Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 20

The originally lively engagement banquet suddenly fell silent because of Feng Xie's appearance.

When Tangyue was being bullied, everyone held the attitude of watching a show, and no one helped.

Now that Feng Xie appeared, they didn't dare to move.

When Tang Xinyao saw Feng Xie, her body couldn't help trembling, her face turned snow-white, but her eyes still couldn't help but stick to his body.

This man looks so classic. From her angle, you can just see his slightly frowned eyebrows, gathering every inch of his indifference and wantonness. The white silk shirt has two buttons unbuttoned. Lazy and charming, he has the decadence and handsomeness after luxury and splendor.

This is a man who can make people's soul tremble.

As long as he's around, you can't take your eyes off him.

If this man is willing to bow his head for her, she is also willing to give everything for it.

But without ifs, this is a lunatic, and she can't control this lunatic.

"Xinyao, why is he here?" Gu Yuan asked in fear.

Tang Xinyao shook her head, and took his hand: "I don't know, maybe I came here with friends, Brother Gu Yuan, I have already dissolved the marriage with the Feng family, you don't have to worry."

Gu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

A hint of impatience flashed in Tang Xinyao's eyes.

It's not bad for Gu Yuan to just screw it out, but after seeing Feng Xie's stunning beauty, he seems too dull.

"You said just now that I take care of your business?" Feng Xie chuckled lightly.

"No, no, Young Master Feng, damn me, I never said such a thing."

Zhao Jian kept bowing, and a thin layer of sweat broke out on his forehead.

How dare he provoke this demon, Feng Xie has never attended this kind of engagement banquet, and he doesn't know where it came from.

Feng Xie snorted, and hooked his thin lips: "It seems that I still wronged you?"

It was a simple sentence, but it made Zhao Jian feel cold all over.

He shook his head desperately: "I said this, but I didn't say it to you. Even if you lend me a hundred courage, I wouldn't dare."

Suddenly, he thought of something, pointed to Tangyue at the side and said, "It's this bitch, she came to seduce me, that's why I said something wrong, it's all her fault, she fell on you on purpose just now, it's also Don't have any plans, Young Master Feng, don't be fooled by her."

Feng Xie glanced lazily at Tang Yue.

She has a provocative figure, and when she grasps her waist, she can't tell that there is a small thing inside. When Zhao Jian slandered her, she didn't make any excuses. She just lowered her head and stood quietly, a bit reluctant The taste of world independence.

He suddenly felt a little thirsty, licked the root of his teeth with the tip of his tongue, and said with interest: "How did she seduce you? Tell me in detail."

Zhao Jian couldn't figure out what he meant, rubbed his hands together, and said cautiously: "Young Master Feng, this is a very long story, and I won't be able to tell it clearly in a while."

Feng Xie smiled this time, with an evil look in his eyes. He sat on the chair, straightened his sleeves, and said slowly: "Then speak slowly, word by word, I have a lot of time anyway."

His teeth gleamed coldly in the light.

Zhao Jian felt that the surrounding air was much colder: "I, I'm afraid that this kind of thing will stain Feng Shao's ears."

"Are you kidding me?"

Feng Xie raised his eyebrows and looked at the man in front of him indifferently.

"Don't dare, in fact, she came to the bar to volunteer herself. She is a woman who is willing to do anything for money."

After Zhao Jian finished speaking in one breath, he sneaked to see Feng Xie.

He had seen Feng Xie on other occasions before, and only someone offended him. When this master taught others, his methods were ruthless, and he was able to skin the other party. At that time, he saw it interestingly. When I was alone, I was almost not scared out of my wits.

"What else?" Feng Xie stood up and continued to ask.

"Also, what else is there." Zhao Jian was stunned: "What happened later is a matter of course, and it's not suitable for children to say it..."


Feng Xie suddenly picked up the chair and threw it at him. The chair was torn apart, Zhao Jian's head was smashed, and his face was covered in blood.


He cried out miserably.

The chair in Feng Xie's hand was still smashing towards him, again and again, Zhao Jiangang was still struggling at first, but in the end, he had no strength left.

He lay on the ground like a dead dog.

Feng Xie saw Zhao Jianjian's blood overflowing, but he laughed wantonly, and the more he laughed, the more wild he became.

Seeing him smiling like a psycho, Tangyue pursed her lips tightly.

Feng Xie was tired from the beating, so he threw the broken chair aside, and Qin Zheng handed over a white towel in a timely manner.

He wiped his fingertips carefully, and when he finished, he threw the towel on the ground, put away his smile, and looked down at Zhao Jian.

Zhao Jian gasped a few times, blood and tears blurred his face, he couldn't see anything, sobbed and apologized: "Thank you, Young Master Feng, for your mercy."

Feng Xie clicked his tongue, ignored him, but looked down at his shoes.

There was still half a small shoe print on it.

He squinted his eyes, stared at Tangyue in front of him, and said in a playful tone, "Deliberately throw yourself into your arms?"

Everyone gasped, Feng Xie hated women approaching him the most.

Just saw that Zhao Jian was beaten to death, and now it was Tang Yue's turn again, everyone's eyes flashed the emotion of looking forward to a good show, not being able to bear it, it's a pity to wait.

This master has never known how to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade.

Even if it is a woman, it can be hit.

This time, he's probably going to kill again.

Tangyue wrung her hands uneasily, she bit her lips: "I can wipe it clean with you."

After finishing speaking, she was about to squat down, but Feng Xie grabbed her hand and stopped her.

Tangyue's heart skipped a beat.

"It's not a matter of shoes, you're stepping on Young Master Feng's face."

Tang Guodong walked over with a few big strides, his face was full of anxiety, he was not doing it for Tang Yue, but there was a big event to be announced later, if Feng Xie taught Tang Yue a lesson again, he would completely punish Tang Yue. The banquet was ruined, and afterward, Feng Xie would probably hold grudges against them.

He bit the bullet and stepped forward to apologize: "Young Master Feng, it's all our fault this time, it's just that this time is the engagement banquet of my little girl Tang Xinyao, can you sell me some face."

"How much is your face worth?"

Feng Xie asked with a half-smile.

Tang Guodong's face changed, and he seemed a little uneasy.

At this moment, Feng Xie's gaze slowly swept across the stage, Feng Guo Wuhen, obviously nothing caught his eyes, but at that moment, Tang Xinyao was sure that Feng Xie looked at her.

Because next, Feng Xie lazily said, "I'm tired."

He walked to the black sofa before and leaned back.

That is to say, it was overturned.

Tang Guodong was stunned for a moment, then excited, he kept bowing: "Thank you, Young Master Feng, we will pay for any pair of shoes you want."

Tang Xinyao clutched her heart, a ridiculous thought came to her mind.

Feng Xie came to the banquet for her, and it was for her that he let Tang Yue go just now.

The engagement ceremony continued.

Tangyue was silent for a while, and then slowly walked towards Feng Xie. Although Feng Xie didn't argue with her, she couldn't do nothing.

She lives with Feng Xie, if the other party holds grudges, they can reveal this matter at any time.

Seeing this, Lin Xia said in disbelief: "She actually dared to sit next to Young Master Feng, does she think she has lived too long?"

The people next to him heard this, and mocked: "Young Master Feng let her go just now, she probably thought that the other party was out of love."

Contempt flashed in Lin Xia's eyes: "I've never seen such a self-indulgent person. Young Master Feng clearly taught Zhao Jian that he was too tired and let her go. She really thought she was a fairy."

Everyone shunned Feng Xie, but she was lucky and dared to lean forward.

Feng Xie sat sideways, with only a side face exposed. The light hit him, giving him a distorted beauty. He crossed his legs wantonly, and rested one hand carelessly on the armrest of the sofa.

Tang Yue pursed her lips, showing a little shyness on her face: "Feng Xie, thank you."

Feng Xie's eyes swept over her lightly, and his voice was cold: "Don't you think I'm helping you?"

"No." Tangyue said softly, "I just thank you for not fussing with me this time."


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