Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 27

Tangyue drove the car very fast, and after successfully getting rid of the people behind her, she wanted to turn her head to talk to Feng Xie, but found that there was no movement behind her.

The smell of blood spread in the air.

Tang Yue's expression changed.

She stopped the car, walked to the back, and looked down at Feng Xie.

He fell asleep, closed his eyes quietly, and leaned back, no longer the usual arrogance.

She reached out and put her hand under his breath, fortunately, there was still a weak breath.

A slight movement woke Feng Xie up, he suddenly opened his eyes, a flash of sharpness flashed across them, and he grabbed Tang Yue's hand.

Tang Yue frowned: "Feng Xie, it's me."

The man turned his head to look at her and let go of his hand.

Tangyue went to feel his pulse, but he didn't resist this time and let her move.

Feng Xie lost a lot of blood and was in critical condition.

If he didn't go to the hospital, his life would be in danger, but in this wilderness, she didn't have any equipment, and she couldn't find a way at all.

She went to help Fengxie: "It's almost safe here, I'll help you go down to ventilate, and then bandage your wound."


Feng Xie said indifferently, he may not have much strength, even replying to her is only a simple word.

Tangyue helped him down, this time her luck was not so good, and there was no water source around.

Feng Xie's whole body was soaked in blood. She wanted to bandage his wound, but she couldn't do it.

He was leaning on the grass, under the black hair, his face was pale, without a trace of blood, like a vampire in the dark night, his cool lips gently opened and closed, and his chest heaved slightly, which could confirm that he still had signs of life.

Even when he was dying, there was still a fatal temptation.

Seeing that Tangyue hadn't made a move, Feng Xie squinted his eyes. He tore off his clothes, one by one, and threw them directly at Tangyue.

"Wrap the right chest first." Feng Xie calmly ordered.

Tangyue immediately took a piece of cloth and walked over. She found that Feng Xie's chest was horrific. He had an injury at first, but it was torn later. If the injury was more serious, it could be fatal.

She felt that she was about to die of pain just by looking at it. During the bandaging process, Feng Xie's face turned pale, but he didn't even groan.

It's useless.

no medicine.

Even if it's bandaged, she doesn't know the way, so she can't get out of here in a short time.

She sighed: "Do you know where this is?"

"You can only go to the hospital for treatment for your current injury. If there is no specific medicine, you may not be able to survive..."

Before he finished speaking, Feng Xie looked up at her. He took Tang Yue's hand and pulled her into his arms with a little force.

Even if Tangyue bumped into the wound on his chest, he didn't move his eyebrows or eyes: "Healing is not as good as we applaud for love."

Tangyue: "...."

Feng Xie lowered his head to kiss her, breathing heavily, his lips and teeth filled with the smell of blood, this kiss was much softer than before: "I'm about to die, will you satisfy me?"

Meet a hammer.

Tangyue firmly pushed him away, and said softly, "I won't let you die."

She stroked Feng Xie's hair: "You will be safe and live a long life."

Feng Xie half-closed his eyes, and his long eyelashes covered his midnight eyes, making it difficult for people to see his eyes clearly. However, judging from his increasingly heavy breathing, his condition is getting worse and worse. Oh no.

After such a toss, the sky gradually darkened, and the sun set, both of them were full of exhaustion.

Tangyue has been hungry for a long time. She has been very hungry since she was pregnant, not to mention that she has consumed a lot of energy: "Feng Xie, are you hungry?"

The man said indifferently, "I'm not hungry."

How can you not be hungry.

They haven't eaten for a day. If they don't eat any more, they may starve to death here.

The temperature inside the mountain was very cold, colder than other places, Tangyue thought for a while, moved over, and leaned against Feng Xie, so that it was slightly warmer.

Feng Xie gave her a suspicious look: "You can actually go first."

Tang Yue didn't speak.

"Your driving skills are good. Without me dragging you down, you can walk out of the mountain very quickly. When you get to the Feng family, just insist that you don't know my whereabouts. No one will suspect you."

His hoarse voice was full of magnetism, slowly bewitching Tangyue.

Tang Yue pursed her lips: "Aren't you afraid of death?"

Feng Xie gave a weird laugh: "Death is my good friend, I am willing to embrace it."

Do you want to hear what you are saying?

Tangyue stopped talking to him, she stood up and turned around.

Feng Xie opened his eyes and looked at the woman's back. When she left, he suddenly felt a chill.

His expression was a little cold, his right hand touched his waist, and he slowly took out his pistol.

This is Guan You's gun.

There are still bullets in the pistol.

A ray of setting sun shone on his face, adding a bit of ruthlessness to him. He looked at Tangyue expressionlessly. She walked very slowly and was about to get to the car soon.

She opened the car door.

He was abandoned again.

This woman really lied to him.

His pupils shrank tightly, and his hand was hard, ready to pull the trigger.

"There is a fishing rod in the car, I'll try to see if I can fish."

Tangyue pulled out a fishing rod and said to herself.

Make a move.

He put away his gun in some panic.

"But I don't know how to fish, and the speed is too slow. How about I try my luck nearby and see if I can pick wild fruits?" Tangyue turned her head and asked.

Feng Xie: "...."

He stared at her crystal-clear eyes for a while, then slowly said: "There are no wild fruits here, only wild yams."


Tangyue came back soon, and she told Feng Xie well that there were simply too many wild taros nearby, and she dug a lot.

There is a lighter in the car, and there are several spare ones. It is estimated that Guan You often prepared it when he lived in the wild. Just baked up.

After the wild taro is roasted, even without any seasoning, it still has a unique fragrance.

After eating and drinking, Tangyue regained her strength and helped Feng Xie to the back of the car.

"This is the back mountain of Qinggang Mountain, turn left." Feng Xie said.

Tangyue was taken aback: "Do you know the way?"

Since he knew the way and suffered such a serious injury, why didn't he tell her just now, instead he saw her running around like a headless chicken?

Is he seriously ill?

Tangyue ground her teeth secretly: "Why didn't you tell me just now?"

Otherwise, they would have left this ghost place long ago.

The man said lightly: "Forgot."


Tangyue started the car and turned left.

"Go straight for 300 meters and turn right."

He is like a precise navigator.

"turn right."

Tang Yue followed his instructions.

Finally, after an hour, the car drove down the mountain.

Tangyue drove straight to the hospital, and sent Feng Xie to the hospital first, while she quickly went to register and pay the bill.

Feng Xie's injury was very serious, but when he arrived at the hospital, as long as he applied medicine and water well, he would recover in a short time.

After she finished all this, she entered the ward, and saw Feng Xie lying on the bed and receiving an infusion.

"You are dismissed."

The man closed his eyes without even looking at her.


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