Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 18

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes, and an inexplicable light flashed across his eyes. The champagne had already been drunk, and he held a wine glass, looking at the exit.

Su Ling moved over excitedly: "Brother Xie, are you interested too?"

Feng Xie ignored him.

After a while, a person appeared at the door. Just looking at the figure, he felt slim and graceful, with an elegant temperament.

Wearing a pair of flat shoes, she walked in slowly, her hair was pulled up, and a simple silver hairpin was pinned on it, exuding a bit of classical charm. Even if she covered her face, she still had a beautiful aura on her body.

"It's very temperamental."

Su Ling stared at her, and sighed: "She wears a veil, and I think she is even more beautiful. I really want to lift her veil to see her beauty."

Feng Xie put down his wine glass and glanced at him.

There were whispers and discussions all around.

As soon as Tang Yue came in, she heard a person next to her say contemptuously, "You have the face to attend the engagement banquet after doing such a shameless thing?"

"If it wasn't for helping you clean up the mess, Xinyao would not marry the Gu family instead of you."

"Don't say that."

Tang Xinyao's soft and aggrieved voice sounded: "My cousin is also very pitiful. She was disfigured at the age of 15. This life is considered ruined. No matter what she does, I will forgive her."

Tang Yue gave her a cold look.

Tang Xinyao was dressed very festively today, a red backless dress with a very long skirt, dragging all the way to the ground.

She said intimately: "Cousin, it's great that you can come today, I've always wanted your blessing."

Tangyue should take a good look at it.

How she is happily engaged, but she herself can only be ridiculed.

"Cousin, as for the share money, you can just say something. I know your situation, and I don't need to give too much."

Tang Xinyao led her to the place where gift money was collected.

She still remembered that Tangyue cheated her of 200,000 yuan, and now in front of the public, Tangyue was embarrassed to only give a little, she hoped that she could recover her blood.


Tangyue nodded her head, her face was very calm, she took out a hundred-yuan bill from her bag, and handed it over.

The person who recorded the gifts was a relative of Tang Xinyao's family, a young man in his early twenties. Seeing this, he was completely stunned.

Every table in the hotel costs six figures, and I haven't received a hundred yuan bill yet.

"Tang Yue, the present is one hundred yuan."

Seeing that she was not moving, Tangyue spoke softly and forcefully.

The man accepted the money with a complicated expression.

"One hundred yuan? You are Xinyao's cousin, and you only paid a hundred yuan, which is not as much as a stranger. I think you want to eat the overlord's meal?"

The woman who spoke for Tang Xinyao pointed at Tang Yue angrily.

Tang Xinyao said generously: "Lin Xia, my cousin didn't do it on purpose, she might really have no money."

Lin Xia clasped her arms around her chest: "It doesn't matter if you don't have money, but you have to recognize your position. If you don't have money, you still have to embarrass yourself, which is a big problem."

"Xinyao, you are too kind to be bullied all the time."

Tang Yue watched it interestingly, she was the one who was being bullied, how could it be that Tang Xinyao was being bullied by her?

These people can really turn right and wrong.

"One hundred yuan is my heart. After all, when I got married, she didn't even follow one hundred yuan."

Tangyue found a seat and sat down, and said calmly.

"Married? When did you get married, why didn't I know?" Tang Xinyao said in shock.

"Well, it's been a few days." Tang Yue said casually.

Tang Xinyao rolled her eyes, looked at her empty fingers, and immediately understood.

She didn't even have a ring, either Tangyue was lying, or she was married to a poor man who couldn't afford a ring.

Tang Yue doesn't lie much, so Tang Xinyao thinks she is the latter.

"Cousin, you didn't notify me of your marriage, or I would definitely give you a big gift. Where's your husband? Why didn't you bring it here?"

Tang Xinyao said enthusiastically, she almost made it clear that Tang Yue's husband couldn't get on the stage.

"He likes to be quiet and doesn't like to join in the fun." Tangyue said slowly.

"Then who is your husband? What's his name? What does he do at home? I'll visit him in person some other day."

Tang Xinyao asked cheerfully, intending to investigate the household registration.

"Xinyao, you treat her so well, does she appreciate it? Her best choice is Zhao Jian, but Zhao Jian is just playing around. Who do you think she can marry, and she must marry an old and ugly one. Pauper." Lin Xia mocked.

"Okay, she doesn't have a job now, and she can only find a husband to support herself. Don't expose her shortcoming."

Tang Xinyao's tone was full of pity.

"If you don't have a job, you can find a job. Even if you sweep the streets, it's an honorable job. I'm not as casual as she is. When I see a man, I post it. It's obviously for the other party's money. It's really sad."

Lin Xia uttered insulting words. She wanted to see Tang Yue in a rage, but she was always calm, without any trace of anger, which made people feel very uncomfortable.

After they finished speaking, Tang Yue opened her lips slightly: "My husband is neither old nor ugly, he is quite rich, but I am not with him for his money."

Lin Xia couldn't help laughing: "You still need to make drafts for bragging. Your husband is so good, so tell me who he is. I know most of the young talents in Haicheng. I want to see what you said. Who is your husband?"

not far away.

With a movement of his hand, Feng Xie drank the champagne in the glass. He looked in Tangyue's direction with a sneer on his lips.

This woman, Tangyue, has a bit of scheming, she wants to announce her marriage to him, and she wants to use the power of the Feng family to pave the way for herself.

She is an ambitious woman.

It's a pity that the power of the Feng family is not something she can borrow if she wants.

Tangyue smiled faintly: "I'm hungry, let's eat something first."

Lin Yao: "...."

She looked at Tangyue speechlessly: "Your topic change is not very clever, I advise you, people must be self-aware, don't brag too much in the future, eat, anyway, you will never have the chance to eat such delicious food in your life gone."

Tang Xinyao saw this scene with satisfaction, Tang Yue boasted about her husband, she really lifted a stool and smashed her own foot.

Tang Yue went to the food area to pick up some meals. Over the years, Tang Guodong relied on Qinghetang to earn money. After Qinghetang closed down, they were not as good as before, but they still had some savings.

Tang Xinyao was engaged, but they were generous and arranged the scene very well.

All kinds of dishes, hot food, cold food, everything.

After Tangyue was pregnant, she always felt greedy, couldn't help being hungry, and wanted to taste every kind of food.

On a black leather sofa.

Feng Xie withdrew his gaze, and confusion flashed across his eyes.

Did not say.

She didn't say anything, so why did she mention him again.

Don't you just want others to ridicule him?

Obviously when those people laughed at her, her face remained unchanged, but when it came to him, she became anxious.

"Another gold digger."

Su Ling pouted her lips: "Look at the amount of food she brought, it's clear that she came here for free."

Feng Xie didn't say a word, he just stared at Su Ling, his eyes made one's hair stand on end.


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