Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 29

At this moment, Tangyue walked in slowly from the outside. She didn't leave Wangyuezhai, but went to buy some medicinal materials nearby. After receiving a call from Ding Fu, she rushed over.

Ding Fu seemed to see a savior, and hurried to meet him: "Big...Tangyue."

Tangyue glanced at him, nodded her head, and said that this matter should be resolved by her.

Seeing this scene, Huang Ping frowned. She had seen Tang Yue several times, and she really didn't know why Tang Yue appeared here.

Tangyue walked up to the policeman, her voice was calm but with force: "Anshen Wan is not affiliated to the Tang family, but to Qinghetang. Ding Fu is the store manager of Qinghetang. He has worked in Qinghetang for decades. After Bai Rong's death, it's normal to be willing to pass on the formula of Anshen Pill to him."

"So of course he is qualified to sell drugs."

Her words were very clear. Neither Tang Guodong nor Huang Caihe had the right to control the ownership of Anshen Pills. It was her freedom to pass on her formula to whomever Bai Rong wanted to pass on.

The policeman froze for a moment and asked, "Who are you?"

Tang Yue said: "I am Bai Rong's daughter, and now I am the administrator of Wangyue Zhai."

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

It was actually not difficult for Tangyue to prove her identity, all she had to do was show her ID card.

There were rumors about her in Haicheng. After her parents passed away, she was also disfigured after the accident. Now that she is wearing a veil, it is basically certain that what she said is true.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the police handed her the ID card.

It was reasonable for them to check Wang Yuezhai's business license.

So this matter made a lot of noise, but it was paid off quickly.

After the police left, Huang Ping didn't expect the matter to end so quickly, and her face was full of displeasure.


Bai Rong didn't give the formula of the medicinal material to Tangyue, but passed it on to an outsider.

Tangyue actually spoke for outsiders, without raising any opinions, and she even came to this place to work as an administrator.

Ding Fu knocked on the table: "Such a small matter can move people, if you feel dissatisfied, then leave now."

"Also, who made the rumor and called the police?"

Everyone looked at each other, but no one stood up.

After this incident, they also realized that they were too radical, and it was not that Ding Fu didn't pay wages, so there was really no need for them to urge them.

The police have also been here to confirm that Wangyuezhai is a legally operated company, so there must be no problem.

Most importantly, Tang Yue also came out to prove Ding Fu's innocence.

In order to find out the perpetrator, everyone gathered on the first floor.

Tangyue listened to what happened from beginning to end.

Ding Fu said: "The lunch break in the factory is from 12:00 to 1:30. At about 1:00, some workers came forward to ask for money. I don't know who instigated it. Almost everyone came."

"Someone called the accountant at 1:30 and then called the police. The whole process took a few seconds."

The financial cashier is a man who is almost forty years old. Hearing this, he immediately said: "At 1:20, I felt a stomachache, so I went to the bathroom. During this time, no one was in the office. When I got back to the office, it was already 1:45, and the reason why I remember it so clearly is that you went to work at 1:30, so I just took a look at the time."

Now the office is still very empty, and there are a few hired employees who haven't started work yet. Today, it's just him, Huang Ping, and Uncle Chen.

After hearing this, Uncle Chen also said: "After I heard something happened outside, I went to watch the excitement, and I never touched the office phone at all."

Ding Fu asked, "When did you go back?"

Uncle Chen said: "When I saw the workers coming to ask for money, I came out and never returned to the office. The time was about 1:00."

Huang Ping followed, "I went to the cafeteria to eat after get off work at 12 o'clock. When I came back, I saw that it was very noisy here, so I came to watch the excitement."

She said very calmly: "I didn't go back to the office halfway."

Uncle Chen can understand: "Yes, who has the mind to go back to the office after such a big event happened outside."

Ding Fu's office was not in the same room as theirs, so he didn't know what other people were doing at all, and now his face was also confused.

He said helplessly, "If that's the case, then who took the lead in this matter?"

The person who called the police must be the instigator, otherwise he wouldn't be booing at this time.

Huang Ping analyzed: "All of us came out, there must be some workers entering the office to make calls."

Tangyue narrowed her eyes and looked at Huang Ping. She felt that Huang Ping looked familiar.

She has a good memory, and she remembered that a long time ago, Huang Ping came to look for Huang Caihe, and the two were clearly sisters.

"Aunt Huang, if I remember correctly, you are the younger sister of my second aunt. She didn't arrange a job for you, but she asked you to work in such a small factory?" Tangyue asked calmly.

Ding Fu thought of something, and his eyes widened in surprise. He didn't know people like Tang Guodong, so he recruited the wrong people.

Guilt flashed across Huang Ping's face: "Wangyuezhai can produce Anshen Pills. Even if it is a small factory, it has a bright future. Since you can come to work here, why can't I?"

Suddenly, a person pointed to a worker and said, "I remembered, it was Ye Chao who did it. He told us that the company might not be able to pay wages, so we asked for wages."

As soon as this sentence was said, several people echoed it, and then pushed out a young man in his twenties.

Ye Chao waved his hands in embarrassment: "I also heard from others."

Huang Ping immediately said: "Now the truth is clear, he must have done it, and then in order to clear his innocence, he went to the office to make a secret phone call."

"I didn't call the police, let alone go to the office." Ye Chao retorted: "I really heard that the Tang family wanted to pursue Anshen Wan, so I came up with this idea."

Tang Yue asked, "Where did you hear that?"

Ye Chao also felt a little strange: "When I went to the toilet this morning, I heard someone talking outside, but I didn't see anyone when I came out. By the way, I remember it was a female voice."

There are not many women in the factory, but there are also many. There are dozens of female workers.

What Ye Chao said was so vague that it was simply unconvincing.

"He did it. He said he heard someone talking. It's so farfetched."

"Let's do it well, and don't be led by the nose easily."

Everyone convicted Ye Chao.

Tangyue's eyes flickered.

Not Ye Chao.

Although he didn't do it right, his expression was sincere, and he seemed to be telling the truth.

She stared at Huang Ping and asked again: "When did you leave the office, was there anyone in the office when you left?"

Huang Ping's eyes wandered for a moment: "I went out right after get off work. At first, everyone was there, but when I went to the cafeteria to eat, I was always the only one."

"But it was your office number that was dialed. I think you are very suspicious." Tang Yue pressed her every step of the way.

Huang Ping quibbled: "I'm not in the office at all, how could I make a phone call, someone else must have set me up."

She began to explain to Tangyue.

If she really didn't do it, she would be angry now, but she put her position very low, which means that this matter has something to do with her.


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