Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 19

Su Ling was baffled by the look. He touched his neck, feeling a little chilly, and flattered him, "Brother Xie, what's wrong?"

Feng Xie said: "You are right."

Tang Yue ate a lot, and he was also surprised when he saw her eat for the first time.

Now she brought a full load of food again, eating deliciously in a corner by herself.

Looking at it, Feng Xie actually felt a little hungry.

Even with such a small mouth and such a slender waist, it can eat so much food.

"It's the first time you agree with me." Su Ling said excitedly: "I just have experience, you see she eats so much, she must not eat breakfast, she just wants to come to the banquet to eat extravagantly, it's really better than me There are more."

Didn't eat breakfast?

The Feng family will not treat her badly, it is impossible for her not to eat.

There is still one in her stomach, and of course two people eat more than one.

Feng Xie pushed the Gorgon cake on the table in front of Su Ling: "This Gorgon cake is pretty good."

Su Ling was overwhelmed by the flattery, how could he dare to refuse: "Brother Xie, you are so kind to me, and even gave me your gorgon cake."

After speaking, he picked up a piece of Gorgon fruit cake and stuffed it into his mouth.

Who knows who took a large plate of Gorgon cake and put it in front of Feng Xie, but Feng Xie didn't even move a bite.

The Gorgon fruit cake was very choking and dry. Su Ling couldn't eat it anymore after eating one piece. He felt his cheeks hurt, so he picked up the water beside him and drank it.

Feng Xie looked at him quietly, and said in a low voice, "You eat well."

Su Ling turned his head and saw Feng Xie was still looking at him with an abnormally serious expression. He froze in his heart and said nervously: "Brother Xie, my sexual orientation is normal, I like women."

Feng Xie patted his face, hooked his thin lips, and his eyes were cold: "Continue."


Following his gaze, Su Ling saw a pointed Gorgon cake.

Su Ling: "...."

Brother Xie meant to let himself continue to eat this pile of gorgon cakes?

He tremblingly picked up a piece of Gorgon cake and continued to eat it.

Sure enough, Feng Xie's body relaxed and he leaned back, so that he could enjoy his eating at leisure.

This is treating him as a live version of eating and broadcasting.

Su Ling's face turned bitter, and he kept stuffing pastries into his mouth. The Gorgon Fruit Cake, which tasted good at first, made him want to vomit more and more.

While eating, he couldn't help but glance at Tangyue. Tangyue was also eating, but she only ate a little of everything, and they were all delicious.

He now eats more than her, and has eaten up all the Gorgon fruit cakes in his life.

The engagement ceremony officially began. Tang Xinyao walked onto the stage holding Gu Yuan's hand. The host expressed his blessings to them. The parents of both parties delivered a long speech. Finally, the two exchanged rings.

Under the booing of everyone, they kissed each other.

It was a lot of fun.

Tang Xinyao couldn't help but glance down, looking for Tang Yue's figure. She is so happy now, she must let Tang Yue see her too.

Finally, she saw Tang Yue in a corner.

She is like a dog.

Tang Xinyao was satisfied, thinking of the drama she had arranged for Tang Yue today, she immediately felt refreshed.

The show is about to begin.

A greasy-looking old man approached Tangyue quietly. He was wearing a suit, his hair was thin, his face was covered with wrinkles and age spots.

Tangyue hid aside for a while, and continued to eat.

The man didn't seem to notice Tangyue's discomfort. He rubbed his hands and looked Tangyue up and down: "Tangyue, do you remember me? We met in the bar. I'm Zhao Jian."

Zhao Jian.

Tang Yue's face turned cold, of course she remembered him, that night, when Gu Yuan pushed her into the box, she saw this old man in the room.

Fortunately, she quickly sensed something was wrong and ran away. The lights were dark at the time, so she couldn't see Zhao Jian's appearance clearly.

"do not remember."

Zhao Jian chuckled and changed the subject: "I've heard of your name a long time ago. You are a famous school belle in A, and there are many students from other schools chasing you."

Tang Yue said softly, "That was all a long time ago."

She used to be excellent in both character and learning, and she was the distinguished eldest lady of the Tang family, but since the accident happened, Tang Guodong did not allow her to study, and she dropped out of school in the second year of high school.

"It won't be long. Look, you are still young and in good shape. I heard that your face has not been healed. How about I give you some money to help you heal it."

Zhao Jian licked his lips, and reached out to touch Tangyue's shoulder.

Tang Yue stood up directly: "No need, I have money."

Zhao Jian said sarcastically: "What money do you have? You were kicked out by the Tang family, so you must be struggling now."

Tang Yue frowned.

Zhao Jian looked at her proudly: "I heard that you are married, you look like this, who would dare to want you, why not follow me, I have enough money, it is not a problem to support you."

Tangyue was so disgusted that she was about to throw up: "I'm not interested."

Zhao Jian patted the table and stood up: "What are you pretending to be noble, it's just a broken shoe I played with."

Displeasure flashed across Tang Yue's eyes, and her expression was still calm: "Spreading rumors is against the law, pay attention to your wording."

"Breaking the law? Then you go and sue me, and see who will believe it."

Zhao Jian amplified his voice and proudly said: "Ask people in Haicheng, who doesn't know that you have been played by me a long time ago, and that's how your fiancƩ broke off the engagement with you, oh, no, he is now you cousin-in-law."

"That night at the Nightlight Bar, but you took off your clothes and begged me yourself. You asked me to give you money and said you were willing to do anything. Do you remember that humble look? I have no choice but to satisfy you."


There was a scream.

Tang Yue stood up suddenly, took the boiling water from the side and splashed it on his face. The water was just picked up, and immediately scalded Zhao Jian's face with blisters.

There was a touch of anger in her eyes: "Confucius said, I can't bear it, I don't need to bear it anymore. I didn't want to argue with you. You asked for it."

Her voice was as cool as water, but with strength, her whole body was straight, like a graceful lotus.

Zhao Jian touched his face, let out a hiss, his eyes revealed a fierce look, and rushed towards Tangyue: "You stinky bitch, I'll let you splash me!"

Tangyue's face turned pale, she took a step back, and felt that a fist was about to hit her, when a person walked over, she seemed to have stepped on something, and fell into an embrace.

"Do you dare to meddle in Lao Tzu's affairs?" Zhao Jian saw a tall figure catching Tang Yue, and his heart was filled with anger. He clenched his fists and was about to teach the man a lesson. When he saw Tang Yue's face clearly, Almost knelt down.

"Feng, Young Master Feng..."

Feng Xie stood nonchalantly, his expression was distracted, as if he just happened to be passing by, but Tangyue accidentally stepped on him, and she leaned into his arms.

He didn't move. He glanced down at the little woman in his arms, and then stretched out his hand to fish her out, his face expressionless during the whole process.

Tang Yue froze for a moment.

She didn't expect Feng Xie to come to Tang Xinyao's engagement banquet.

She moved her feet carefully, Feng Xie was wearing a pair of black leather shoes today, and when she stepped on them, there was a layer of dust on them.


Just as Tang Yue opened her mouth, Zhao Jian rushed over like crazy, and slapped herself so hard that her face was swollen: "Young Master Feng, I'm sorry, I didn't see it was you just now, it's all my fault."


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