Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 30

Tangyue smiled, and then asked, "Where did you stand when you went out? Is there anyone familiar around you?"

Huang Ping thought for a while. If she said there was someone she knew, she would have to find someone to testify.

So she resolutely denied it: "There is no one I know well. After all, I just came to the company, and I am very strange to everyone."

"I followed the crowd at the time, stood at the back to watch the excitement, and didn't pay attention to who was around."

"By the way, I met her around 1 o'clock, and she also said that today's braised pork ribs are delicious." Uncle Chen said.

His words played a key role. Although it can't prove that Huang Ping didn't do it, it can at least prove that Huang Ping didn't lie.

Huang Ping also said, "That's right, I came over right after dinner. Seeing so many people, how could I have the intention to go into the office."

Tangyue lowered her eyes, and she looked at Huang Ping with clear eyes, which were as bright as moonlight, but they gave people infinite pressure: "So you met Uncle Chen after eating at 1 o'clock, after that, you You didn't go back to the office halfway, did you?"

After hearing her words, Huang Ping thought about whether there were language loopholes.

"Why don't you answer? Isn't the matter I summarized the same as what you just stated?" Tangyue's tone was soft but full of strength.

"I'm just thinking about it, and I'm afraid I may get the wrong answer." Huang Ping retorted.

Tangyue stood upright, and the wind blew her veil up.

At that moment, her eyes were bent.

"You stood outside the cafeteria and saw the blackboard saying that today's main dish is braised pork ribs, but the auntie in the cafeteria went late today and didn't buy braised pork ribs, so you didn't go to the cafeteria at all."

As soon as the words fell, Huang Ping's face suddenly turned pale.

Everyone else looked at her and started pointing.

Tangyue's eyes seemed to be able to see through her mind: "You said that you went to the cafeteria to eat and ate braised pork ribs. There is no braised pork ribs in the cafeteria. Why are you lying? It's because you want to excuse yourself, so Find a reason."

"The female voice that Ye Chao heard was you. You first deliberately spread rumors, leading the workers to ask for wages, and then find an opportunity to go back to the office to call the police, trying to make things worse, so that Wangyuezhai can't make good medicines."

"I didn't." Huang Ping quickly denied.

"You did this because Tang Guodong ordered you to prevent Anshen Pills from being produced on time, so as to achieve your goals."

Ding Fu looked at Tang Yue, with a flash of admiration in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, the eldest lady found out about such a small detail, and directly said that Huang Ping was powerless to resist.

Huang Ping's current reaction doesn't need to be questioned anymore. This matter is because she didn't run away.

Ye Chao came to his senses: "Thinking about it this way, I heard that female voice is very similar to her voice."

Huang Ping hurriedly said, "You are talking nonsense. I never said such a thing. I just forgot. What I ate in the cafeteria was braised pork. I just slipped my tongue."

Tangyue smiled: "I also went to the cafeteria today, and there is no braised pork in the cafeteria."

Too much to say.

Huang Ping's face became even more ugly: "That's not the case. Actually, I didn't go to the cafeteria to eat. I went out for lunch, but I just went to work not long ago, so I think it's more economical to go to the cafeteria."

"So, what you just said is all false? A waste of everyone's time."

Huang Ping almost didn't come up in one breath. She felt like a prisoner now, being stared at by a group of people, which made her suppress a ball of anger.

At this point, she couldn't stay in Wangyue Zhai anymore.

Originally, this incident was just an appetizer, and she wanted to arrange it for a long time, so that Ding Fu couldn't continue to open Wangyue Zhai.

Unexpectedly, it was discovered on the first day, and future actions could no longer be carried out.

Huang Ping had no choice but to admit: "Yes, I admit that I called the police, but I don't admit that I provoked this incident. I am also afraid of such a big incident outside. I only do it if I want to solve this incident. make such a move."

"Uncle Fu is here, he can take charge of the overall situation, do you need to solve it?"

Tang Yue said: "Don't you know that because of your calling the police, Wangyuezhai will be pushed into dire straits?"

If she hadn't arrived in time, something big would have happened this time.

Huang Ping lowered her head: "I was too impatient at the time, and didn't think too much about it."

There is nothing left to ask.

Ding Fu said at the right time: "Fire Huang Ping and Ye Chao."


Ye Chao clenched his hands. Wang Yuezhai had a good salary and included food. It was originally a good job, but he missed it because of a slip of the tongue.

As for Huang Ping, she just felt ashamed and worked so hard for nothing, she didn't say a word.

After the matter was over, Tangyue returned to Feng's house.

Old Madam Feng invited her to eat mung bean cake again. As soon as she tasted a piece, Qin Zheng hurried over: "Madam Second Young Master, Second Young Master wants to see you."

Tangyue's hands stopped, a little bit of mung bean powder fell to the ground, and she stuffed the remaining pastry into her mouth without changing her expression: "He wants to see me?"

She and Feng Xie have always lived a life of peace and harmony, what does he want her for?

Hearing this, Old Madam Feng also looked at Tang Yue in shock.

"Yes, you go out with me now." Qin Zheng said.

Tangyue finished eating this piece of pastry slowly, her whole mouth became sweet, a bit greasy.

The old lady Feng was surprised, and then looked at her with complicated eyes: "Feng Xie never tells us where we are, since he called you, you should go quickly."

Tangyue: "...."

don't want to go.

Old Madam Feng probably misunderstood what she meant, so she smiled and said, "If you like to eat mung bean cake, take a box with you and eat it with Feng Xie later."

So before leaving, Tangyue was forced to stuff a box of freshly baked mung bean cakes in her hand.

When the two arrived at the hospital, Tangyue thought that Qin Zheng would go up together, but unexpectedly he stopped.

"Second Young Madam, Second Young Master has specified that he wants to see you, so I won't go in."


Tangyue didn't know that this was the first time she came to Feng Xie's ward. She opened the ward familiarly, and saw Feng Xie lying on the bed playing with her mobile phone.

His hair was untrimmed, there was a wisp of raised hair on his forehead, and one leg was carelessly bent, but it could also be seen that his legs were very long, and his upper body was covered with gauze, perhaps to avoid touching The wound, wearing a soft white shirt, opened his chest.

She saw his sexy butterfly collarbone again.

Tangyue only glanced at it, then lowered her eyelashes, walked over, put the box on the bedside table, and asked, "How are you feeling now? Is there any discomfort?"

Feng Xie ignored her. He opened the box and took a piece of mung bean cake. After taking a few bites, he said unwillingly, "Mung bean cake? Tired."

"You come to see me, just make this stuff yourself?"

Talking about disgust, he actually ate the whole piece of mung bean cake, but he didn't take the second piece.

Tangyue: "...."

Now she said that the mung bean cake was not made by herself, but it was too deliberate.

So she said softly, "I like sweets very much. I thought you liked it too, so I brought some. If you tell me, I will write down what you like."


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