Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 26

Guan You lifted a bucket of fish from the car, and his wife looked a little shy and delicate, and followed him all the time.

"Qinggang Mountain is sparsely populated and the road conditions are complicated. Few people come here. It is fate that we met here."

Tang Yue hummed: "My husband likes racing cars, so he came here to practice."

Hearing this, a dark color flashed in Guan You's eyes: "So that's the case, I'm going to grill fish now, you guys should try it too."

He obviously saw the injuries on Feng Xie's body, but he didn't mention a word.

Tangyue's eyes flickered.

Guan You and her wife started to set fire skillfully.

"No, it's getting late, we're going home."

Just as Tang Yue moved a step, Guan You stood in front of her. He clasped Tang Yue's shoulder with one hand, and pressed a sharp knife against her neck.

"what do you mean?"

Guan You's eyes were cold: "Of course I invite you to eat fish together. The fish is ready. If you don't agree, then you will look down on us too much."

While speaking, his gaze was fixed on Feng Xie.

Feng Xie was lazily sitting on a rock. He was so badly injured that he looked like he was dying. The sun shone through the leaves and cast light spots of different sizes on his face.

He drooped his eyes, ignoring what happened here.

It seemed that Tangyue and him were strangers.

Tang Yue asked calmly, "Are you the one behind the scenes?"

Seeing that she was still so calm at this moment, Guan You was surprised, and said, "That's right, but don't worry, that person is cowardly and didn't dare to buy your life, he just asked us to break your legs."

Is this timid?

It's downright vicious.

Tangyue desperately stalled for time: "Did the people from the Tang family ask you to do this? I can double the amount they paid."

Guan You glanced at her appreciatively: "You are very smart, but people in our industry have their own professional ethics, and they will never say the name of the previous family."

"If you are more obedient and don't run away privately, we will let you spend it under anesthesia. It's a pity."

As soon as he finished speaking, he moved the knife down, as if looking for where to start.

Hearing this, Feng Xie's eyes moved, he took out a gun, and fired directly in front of him.


Guan You's palm was pierced, and his knife slipped from his hand and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Tang Yue quickly ran to Feng Xie's side.

When she ran, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were fixed on him.


Feng Xie supported her shoulder.

The next second, he hugged her and dodged to the side, and a bullet flew by.

Tangyue's heart jumped up.

Guan You's face was dark, he took out the gun at his waist, but missed.

"Wait here for me."

He carried Tangyue behind a big rock and walked over.

Tangyue didn't dare to move, maybe she was too nervous, her stomach hurt a little.

There were bursts of gunshots in my ears.

After a while, as if the gun was out of bullets, she heard punches and kicks.

She poked her head out.

The two fought hard, punching to the flesh, the bandaged wound on Feng Xie's body was torn again, the cloth strips were scattered, revealing the wound inside, and blood flowed all over the floor.

Guan You's skill was slightly inferior to his, but with Feng Xie seriously injured, the two could possibly draw.

Gradually, he also discovered that Feng Xie's injury was not normal, so he began to attack Feng Xie's wound.

Tangyue looked at it seriously.

She found that Feng Xie was like an undead person, his seriously injured appearance exuded a deadly sexiness.

The next moment, Feng Xie clasped Guan You's hand and punched him in the face. Guan You was startled and grabbed his wound with his palm. If a normal person would probably pass out from the pain, obviously Feng Xie is not a normal person , he didn't dodge or dodge, he punched Guan You one after another.

The woman on the side was shocked, holding a self-defense stick in her hand, and was about to go up to help.

This is the time.

Tangyue didn't hesitate at all, she raised the bucket on the ground with both hands, and smashed it directly at the woman.

The process was quick and obviously planned for a long time.

The woman's body fell limply.

She had long since discovered that the woman who was following Guan You was not Lian Jiazi, her flesh was also limp, and she didn't seem to exercise often.

She couldn't deal with Guan You, but she could deal with this woman.

After Guan You heard the sound, he was stunned for a moment, and saw the woman fell to the ground. He hesitated for a moment, and was immediately kicked to the ground by Feng Xie.

But Guan You was obviously very difficult to deal with. At this moment, he was still struggling, and his eyes were full of dissatisfaction.

He hugged Feng Xie suspiciously, and didn't let go no matter what.

"You can't run away. I have already notified my brothers. They will come soon."

Guan You spat out a bloody tooth: "Feng Xie, you must die."

Tangyue narrowed her eyes and looked into the distance. On the winding mountain road, one car after another was driving towards this direction.

Roughly estimate their speed, after passing through three corners, they only need to accelerate, and they will arrive here in less than five minutes.

At that time, if they were caught back, they would be slaughtered.

They all decided to kill Feng Xie, so she, as a witness, would not survive.

If this dragged on, both she and Feng Xie would die.

"kill him!"

In the blink of an eye, Tangyue had already made a decision, she picked up the dagger on the ground and threw it at Feng Xie.

Feng Xie's expression was cold, he raised his dagger and stabbed it in Guan You's chest.

Guan You's expression changed, he hurriedly let go of him, and dodged to the side.

Tangyue observed the passing vehicles.

There is no car in the first corner, which means that the car has passed the second corner.

She quickly counted the time in her heart.

Guan You's movements were slow, but he knew that his men were approaching, so he rushed towards Feng Xie and continued to fight together.

He wanted to hold Feng Xie back.

If Feng Xie left, then they would be finished.

Tangyue stared at the two of them, and frowned. She didn't know kung fu, and she couldn't help if she rushed over, so she had to stay away from them.

The car appeared at the second bend.

Feng Xie's dagger pierced Guan You's shoulder hard, and blood flowed profusely immediately.

Guan You pulled out the dagger without giving up, he stood up from the ground, and he still had strength.

There is no car in the second corner, and the car has passed the third corner.

The two were still fighting, and Feng Xie spit out blood from the corner of his mouth, like a red lotus in full bloom.

Guan You took the opportunity to stick it up again, he then picked up a wooden stick and chopped it up, Feng Xie held the stick.

The first car appeared at the third corner, driving forward at a constant speed.

At this speed, it will be able to drive through the corners in no time.

Tangyue stared closely until the car disappeared into the curve.

Her heartbeat quickened, she tried her best to calm her breathing, and her voice conveyed clearly: "Feng Xie, there are still nearly seven minutes left, and their people will come after them."

It must be resolved within seven minutes, no matter what method is used.

Otherwise, when the first car arrives, it will be too late.

Hearing this, Feng Xie's attacks became more and more serious.

Suddenly, a scream came from Guan You's mouth.

The last time, Feng Xie received a heavy blow, and he kicked Guan You's legs so hard that he couldn't stand up anymore.

He stepped on Guan You's body, and blood gushed out from his right arm. Although he was seriously injured, he remained expressionless. The blood at the corner of his mouth added a trace of mystery and temptation to him, just like the one that grew in the dark. The blood rose, insolent and bloodthirsty, corrupt and moving.

His battle-damaged appearance is somewhat charming.

Two minutes passed.

The car is almost here.

Look no further, you must go now!

Tangyue walked over, she helped Feng Xie up, and said calmly, "They'll arrive in about five minutes, there's still time, we'll leave now."

So many things have happened, her voice is calm and calm, making people feel at ease for no reason.

Feng Xie did not refute for the first time, he stretched out the back of his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and let Tangyue help him into the rear compartment.

Tang Yue stepped on the accelerator.

The car quickly disappeared on the mountain road.


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