Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 15

After eating, the two came to Qingfengyuan.

The Feng family's old house is very large. In the back garden alone, there is a special amusement park, swimming pool, golf and other venues. There are also sightseeing cars in the garden.

Passing through the back garden, there is a classical building standing tall. This is Qingfengyuan, where Old Madam Feng lives.

The old lady Feng believed in Buddhism. When the two of them came over, she was still holding a string of Buddhist beads with a faint fragrance.

"Tangyue is here, hurry up and sit beside grandma."

The old lady Feng said kindly, holding Tangyue's hand, the corners of her eyes were wrinkled with laughter: "Are you still used to living in Feng's house?"

"Get used to it." Tangyue smiled gently.

"You still look too thin. Do you have no appetite for food? If you need anything, just tell Wu Ma."

After the old lady Feng finished speaking, she beckoned, and a servant brought a plate of lotus flower cakes, which not only looked good, but were also delicious.

Feng Xie leaned on the grape trellis, picked a leaf from somewhere and put it in his mouth. Hearing this, he sneered.

Poor appetite?

So many breakfasts, but she finished them all.

With such a thin waist, I don't know where the food went.

The old lady Feng glanced at Feng Xie, and said dissatisfiedly, "Don't hang around outside all the time, and come back to accompany us more often."

She handed a piece of lotus cake to Tangyue: "I heard that you like to eat desserts recently. This lotus cake has been treated with sugar control. The ingredients are very simple, and it is very suitable for pregnant women."

Tangyue took it over kindly: "Thank you."

Old lady Feng was very satisfied with her well-behaved.

"Eat more, the children born in the future will be fat for nothing."

She looked at Tangyue with loving eyes, but Tangyue knew that what she liked was the baby in her belly.

Otherwise, it is impossible for the old lady not to know that she is in such a difficult situation in the Feng family.

The young master of the Feng family is not Feng Zhen's biological son, so Feng Xie is the real young master of the Feng family.

Inside her stomach was the eldest grandson of the Feng family. For the Feng family who always valued blood ties, it was no wonder that the old lady Feng cared so much about this child.

Tangyue lifted a corner of the veil, and slowly ate the lotus cake.

The old lady Feng smiled: "If you like it, then take a stack back, the kitchen has made a lot."

"Okay, I like it very much."

Tang Yue nodded.

"What a reassuring child."

Feng Xie checked the time, spat out the leaves in his mouth, and walked outside.

Old Madam Feng was startled, and immediately asked, "Where are you going?"

Feng Xie didn't even look at her, he was already saving face by coming here, and it was impossible for him to chat with them about family issues.

"Your grandma talked to you, and you have this attitude. Sure enough, you have been living outside since you were a child, and you have not been raised well."

A majestic voice came out, and at the same time, an elderly man walked out of the room. His facial features were three points similar to Feng Xie's, and he must be Feng Xie's grandfather.

"Say a few words less."

The old lady Feng stopped.

Feng Xie had already left, but stopped again. A stern look flashed in his eyes, and his whole body showed sharpness: "I have a living and no one to support me. If that's the case, why did you bring me back?"

Mr. Feng is very old, he has retired from the Feng family long ago, his hair is gray, his back is a bit bent, he wears a pair of presbyopic glasses on his face, and there are two red marks on both sides of the bridge of his nose.

Maybe it was because of the distance, Tangyue saw his eyes were full of indifference.

"If you weren't my grandson, do you think I would take you into the Feng family?"

Tangyue froze for a moment, she heard that it was Mr. Feng who broke up Feng Xie's parents back then, which caused Feng Xie's mother to take her away.

Unexpectedly, in the end, old man Feng would take him back.

The chill on Feng Xie's body became heavier. He was tall, standing in the direction of the backlight, looking down at Old Man Feng, his narrowed eyes revealing danger.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

The old lady Feng quickly pulled the old man inside, and said in her mouth: "Aren't you going to sleep? Take a good rest inside."

"I'm already awake."

Old Master Feng's voice was indifferent, but he entered the room cooperatively.

Feng Xie watched this scene with cold eyes, the sun rose in the distance, a few spots of light danced in his hair and face, his expression was blurred in the white light.

At this time, after the old lady Feng sent the old man back, she walked out slowly, as if nothing had happened: "Feng Xie, he has a knife mouth and a bean curd heart, don't take his words to heart, no matter what , you are the young master of the Feng family, this will never change, grandma will compensate you."

"What were you doing 24 years ago?"

Feng Xie sneered.

The old lady Feng's face turned pale in an instant: "Are you blaming grandma for not helping Anya back then?"

Anya is Feng Xie's biological mother. Back then, Old Master Feng disliked Anya's low status and was not worthy of Feng Xie's father, Feng Zhen. Old Madam Feng also persuaded her.

Later, the Feng family was swept into an economic crisis, and a marriage was needed to survive the crisis. She finally compromised and did not take Anya's side.

After An Ya left in a fit of anger, she soon laid the groundwork for her death.

Feng Xie walked towards this side, the light moved with his movements, and finally landed on his butterfly bone, and did not move.

He was playing with a green leaf in his hand, and his voice was cold: "It's not impossible for you to make up for me now, but you have to do it according to my request."

The old lady Feng asked, "What compensation do you want?"

"I want everyone in the Feng family to die, can you help me realize it?"

Feng Xie smiled, and squeezed the leaves in his hands tightly, the veins on his hands swelled up, and the juice dripped from between his fingers.

Before Old Madam Feng could answer, he laughed nervously and walked out while laughing.

Listening to his perverted laughter, Tang Yue lowered her neck.

The old lady Feng didn't move for a while, she murmured: "He still hates the Feng family..."

As the breeze blew, the grape trellis on the side shook slightly. It was still in March, but it became inexplicably cold.


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