Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 17

"The price is 200,000 yuan. Does my cousin think Qinghetang's price is too high? Besides, I, the boss, personally diagnosed you. Your condition is very serious, and I have already paid a very low price."

Tangyue's expression remained unchanged, and there was even a faint smile on her lips: "At the beginning, many people spent several million just to ask the boss of Qinghetang to diagnose their pulse, and my mother might not agree."

Tang Xinyao threw the Chinese medicine on the ground angrily: "You also know that it is your mother, not you, how much is it worth if you diagnose the pulse yourself?"

Tangyue's face paled, and she said solemnly: "So I only charge you 200,000, not 2 million."

She also handed over the engagement invitation: "Since my cousin doesn't trust me so much, forget it."

Tang Xinyao frowned, she hesitated for a moment, she didn't go to accept the wedding invitation, but lowered her head and picked up the Chinese medicine: "I was just kidding you just now, don't take it seriously, buy it, of course I will."

Tangyue nodded and showed the payment code.

Tang Xinyao gritted her teeth and paid 200,000, unwilling to say: "This Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon, you must remember."

She must make Tangyue make a fool of herself at the banquet!

After going out, Tang Xinyao received a call from Huang Caihe: "Xinyao, I have some good news for you. We invited the Su family to your engagement banquet. The Su family is going to open up the Chinese medicine market recently and is looking for a good partner. They are very interested in the Anshen Pill, and we still have this Anshen Pill in our hands, and when we give it to the Su family at the banquet, the Su family will definitely choose us, and by then, our Tang family will create greater glories."

Tang Xinyao said happily: "Really? That's really great, you must seize the opportunity."

Thinking of the growing gap between Tang Yue and herself, Tang Xinyao didn't feel that 200,000 was too much, so she left happily humming a little song.

Not long after Tang Xinyao left, Ding Fu came out after making a phone call. His face was flushed and he seemed to be in a good mood.

"I have almost talked with the Su family. They said that they have confirmed that it is the Anshen Pill, but it will take time to test whether the effect can last as long as the Anshen Pill made by my wife. Therefore, they must prepare to order it from us first. 5,000 boxes, 20,000 for a single pill."

20,000 a piece, the price is already very good.

Even if the people targeted by Anshen Pill are high-income people, there are many corresponding customers. After the production of the pill is discontinued, many people want to buy it.

The price was also set by Tangyue, everything was in her expectation.

Seeing that Ding Fu was happy, she couldn't help but smile: "Yes."

Ding Fu just wanted to say something, but when he saw the engagement invitation on the table, his face suddenly sank: "They sent you a wedding invitation, it's really deceiving!"

Tangyue's eyes were indifferent, and she comforted her: "It's okay, I have earned 200,000 from this post, I can rent a store first, so you can negotiate business with the Su family."

She simply told Ding Fu about the matter.

Ding Fu wiped his eyes. If the Tang family was at its most prosperous, Tang Yue wouldn't care about hundreds of thousands.

He must work hard to help Miss revive the Tang family as soon as possible.

At this moment, entertainment news was broadcasting on the TV. The reporter reported: "Gu Yuan has confirmed that Tang Yue cheated on Zhao Jian, and he broke up with Tang Yue in a fit of anger. In order to make up for the Gu family, the Tang family decided to let their daughter Tang Xinyao marry Gu Yuan, and plan to hold an engagement ceremony this Friday afternoon."

"Miss, don't go, they really stink! It's obvious that they are sorry for Miss, but they poured dirty water on you." Ding Fu said.

"Since she came to invite me, of course I will go. It just so happens that I also have a big gift to give her."

Tang Yue smiled slightly, with a calm look in her eyes.

Once, when her second uncle took her in, she also longed for family affection. Gu Yuan never left her, and she was also touched.

But these are all illusions.

She had no expectations of them for a long time, and of course she would not be sad.


After Tang Xinyao sent the engagement invitation, Tangyue put the invitation aside, she still ate and drank normally, as if she didn't take this matter to heart at all.

Ding Fu took out his pension savings, together with the 200,000 from Tang Xinyao, he set up a factory in Haicheng for the production of pills, and also hired many employees.

There is a bamboo building outside the factory building called Wangyuezhai. It has three floors. The structure inside is very similar to Qinghe Hall. You can observe the factory building from inside. The environment is very good, so Ding Fu did not change the name. Renovate, the third floor is used as an office area, and the second floor is used for hospitality.

Although it has just started, Tangyue is already very satisfied with the current situation.

Finally it's Friday.

Tang Xinyao's engagement banquet was very grand, held in a seven-star hotel in Haicheng, they spent a lot of money this time, almost half of the upper-class circles were invited.

That day, Tangyue arrived at the hotel entrance on time.

She came alone, wearing a blue improved cotton and linen skirt with a few white plums embroidered on it, not the plum blossoms made by an assembly line machine, but embroidered stitch by stitch.

She wore a black veil on her face, and her bright eyes were as indifferent and gentle as water, adding a layer of mystery.

The waiter's breathing slowed down a bit. He glanced at the invitation, but his expression became a little strange: "Are you Tang Xinyao's cousin?"

Tangyue stood up straight like a green pine, she smiled slightly: "I am Tangyue."

The gorgeous crystal chandelier casts bright light, illuminating the entire hall, making the magnificently decorated hall look even more gorgeous. Hundreds of guests have come to the scene, some are whispering and laughing, some are taking meals, the whole scene is very lively .

A pot of blue hyacinths was placed by the window of the garden. The full flowers were in full bloom, and each flower was close together, forming a dense scene.

Feng Xie leaned halfway on the black leather sofa, his brows and eyes were raised lazily, shaking a glass of champagne in his hand, and occasionally took a sip, the cold liquid slipped down, his Adam's apple rolled, with a deadly sex appeal.

With him as the boundary, it is a world of its own, and the excitement around it seems to have nothing to do with him.

Su Ling beamed with joy and said, "Brother Xie, let me tell you, I've made a big deal."

"Do you still remember the last banquet? Someone took the initiative to offer Anshen Pills. I thought it was a liar, but I took it back and tried it. The old man said it was true. I have made great achievements this time. When I get the first prize After the Anshen Pills are approved, I will give you a large box."

He is also a second-generation ancestor, and it was the first time he was in charge of such a big business, so he got lucky and everything went very smoothly.

"The last banquet?"

The man lazily lifted his eyelids, his eyes sharp.

Su Ling remembered the woman from last time, but she still hadn't caught her until now, so she changed the subject embarrassingly: "Anyway, Brother Xie, if you can't do it in the future, you can just find me, and all the medicines are free."

Feng Xie suffered from severe insomnia, and only the Anshen Pill had some effect, but after the production of the Anshen Pill was discontinued, he didn't sleep well for a long time. What he meant was that Su's medicine could be used by him anytime, anywhere.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Feng Xie rolled up his sleeves, exposing his strong and strong arms, and said word by word: "Who do you say can't do it?"

Only then did Su Ling realize that he had said something wrong, and then he stammered, "Brother Xie, I, I didn't mean that, please listen to my explanation."

Soft saxophone music played, and two women passed by, discussing generously.

"I heard that Tang Yue is also here. She cheated on that old man Zhao Jian and cheated on Gu Yuan. The Tang family planned to let Tang Xinyao marry into the Gu family just to mend her hole."

"Zhao Jian is almost sixty years old, why does she have such a strong taste?"

"For money, for excitement, you have to ask me to find out, haha."


A hint of interest flashed in Su Ling's eyes: "Brother Xie, there is a good show to watch, Tangyue will come today."

"You must have never heard of her. She used to be very famous. It is said that she was a beauty embryo when she was a child. Everyone is waiting for what she will look like when she grows up?"

"Guess what happened in the end?"

Without waiting for Feng Xie to answer, he sighed regretfully: "She was disfigured in the end."

"Gu Yuan is still her ex-fiancé. She would come here on such an occasion. Isn't she here to spoil the situation?"


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