Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 16 You are not qualified!

"Mr. Ning, I know I'm wrong, so please forgive me!"

Rosaline was of mixed blood, and the advantages brought about by her bloodline made her body dimension much superior to that of the Daxia people.

She knelt at Ning Tianlang's feet, her proud figure visible.

"What are you doing apologizing to me?"

Ning Tianlang looked at her condescendingly, "It's not like I'm the one who dismissed you."

"As long as you can forgive me, I can do whatever you want me to do! I can't lose this job!"

"Anything? Like what?"

Rosaline raised her head, her deep, large eyes looking thirstily at Ning Tian Lang:

"I can agree to anything you want, I can even accompany you for a night!"

As she said that, she straightened her chest, displaying her proud capital to Ning Tianlang.

Rosaline was wearing a slim-fitting suit overskirt, and the white shirt inside was stretched out tightly.

The buttons on her chest were almost bursting open!

With her chest puffed out like this, she instantly attracted all the men's eyes.

"Hehe, accompany me for one night?"

Ning Tianlang faintly swept a glance at her and said disdainfully, "You don't have this qualification yet!"

"Oh my god ......"

Those men around were about to faint with envy.

Such a seductive mixed-race beauty throwing herself at him, but it's still not rare to want it?

This vision was too high!

Ning Tian Lang didn't look at Rosaline again, and left indifferently in the envious and worshipful gazes of the crowd ......

Walking out of Hialeah Jewelry Store, Wen Ruyun could no longer hold back her curiosity and wondered:

"Tian Lang, what the hell is going on here? How could you possibly afford to buy so many rings?"

Ning Tianlang shrugged his shoulders and pointed at Gu Ningyu with a woeful gesture, "Ask her!"

He didn't want to deceive his big sister.

But what he was coming back to do this time was too dangerous.

He didn't want to worry his sisters or get them involved.

So he could only conceal his identity.

A lie told would have to be rounded up with ten thousand lies.

He was too lazy to find an excuse, so he directly pushed Gu Ningyu out.

Facing Wen Ruyun's suspicious gaze, Gu Ningyu stammered:

"That ...... that these rings are all bought by me, I gave them to you."

"You bought them?" Wen Ru Yun was surprised, "How did you have so much money?"

The Gu family and the Wen family were about the same strength, both second-rate small families.

She knew that Gu Ningyu would never be able to get fifty million dollars.

"It's not my spending money." Gu Ningyu mo could both say, "Isn't my fiancé Shangguan Qing, he has money, he has money ......"

"Shangguan family spent money?"

Wen Ruyun hurriedly took out the ring from her bag and said anxiously:

"How can I want something so expensive from the Shangguan family! Hurry back and return it!"

Ning Tianlang hurriedly stopped her, "Big sister, how can you return something like this? Since it's Miss Gu's goodwill, just keep it. Consider it a bridesmaid gift."

"Right, right, right."

Gu Ningyu hurriedly chimed in, "That's right, it's a bridesmaid gift, the Shangguan family is so rich, it's not worth spending!"

"Then ...... then I will receive it first. When there is an opportunity in the future, then send back to you the gift ...... "Wen Ruyun was in a dilemma.

Neither want to accept the ring for nothing, nor do they want to smear the face of their girlfriends.

She could only secretly decide that when she had money later, she would give Gu Ningyu back a gift of comparable price.

Seeing that she was no longer suspicious, Gu Ningyu quietly gave Ning Tianlang a wink and changed the topic with a ha-ha laugh:

"Right Ruyun, what's the person you're going on a blind date with this afternoon?"

"It seems to be the son of the Yang Group."

"It can be, Yang's Group has been in full swing lately, and I heard that that Mr. Yang is also a talented man who has returned from studying abroad!"

Gu Ningyu excitedly pulled Wen Ruyun's hand, "Hurry up, I really want to see if he's really as talented as rumored!"


Regulus Hotel.

It was one of the most high-end hotels in Qing'an City.

It was located in the most prosperous central business district.

The sixty-six-story hotel building was a landmark!

A meal here would cost at least six figures.

Non-celebrities can not eat here.

It can be said that what you eat here is not only a meal, but also a symbol of identity and status!


Above the 60th floor is even more affordable.

Even if you have money, you may not be able to book a place.

Identity, status, power, connections ......

One is indispensable!

Gu Ningyu looked at the towering skyscrapers and said longingly:

"If only my wedding could be held on the sixty-sixth floor, I would have no regrets in this life."

"Don't dream, the Shangguan family doesn't have that much power."

Wen Ruyun joked.

Gu Ningyu swept a glance at Ning Tianlang intentionally or unintentionally:

"Ru Yun, maybe your wedding can be held on this top floor ......"

"I'd dream even less! In the entire Qing'an City, how many people can have such a big face?!"

Ning Tianlang scratched his chin, "Isn't it just a shitty hotel? If you want to go to the sixty-sixth floor for dinner, big sister, I'll book a seat."

"Good, you work hard, big sister will wait for you to be successful in your career one day and invite me here for dinner!"

Wen Ru Yun smiled softly, her beauty was unbelievable.

"I'm going too I'm going too!"

Gu Ningyu raised her hand, "I'm going to see it too."

While Wen Ruyun thought Ning Tianlang was joking, Gu Ningyu knew that he really had this ability.

A fifty million dollar ring could be bought with his own hands, so how hard could it be to go to the top floor of the Regulus Hotel for a meal?

Ning Tianlang brought his face to Gu Ningyu's cheek, sniffing the faint perfume on her body, and teasingly said:

"If you marry me, I'll take you to organize a wedding on this sixty-sixth floor."

"Are you serious?"

Gu Ningyu's pair of beautiful eyes sparkled with light.

"I've always kept my word."

Ning Tianlang's lips gently touched her ear.

A man's scent hit her face.

Gu Ningyu instantly blushed, her heart beating frantically ......


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