a cold light flickered in his eyes: "Why are you telling me these things?"

The waiter hurriedly bowed 180 degrees: "Young Master Feng, it's all my fault. I didn't check the character information properly and let him in directly. This is my negligence at work."

Feng Xie nodded, and he followed the waiter's words: "It was your negligence, I thought it was my fault, I shouldn't be here."

The voice was cool, like a soul locked in hell.


The waiter knelt down, apologizing as he kowtowed, his posture humbled to the extreme: "Young Master Feng, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

His forehead was bleeding, and he was still repeating this action numbly.

Feng Xie was silent, and no one dared to speak.

In the huge room, the sound of dong dong echoed all the time, making one's heart chill.

No one paid any attention to the waiters.

The staff adjusted the surveillance, and soon, Tang Yue appeared on the screen.

"Yes, that's her."

Su Ling quickly asked someone to press the pause button. He clearly remembered that the woman who threw herself into Feng Xie's arms was wearing this suit.

Feng Xie sat up straight, squinted his eyes, and stared at the woman on the monitor.

The picture was shot very clearly. Although the frontal face was not captured, the woman was slim, dressed in a sassy business attire, and had soft and attractive brown hair. Just looking at her back, she felt very elegant.

He recalled the eyes he had just seen.

Like a scared little rabbit.

It didn't match what she was wearing.

In my memory, there was a woman who also had such eyes, and she begged helplessly under him...

Pretending to be his wife?

What a coincidence, he does have a wife.

Feng Xie hooked his thin lips, but there was no smile in his eyes. He clenched his hands tightly, making a slight noise due to the force.


Feng's old house.

Tangyue walked in through the back door and entered a lush garden. She took off her shoes and carefully turned in through the window, pretending that she had never left the door.

The makeup on her face was too heavy, and she took off her clothes and shoes while removing her makeup.

This set of clothes must not be placed in the room, if Feng Xie finds it, it will be troublesome.

Her eyes fell on the garden outside.

Feng Xie's room was connected to a garden, and no one would come over without orders.

Bury your clothes in the garden, and in a few days, the grass will grow and no one will notice.

Ding Fu called at this time, and his voice was a little anxious: "Miss, Third Young Master Su asked me to go over, and he asked me what is the relationship between you and me."

"It is said that Young Master Feng couldn't find you, so he lost his temper in the hotel, and now he is going to interrogate everyone who attended the banquet."

Tangyue had already changed into a nightgown made of water-green silk, the skirt was long enough to reach her ankles, and there was a fluffy wool blanket in the room, and she didn't feel cold when she stepped on it with bare feet.

Holding a comb made of white jade in her hand, she combed her long hair slowly from top to bottom.

Hearing this, her hands paused, and she combed to a knotted place, and pulled it down hard, causing her scalp to hurt.

She never expected that Feng Xie would appear at the banquet.

"Uncle Fu, don't worry, just follow the method I told you before."

Uncle Fu came in with Tangyue, and he didn't have an invitation letter, so his identity was even more suspicious.

If Tangyue's identity was exposed, Uncle Fu must be investigated. Regarding this, she had expected it before, so when she went in, she and Uncle Fu were always separated.

As long as Uncle Fu insists that he doesn't know himself.

Ding Fu sighed: "I just said that I just came in to sell medicine, so I would follow anyone in. You just happened to be selected by me, and everything was a misunderstanding."

"Yes, don't panic."

After giving instructions, Tangyue continued to comb her hair meticulously. Her hair was of good quality, the long hair reached her waist, and the thick black hair spread down smoothly.

Ding Fu said: "Miss, I'll go there first, so be careful."

After the call, Tangyue felt a little thirsty. She pushed open the door and went downstairs. She just opened the refrigerator and was about to get an orange.

Feng Yujie instructed the bodyguard to carry a pile of newly bought clothes and a mobile phone in his hand, and was on the phone: "Who is so courageous? How dare you molested the second brother, touching and hugging him, you really are not afraid of death of."

"What? Pretending to be the second brother's wife is really bold."

Su Ling on the other end of the phone said in a humble voice, "Miss Feng, help me persuade Brother Xie not to be angry with me."

Feng Yujie frowned: "Who doesn't know, Second Brother hates women who approach her the most. If I try to persuade him, I will be in bad luck."

She threw the phone into her bag in disgust, and when she looked up, she saw Tang Yue, dissatisfaction suddenly appeared on her face, and she wanted to stimulate Tang Yue.

"What are you eavesdropping on here? You are the same. For so many days, the second brother has not come back to see you once. It seems that he will not come back in the future."

Tangyue: "...."

It's best not to come back for the rest of your life.

She peeled the orange, and the petals of the orange were tightly hugged together, each petal was crystal clear, and when she broke off a petal and stuffed it in her mouth, it was sour, but she felt that she just had a ha.

Feng Yujie was about to leave, but when she saw her expression was calm and she was not provoked by him at all, she stopped in her tracks: "It's useless for you to marry in, Second Brother won't like you."

Tang Yue said: "Pregnant women are prone to sleepiness. I slept all afternoon and still feel sleepy."

Feng Yujie's expression froze: "Why are you telling me these things, showing off that you have a child?"

Immediately she was full of malice: "Even if you have second brother's child, it's useless. Let me tell you a secret. Second brother hates women the most, especially women who deliberately approach her. Do you know why?"

Before Tangyue could ask, she said to herself: "Because many years ago, when Second Brother was working in a bar, many old women molested him."

"However, the fate of those women was very miserable. Later, as long as the women approached him actively, he would not show mercy."

"Your days are coming to an end."

After finishing speaking, Feng Yujie left arrogantly.

Tangyue: "...."

She had heard some rumors about Feng Xie before. His mother died very early, and he became an orphan when he was very young. He grew up stumbled and hung out with some beggars.

He has been at the bottom all the time, has met everyone and done any job.

That's why he was so angry this time.

He must have thought she was provoking him on purpose, to sprinkle a layer of salt on his wound.

Tangyue finished eating the oranges in two or three bites, feeling a sour taste in her mouth.

Holding the stairs, she slowly returned to the room, lying on the bed, messing up the bed.

Not long after, Mama Wu walked in.

"Mother Wu, what time is it?"

Tangyue rubbed her eyes, making her eyes sleepy.

"It's half past nine, Second Young Madam, are you hungry? I'll let the kitchen prepare supper." Wu Ma said.

After Tangyue was pregnant, she was easily hungry. Every night, the kitchen would cook a bowl of soup for her.


Before she could finish speaking, she heard chaotic footsteps coming from outside.

She reached out and gripped the skirt tightly.

What should come will always come.

Feng Xie came back temporarily and did not notify anyone.

Wu Ma didn't receive any news, she heard a hasty knock on the door: "Open the door quickly, the second young master is back."

Standing up and opening the door, several bodyguards began to search for Tangyue's clothes as soon as they came in. They found out all of Tangyue's clothes, and then carefully checked the clothes on the photo.

A few minutes later, the bodyguard shook his head: "Second Young Master, I didn't find the clothes on it."

Tangyue's eyes widened, she looked terrified.


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