Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 10

Twilight has come, darkness has enveloped the earth, and the night is like thick ink, so deep that it cannot be melted.

The atmosphere in the house was very tense.

Wu Ma patted her chest and said angrily: "This is the wedding room of the Second Young Master and his wife, what are you going to do?"

Qin Zheng asked: "Mother Wu, where did the second young lady go tonight?"

As the old lady's person, Wu Ma said in a complaining tone: "Where can the second young lady go? She is heavy and sleeps a lot. She has been sleeping until now in the afternoon, and she hasn't eaten yet."

"Second Young Madam was really hard to get pregnant. She had a stomachache last time. It seems that this baby is a naughty child."

As she spoke, she took a look at Feng Xie, hoping that Feng Xie would pay more attention to this child.

According to old lady Feng, Feng Xie should go home more often.

"In the room all the time?"

Feng Xie leaned against the door, with a half-smile, one leg bent casually, he was still wearing the blue shirt from before, the top two buttons were unbuttoned, revealing a delicate collarbone, the bone socket was very deep, and the two bones were like wings Open symmetrically.

A man's collarbone can be so sexy.

Tang Yue didn't dare to look after one glance.

Wu Ma felt a little strange, and replied: "Yes, Second Young Madam has been in the room all day."

Qin Zheng looked at her and asked seriously: "Mama Wu, are you sure? We saw a person in the hotel who looked like the second young lady. Can you testify that she was in the room all the time?"

Wu Ma frowned, and she glanced at Tang Yue, seeing her lower her head in fear, a surge of sympathy surged in her heart.

The second young lady is so pitiful.

She was still pregnant with the child, and the second young master didn't care about her when he came back, instead he asked the teacher to blame her.

"Of course I can be sure. The Second Young Madam has always been in the room and has never gone out. If you don't believe me, you can ask the housekeeper."

There was a burst of chaos.

Qin Zheng went to ask the housekeeper.

Tangyue is such a big person, if she wants to go out, the servants guarding the door will definitely know, just go and check.

Feng Xie pulled a chair beside him and sat down. He had one leg crossed, his black trouser leg was lifted up, and his gaze was like a deep pool.

As long as Qin Zheng is sure that Tangyue is going out, she will not be able to escape.

This woman dared to play tricks on him.

However, the news that came was unexpected.

Mama Wu didn't lie.

Tang Yue stayed in the room all day.

Feng Xie was expressionless, he stood up, lit a cigarette, the smoke slowly rose, his fingertips flickered, and slowly walked towards Tangyue.

Before approaching, the bodyguard suddenly said: "Second young master, the soil under the flower bed has been dug up, it seems that it was dug today, there must be something buried inside."

Tangyue's hands curled up, her face suddenly turned pale.

what can be buried

The clothes were gone and must have been buried in the garden.

There was a door in the garden that led out, and no one was guarding it.

Feng Xie extinguished his cigarette, a bloodthirsty smile flashed across his mouth, he got up: "Let's go."

Tang Yue opened her mouth, her face flashed blankly: "It's raining heavily outside..."

But no one paid any attention to her.

Wu Ma was stunned: "Second young lady, do you know what they are looking for? Why is it so serious?"

Tang Yue said softly: "I don't know."

Wu Ma didn't have any doubts: "If the second young master is still so ridiculous, I will call the old lady over."

"Let's go out and have a look."

Tangyue's attitude was gentle. She picked up a coat and put it on, and walked outside slowly. Mama Wu opened her umbrella to block the rain for her.

Two bodyguards started digging with hoes.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the raindrops fell on the ground, hitting bubbles one after another.

The smell of earth mixed with green grass came from the surroundings.

Soon, a person said: "Second Young Master, I found it."

"Mother Wu, let me hold the umbrella myself."

A voice came from behind, soft and soft.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes, his eyes flashed with morbid excitement: "Miss Tang, your game is about to end."

He strode forward, the shirt was tightly attached to his body, the rain soaked his hair, and the strands flowed down into his butterfly-like collarbone.

Tangyue's eyes flickered.

Two bodyguards dug a ceramic altar out of the ground.

Opening the cork, a faint fragrance came out from inside.

"Second Young Master, this is...a jar of wine."

With a bang, a bolt of lightning flashed across the distance, illuminating the entire garden brightly.

The bodyguard turned her head in astonishment. Tangyue stood there, holding a twenty-four-bone umbrella, quiet and gentle. She noticed her gaze, and her eyes bent.

At that moment, the bodyguard was sure she was smiling.

The two of them had been busy for so long, but in the end, a jar of wine was buried underground.

It's just a joke.

I'm afraid it won't end today.

Feng Xie stared at the jar of wine with dark eyes, exuding a burst of cold air.

His wife is really not simple, watching them dig the ground here, like a clown, without warning.

She did it on purpose.

Tangyue opened her ignorant eyes and asked softly, "May I ask what happened?"

No one dared to ignore her this time, all eyes were on her.

"I don't know what you guys are going to do. I didn't dare to ask more just now. This is the peach blossom wine I brewed. I just buried it today. It will be ready to drink in a year."

Speaking of this, she seemed a little puzzled: "Did you come here just to dig this jar of wine?"

Everyone: "..."

"Get out for me."

Feng Xie lost his patience, he was sure that the woman was Tang Yue, their eyes were almost identical, and their body shapes were also similar.

What is this woman playing in front of him?

Then, everyone left, only Tang Yue and Feng Xie remained.

Tangyue took a step back in fear. The long hair on her forehead was splashed with a few drops of water, and it hung on it all the time. It was crystal clear, and the earrings exposed outside were round and jade-like, and had been frozen red. The black veil covered her. Most of the face, those eyes are clear and moving.

very familiar.

She put her hands on her belly, looking insecure.

Feng Xie's Adam's apple twitched, he pushed his cheek, feeling inexplicably irritable: "Tang Yue, you are fine, really fine."

Tangyue's eyes blinked slowly.

Of course she knew she was fine.

There was a blue-smoky melancholy between her brows, and a faint worry flashed in her eyes: "You change your clothes, don't catch a cold."


The man sneered, not paying attention to her concern, he just walked over in such a big way, with the shirt sticking to his body, outlining his perfect waistline.

Tangyue's eyelashes trembled, covered a layer of shadow, and looked away.

"Who gave you permission to bury wine in the garden?"

"Don't you like peach blossom stuffing?"

Tangyue said slowly, her eyes were clear and innocent, she held hands, looking a little nervous.

Feng Xie stared at her exposed skin, it was as smooth as jade, and when she got closer, she could still see tiny fluff.

"I stay in the room every day, and I have nothing to do. Recently, the peach blossoms in the garden have bloomed very brightly. I looked good, so I collected some petals and dried them."

She seemed a little embarrassed, and emphasized again: "I saw that the petals were dry today, so I made peach blossom wine, but because I was too stupid, it took me half a day to make it, and I fell asleep in the afternoon, and I slept until I fell asleep. ……you come back."

After she spoke, her voice became softer and softer: "If you don't like it, I won't brew it."

Feng Xie was expressionless, and he didn't know if he had listened to her words. When those bright eyes looked over, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled off her veil.

The cord connecting the veil snapped.


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