Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 25

"Feng Xie," Tangyue struggled, she stretched out her hand and pressed his hand to stop his behavior, and said in an aggrieved voice, "No."

Hearing this, his movements paused, his eyes stared at her stomach uncertainly, he was very tall, the two of them were tightly pressed together, Tangyue looked extremely petite in his arms.

She lowered her voice: "Now the fetus is unstable. If I miscarry in the wild, my life will be in danger."

There was a dark look in the man's eyes: "But I want it now."

A layer of tears gathered in Tangyue's eyes, and her voice trembled: "We escaped with great difficulty, do you want me to die?"

"Yes." A trace of irritability flashed in his eyes, his eyes darkened, and his voice was hoarse: "Didn't you say you like me? Then it would be a joy to die under me. Why reject me?"

Tangyue was tightly enveloped by his breath, his body had a faint smell of tobacco, mixed with the fragrance of mint and the smell of blood.

"Are you lying to me?" He sneered.

"You're bleeding." Tangyue's hand brushed across his chest, the gauze was completely soaked in blood, it was the first time she saw so much blood: "Let me help you re-bandage."

Her voice is very soft, and her body is also very soft.

Realizing this, Feng Xie's whole body tensed up: "That's not right, you will bleed with me later."

"But I don't want to do this." She hugged him, and said softly, "I don't just want to accompany you for a moment of happiness. After the prosperity is crushed, there is nothing left. I want to accompany you for a long time, and walk with you We have lived through ups and downs, vicissitudes, no matter day or night. For the rest of our lives, we must keep going."

Her eyes were dotted with gleams, "Feng Xie, give me a chance, and give you a chance too. I will accompany you well, just like me and the air will always be together, life and death depend on each other."

Feng Xie's pupils shrank, as if he had been scalded by hot magma, and his entire expression froze.

No one has ever said that they want to be with him for the rest of their lives, not before, and never again in the future.

Tangyue was not as calm as she appeared on the surface. After she finished speaking, her nerves tensed up.

"What does that have to do with me sleeping with you now?"

Feng Xie lowered his head and kissed her again, his lips were very hot, almost burning her to death.

Tangyue's heart burst into despair.

She still couldn't change Feng Xie's ridiculous behavior.

This man is a lunatic, and he has always been unscrupulous in his actions.

She is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered now, unable to break free at all.

If there is no way to avoid it, then there is no need to avoid it.

Tangyue relaxed her body and said in a trembling voice, "I'm not in good health, and this pregnancy is not stable, but I thought I could give birth safely."

The man was indifferent and pulled the clothes off her body.

Her breathing was slightly disordered, and she whispered: "When I was bleeding heavily, you kissed me like this, hoping to make me forget the pain for a while."

The man paused, his eyes dimmed.

Tangyue pulled down his neck and kissed him back, she kissed very sadly.

A tear ran across her face and fell to his lips.

Warm, salty.

Feng Xie pushed her away.


He got out of the car and locked her in the car with a particularly ugly face.

Through the car window, Tangyue saw that he was reaching for a cigarette, but his clothes were empty and there was nothing.

He cursed slightly angrily.

After Tangyue tidied up her clothes, she cleared her mind for a while, then opened the car door and walked down.

The man's expression was particularly gloomy, with displeasure written all over his face.

She really didn't want to come here at this time, but she couldn't see Feng Xie just die in front of her.

In this wilderness, she was alone and couldn't go out.

Today is a sunny day, the sky is bright, the sun shines on Feng Xie's body, revealing his gloomy complexion, his arms and chest are all dark red.

Tangyue felt pain even looking at it, but he didn't intend to deal with it at all.

The mountain is a bit humid, and there is mountain spring water flowing down along the stone wall. This kind of water is very clean and can be drunk directly. Feng Xie picked a wild taro leaf at random. He took a little mountain spring water and poured it directly into his mouth. scroll.

"Feng Xie, let me bandage it for you. If this goes on, you will lose too much blood." Tangyue stood still.

Feng Xie stared at her, and the wind swayed her skirt like a beautiful oil painting.

"Come here." His voice was hoarse.

Tang Yue held up her skirt and trotted towards him.

Feng Xie threw away the wild taro leaf, put his hand on her waist and whirled twice: "Care me?"

Tang Yue frowned, with worry between her brows: "Let me clean up the wound for you."

There was nothing here, so she could only take off Feng Xie's gauze first, and his wounds were all split open, looking horrible.

It was the first time Tangyue saw such a serious injury, and her heart shrank.

She dipped gauze in mountain spring water to clean up the blood around him.

During this process, Feng Xie seemed very cooperative. He kept staring at Tangyue without frowning or grunting in pain. If it wasn't for the slightly pale lips, she would have thought he didn't have pain nerves at all.

Tangyue got up and picked some Panax notoginseng at the edge. She just discovered a bunch of Panax notoginseng growing here, perhaps because the environment is warm and humid, which meets its growth conditions.

She handed Sanqi over: "Sanqi can stop bleeding, you can chew it up."

Feng Xie cast a glance: "Troublesome."

He didn't care about his injury at all, as if he died the next moment and it had nothing to do with him.

Tangyue said helplessly: "Then I'll come, don't despise me."

She chewed Panax notoginseng in her mouth, then bent down and placed it on his wound.

Feng Xie looked down at her, she smelled very fragrant, not the smell of perfume, but her original fragrance, a strand of long hair fell down and swept across his cheek, it was soft and itchy.

Tangyue started to tear his clothes.

Feng Xie's expression changed: "Why don't you tear your clothes?"


She blinked innocently, looking very innocent: "Your clothes are very soft, more suitable for dressing wounds."

The skirt on her body was covered with a layer of light gauze, which was very fairy and beautiful, but this material was indeed not suitable for dressing up wounds.

After Tangyue tore a hole in his clothes, it was easy. She tore his clothes into long strips along the hole, and then helped him wrap them around.

Her movements are serious and her eyes are focused, as if she is doing something very important.

Feng Xie discovered that no matter what she did, she was meticulous, even when eating.

After wrapping up all the wounds, Tangyue breathed a sigh of relief: "Okay, let's take a rest first."

At this moment, a car roared.

Tangyue saw a Toyota driving over, not the car that had chased them before.

The car stopped in front of them, and a man and a woman got off from it.

The man looked to be in his thirties, with an ordinary face, which would be overlooked in the crowd. He greeted enthusiastically: "Are you also here to play in Qinggangshan? My wife and I are here to fish. Yes, just right, we can be a partner."

He said heartily, "My name is Guan You, what do you call me?"

Tangyue glanced at them and pursed her lips: "My surname is Tang."


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