Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 11

The cold wind blows, and the chill is piercing.

With a snap, the umbrella slipped from his hand and hit the veil directly.

Tears welled up in Tangyue's eyes, she still maintained an unbelievable expression on her face, her figure was slender and precarious.

But she didn't cry, she held back tears, and some tears hung in the corner of her eyes, which were crystal clear.

Like dewdrops on the pistils.

Feng Xie frowned.

His expression almost froze.

What came into view was a face with intertwined scars, the scars were terrifying.

She is really disfigured.

The woman in the hotel is not her.

Tangyue's body trembled violently, she half covered her face, her eyes were full of panic, and finally she mustered up her courage and asked, "Isn't it, ugly?"

The voice trembled in the wind.

"Damn it."

Feng Xie lowered his head and cursed, he didn't expect that he would sometimes miss him.

When Tangyue heard his words, she was obviously even more sad. She lowered her head and pulled her long hair to the front to cover her face, preventing Feng Xie from looking at her again: "Is it really as ugly as a ghost?"

The voice was muffled as well, as if she was about to cry again.

Feng Xie tugged on his collar, and when he heard her voice and her low sobs from that night again, a sense of impatience surged in his heart, so he obeyed his own thoughts and raised Tangyue's chin with one hand.

Her face was completely presented in front of him.

A tear ran down his face.

This was the heaviest rain of the month, and it was so fierce that the whole garden was shrouded in heavy rain.

Tangyue's body was completely stiff, and there was a sad pleading in her eyes.

Feng Xie stretched out her thumb and twirled her face. Her face was uneven and felt very real to the touch. This was a real scar. Although it had healed, it left an indelible mark.

His eyes were dark, without sympathy or disgust.

"Why hide? Huh?"

Tangyue pursed her lips, as if she was suppressing her emotions: "I was disfigured five years ago, because I didn't get treatment in time, even though the scars healed, I still looked like this. My fiancé detested me, so he quickly broke up with me." I got married, my second uncle disliked me and kicked me out of the house."

She sobbed a bit, with a very inferior expression: "Since then, I have been wearing a veil, and I don't want others to see me."

Feng Xie looked at her intently, with a hint of interest on his face: "Oh, then what?"

Tangyue: "...."

That way, it seems to be listening to an interesting story.

God damn story.

She originally planned a series of methods to dispel Feng Xie's wariness, and it would be best to make Feng Xie feel a little pity for her, so that she can pass this time smoothly.

But when she really saw Feng Xie, she realized that her thinking was too simple.

This man was even more elusive than she thought, he seemed to have no normal feelings, at least for now, the questions he asked were completely different from what Tangyue expected.

His thinking is very strange, she can't think according to his thinking, otherwise, no matter how realistic the scars on her face are, it will easily reveal flaws.

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Tangyue's mind.

There were still tears in her eyes, and she didn't know what to do after being interrupted like this.

She couldn't comprehend a perverted thought.

Feng Xie pinched her chin, a strange excitement flashed in his eyes: "Is it painful?"

Tang Yue nodded.

"Since it is so painful, go to die, so that you don't have to be afraid of other people's eyes."

Tangyue's expression froze.

Feng Xie's voice is seductive, like a sea monster that lures sailors to make mistakes: "Both parents died, betrayed by fiancé, even children can't be protected, life is hard, you just need to make a decision, and you can get rid of the pain."

Tangyue stretched out her hand and slowly opened his fingers, one by two, until his hand left her chin, she seemed to be relieved.

"No, I want to live. Only by living can I have hope. If I die, then I have nothing."

The man's face was gloomy and uncertain: "The world of life is as fascinating as the world of death, and there will be a price to pay for entering both worlds."

What kind of gaze was that, cold, inorganic, paranoid.

A strong misanthropy flashed across his eyes, staring at her was like staring at a dead object.

Tangyue felt that her heart was being strangled. If Feng Xie wanted to hurt her, it would be as easy as pie, and the old lady Feng might not be able to protect her.

Her nerves had collapsed to the extreme, and fear spread.

If Feng Xie finds out that the woman is her in the future, the consequences will be disastrous.

What is she going to do now.

Selling miserably can't make Feng Xie feel pity for her, so he likes her...

Just as Feng Xie's hand was about to reach out again, Tang Yue boldly grabbed his hand.

Interlocking fingers.

The man's breath became dangerous.

Tangyue bit the tip of her tongue until the taste of blood appeared in her mouth: "But that world doesn't have you."

She bit her lower lip, and her lips turned white because of the force: "I don't care about other people's eyes, I only care about yours, do you think it's ugly?"

Feng Xie clicked his tongue, and the expression on his face became even colder, but he seemed to have forgotten to shake off Tang Yue's hand.

Then, he suddenly laughed again, his eyebrows and eyes were full of evil spirits, he lowered his head, and sprayed his breath on Tangyue's face: "Very ugly."

"You're so ugly, you want to seduce me?"

This woman seems to be very ambitious, she wants to hook herself up and gain a firm position in the Feng family.

And he hates ambitious women the most, especially ambitious women who try hard to get close to him.

"I know I'm ugly, and I don't dare to ask for more. I just need to watch you silently from behind, you know? After I found out that I was pregnant, I always wanted to kill the child, but later I knew it was ours. After the child, I can't bear it anymore."

Her voice became softer, but with convincing power: "I want him to be born so that he can see the world."

The smile on Feng Xie's face froze completely. He wanted to discern Tangyue's falsehood, but he only saw a slice of sincerity.

damn it.

The memory of that night reappeared in his mind, and his agitation was getting bigger and bigger. In order to relieve this feeling, he obeyed his will, leaned over and hugged Tangyue horizontally, and walked over to the bed.


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