Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 24

There are still people guarding outside the abandoned factory.

Tang Yue walked cautiously against the wall, for fear of disturbing that person, but Feng Xie picked up a stone on the ground, flicked it lightly, and hit that person's arm.

The man turned around and saw that the two people who had escaped were about to draw out their guns. Feng Xie's speed was even faster. He directly knocked the man unconscious, and not only took away the man's gun, but also took the car on him key.

The whole process is clean and smooth.

The two ran out smoothly, and there was indeed a car parked outside the door. Just as they were about to get into the car, there was a sudden noise from behind.

"They escaped, chase after them!"

"Don't let them escape!"

Wanton coldness flashed across Feng Xie's eyes, he pulled out his gun and was about to get out of the car.

Tangyue saw it, gritted her teeth, pushed him to the back, and slammed the car door shut: "Go quickly."

Feng Xie's injuries became more and more serious. He was bleeding all the way, and there were more than a dozen people behind him. If he went down, he would probably die.

Tang Yue sat in the driving seat, gripped the steering wheel with both hands, and drove the car out.

This is a black off-road vehicle with very good performance, and it looks very light even when driving on mountain roads.

The group of people did not know where they kidnapped them. The surrounding paths were all dives, climbs, and various sharp turns, and the mountain road was very narrow. The abyss, if you are not careful, you will fall.

Feng Xie sat at the back of the car in disbelief, staring at Tang Yue, the wind outside the window blew past his face, raising the hair on his forehead.

This woman is really courageous.

"Who told you to push me back?"

His voice was gloomy and cold. Sitting in front, Tangyue couldn't see him, and didn't know that his eyes were cold and unpredictable.

There were several cars following them, chasing them all the time, the distance was not far, and they almost caught up with them several times.

Tangyue didn't dare to slack off in the slightest, she explained: "I know you can drive, but you are too seriously injured to do this kind of strenuous exercise."

Feng Xie gritted his teeth: "I am telling you this?"

Tangyue's tone became softer: "The back seat of the car is the safest place, and only the most precious things are put in the back. Don't you like sitting in the back?"


Feng Xie licked the roots of his teeth, his eyes still gloomy.

Baby, does this woman treat him as an antique?

The road here is very difficult to drive, with all kinds of ramps and curves, dazzling.

And the person who was chasing them behind seemed very eager.

"What are you doing so you can't drive faster?"

Huang Mao, the co-pilot of the car that followed the most, expressed dissatisfaction with the driver.

"The road in Qinggang Mountain is too complicated, if I'm not careful, I'll be smashed into a piece of meat, I can't drive fast."

"Feng Xie's driving skills are too good, he loves racing cars, and there is no one in Haicheng who is his opponent."

"The road ahead is a series of curves. Feng Xie is injured, and he will definitely slow down when the time comes. You will crash into their car. It's best to knock them down." Huang Mao said.


in the car.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes and observed the road ahead.

Suddenly, the corners of his lips twitched, and a flash of excitement flashed: "There is a series of curves ahead, you are going so fast now, do you want to die?"

"Alright, let's go to Huangquan together."

Tangyue said seriously: "I won't let us die."

Feng Xie lazily said: "But if you slow down now, you will be caught by them. If you knew this, you shouldn't have pushed me back just now."

"Who said I'm going to slow down." Tangyue's voice was very calm.

Feng Xie jokingly said, "Don't tell me you want to change people, it's too late to change people now."

This series of corners is indeed tricky for others, but it is nothing more than that for him.

"No need to change, I can solve it."

As soon as the words fell, Tangyue stepped on the accelerator to the bottom and rushed straight up the curve.

The smile on Feng Xie's lips stagnated, and he looked at Tang Yue expressionlessly, with a trace of inquiry in his eyes.

The people behind said in shock: "Come on, speed up."

"Is Feng Xie crazy? If he dares to speed up on such a curve, he won't be afraid of the car being destroyed?"

"He was a madman."

The tires and the ground almost rubbed off sparks, and the speed of the car was astonishingly fast. After turning a corner, there was another corner.

The wind outside the window blew on his face, which was stinging.

Feng Xie squinted his eyes. He thought that his driving skills were very good, but he didn't expect Tang Yue to be as good as he was.

She pursed her lips and kept her eyes fixed on the front, as if she was doing something very meticulous.

At such a fast speed, she can also control it very well.

At the last bend, she turned and the road became slightly smoother.

The car behind has long since disappeared and has been thrown away.

Tang Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, she found a more difficult problem. The farther the car was going, the more deserted it was. She didn't have any equipment in hand, so she didn't know where it was.

To make matters worse, the car was almost out of gas at this time.

She was forced to stop the car.

"Feng Xie, do you know where this is?" Tang Yue was at a loss.

This place is surrounded by forests. She seems to be on the outskirts of the forest now, but she is surrounded by many big trees.

Feng Xie leaned on the back seat, rolled his eyelids, and said slowly, "Come over and talk."

come over?

She rarely went out before, and she didn't know some remote places in Haicheng, but Feng Xie might know.

Tangyue got out of the car and opened the back door. The car was very spacious and could accommodate three adult men inside.

Feng Xie leaned lazily, his fingers resting on the chair beside him, his posture was a little coquettish, and he kept looking at her with his dark eyes.

Tangyue sat next to him, a little uncomfortable, so she had to ask again: "Have you been here before?"

Feng Xie stared at her, he hooked his fingers, and said in a hoarse voice, "Close the car door."

The next second, he grabbed her wrist, and with a movement, he turned over and pressed on her.

In the small car, he held her hand tightly, and the overwhelming kisses fell, and the rapid breathing hit her face, and the two clothes made noises as they rubbed against each other.

Tangyue's mind was blank, she wanted to struggle, but was crushed to death.

Feng Xie usually looks thin in clothes, but her whole body is full of strength, even if she is seriously injured, she is not something she can resist.

She closed her eyes, thinking that she just had to bear it.

The man's hand had already touched the zipper on her dress, and he held her lips, as if he wanted to devour her flesh and blood through kissing.

His hand poked in...

Tangyue suddenly opened her eyes wide, completely confused.

She heard Feng Xie's heartbeat, throbbing, trying to break through her chest.

No, this is too abnormal. Could it be that this man wants to...


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