Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 16

Qinghe Hall.

Due to the remote location, the bamboo building has been in disrepair for a long time, and Qinghe Hall has long lost its reputation, so this place is very deserted.

There were no guests at all.

Tangyue didn't care, she was waiting for a big fish now.

Sitting on a chair, she rubbed the prepared traditional Chinese medicine into balls and packed them.

"Miss, after I followed your method, no one doubted me. Young Master Su released me very quickly. I thought they would continue to investigate me thoroughly." Ding Fu said.

"Unfortunately, the Su family hasn't contacted me until now."

Tangyue said lightly: "It's a good thing that I didn't contact you. After they let you back, they will still suspect you, but if your pills are useful, the Su family will believe that you are really just a drug seller, and will not treat you any more. You investigate."

Ding Fu's eyes lit up: "What do you mean?"

Tangyue smiled slightly: "Yes, the Su family hasn't contacted you yet, which means they have tried the medicine. To be cautious, they must also study the ingredients of the medicine and whether there are any side effects."

"When they call you, the business is done."

A big family like the Su family must be very cautious when doing business. It is normal to spend some time to investigate if they are doing business with an unknown person.

But once they make up their minds, this is a big deal and their first pot of gold.

Ding Fu glanced at Qinghetang, and sighed: "In order not to expose my relationship with Qinghetang, after the Su family contacted me, I got the funds, so let's start a new pharmacy."

"After the strength is enough, we will carry forward Qinghetang."


Tangyue caressed her stomach with tenderness on her face.

Ding Fu worried: "Miss, how are you doing in the Feng family?"

"Everything is fine, with this child, they won't do anything to me, you don't have to worry."

She rubbed the last pill and stood up.

At this moment, Ding Fu's phone rang. He glanced at the incoming call, suppressed his excitement and said, "It's from the Su family."

Tang Yue smiled and nodded.

She has enough confidence in her medicine, the Su family must have come to discuss cooperation when they came to Uncle Fu.

They must need a large batch of medicines, so she has to start recruiting people to make medicines now.

These all require money.

She had to find a way to earn a little money in advance.

Ding Fu went to answer the phone. She had already discussed with Ding Fu how to deal with the Su family, so she was not in a hurry.

After taking off the gloves, Tangyue stood up and walked outside. Just two steps away, a haughty voice rang out: "Cousin."

Tang Xinyao was wearing a famous brand, with an oversized pink bow pinned to the front of her clothes, which added a bit of sweetness to her.

She looked at Tangyue, Tangyue's hair was slightly disheveled, and there was still fine sweat on her forehead. She was wearing a baggy dress with no curves at all, as ugly as a maternity dress, which formed a stark contrast with her.

"Cousin, what's the use of you going back to this kind of place, there's dust everywhere."

Tang Xinyao looked up and down the dilapidated bamboo building again, a trace of dislike flashed in her eyes.

Tangyue said with a blank expression: "It's the right thing to get back what's my own."

"You don't know how to make traditional Chinese medicine. Even if you transfer Qinghetang to your own name, you can only see it go bankrupt."

She said triumphantly, with a sense of superiority: "It would be great if the eldest aunt was still there, and I wouldn't see Qinghetang in such a ruined state. It's a pity that a car accident made you an orphan."

Tangyue lowered her eyelashes, and a coldness flashed in her eyes: "It's a pity, my mother wanted to pass on traditional Chinese medicine to my second uncle, but my second uncle didn't like it."

Tang Xinyao frowned. In fact, Qinghetang fell, and she also felt uncomfortable. After all, it brought her life down a notch.

She also complained that Tang Guodong didn't study hard with his aunt when his aunt was there, but relied on the brilliance created by his aunt's family.

Originally thought that if they snatched the company, they would be able to flourish for a while, but they did not have the ability to run Qinghetang, which led to the current situation.

But Tangyue was the worst.

She stared at Tangyue's veiled face, feeling a little relieved: "Actually, we are sisters. I'm still worried about your recent situation. How is your face now?"

"It's still the same." Tangyue's voice was flat: "If you miss the best treatment period, it will be difficult to recover."

Tang Xinyao's face showed joy, and her voice was full of regret: "I think back then, you were the school belle of the school. Every time after school, boys from the next school would come over the wall just to see you. After you were disfigured, you would never There is no such treatment."

From childhood to adulthood, Tangyue was beautiful and excellent, and she was overwhelmed by everything, and she had long been jealous of Tangyue in her heart.

Fortunately, heaven has eyes, Tangyue's family was ruined and she had nothing, so she easily trampled Tangyue under her feet.

Even Tangyue's fiancƩ was snatched away by her.

After admiring Tangyue's downfall, Tang Xinyao took out an engagement invitation and handed it to her contentedly: "This Friday is an auspicious day, brother Gu Yuan and I are getting engaged, I hope to get your blessing, cousin , you come too."

Tang Yue didn't go to answer the engagement invitation: "I'm not free on Friday."

"Oh, what can you do?"

Tang Xinyao said: "I know you just don't want to bless Brother Gu Yuan and me, but Brother Gu Yuan loves me, there is no way for it, and you can't blame us."

"There will be a lot of young heroes at the banquet. At worst, I will introduce you to someone better. Come on, we are a family. If you need my help in the future, you can come to me at any time."

Come on, Tangyue went to her engagement banquet to see how happy she is.

It can also let the guests see Tangyue's current appearance, vicissitudes of life are ugly, and she no longer has the goddess demeanor of before.

Tangyue lowered her eyes and did not speak.

Tang Xinyao thought of the photo in Tang Yue's hand, and smiled contemptuously: "Speaking of which, I should also thank you, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be engaged to brother Gu Yuan so soon, my father has already made it clear to the Feng family that the marriage It's invalid, so I can get engaged so early."

The photos in Tangyue's hands no longer threatened her. If she had known that Feng Xie was a pervert, she should have broken the boundaries with him.

"Let me check your pulse."

Tangyue stared at her for a while, then said suddenly.

"What, what?"

Tang Xinyao didn't realize it at all. Tang Yue's mother was proficient in Chinese medicine and was an expert at pulse diagnosis, but she had never heard that Tang Yue could do it.

Could it be that Tang Yue had been hiding her clumsiness all along, Tang Xinyao held out her hand with a serious expression, and asked Tang Yue to take her pulse.

Tangyue put her hand on her wrist, and after two breaths, she said: "You haven't had enough sleep recently, you have no appetite for food, you have spleen disease, you are short of breath, your heart is weak, your kidneys are not good, and your legs and feet are prone to numbness. Calcium."

Tang Xinyao: "...."

Talking nonsense, she suspected that Tang Yue was calling her sick, but seeing Tang Yue's serious face, she couldn't help laughing.

After Tangyue left the Tang family, she really went crazy. She clearly didn't know how to diagnose the pulse, and even talked nonsense, thinking that she was a famous doctor. If she met a real patient, she would not be laughed out of the mouth.

She has been sleeping well and eating well recently, and osteoporosis is for the elderly, she is only in her twenties, how could she have such a disease, Tangyue has no common sense at all.

In order to make Tangyue feel bad, she pretended to be surprised: "Cousin, you are really amazing, you have completely answered my question, it seems that you have inherited the talent from your aunt."

Tang Yue said shyly, "I've only learned it for two days, I didn't expect it to be so good."

Tang Xinyao suppressed her smile: "Your ability is completely capable of taking medicine based on pulse diagnosis, I trust you."

Tangyue thought for a while, then opened the cabinet, grabbed some traditional Chinese medicine, wrapped it in kraft paper, and handed the wrapped Chinese medicine to Tang Xinyao.


Tang Xinyao took it bluntly, anyway, she would throw away the medicine soon, it was just a lie to Tangyue.

"You're welcome. I opened a pharmacy to sell money. This is human nature. I should give you these medicinal materials, but you also know that my situation is a little tight."

Tangyue smiled: "So there is still a charge."

Tang Xinyao wrung the medicinal materials with her hands, and said impatiently: "It should be, how much is it, I will give it to you."


"What did you say? Not 200 yuan, but 200,000 yuan?" Tang Xinyao thought she heard it wrong.

Did Tangyue take her for a fool?


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