Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 18 Special Corps

Fang Haohan was shocked.

It took a long while before he twitched the corners of his mouth twice, as if he had heard a heavenly joke, and snorted:

"Hahaha, did I hear it right? You're asking me to kneel down and apologize to her?"

He reached out and pointed at Ning Tianlang.

"What the fuck are you! How dare you talk to this young master like that?!"

Ning Tianlang coldly plucked away his hand and said word for word, "Don't challenge the limits of my patience."

"I'll fucking challenge it, what can you do to me?"

For a time, both sides were at swords drawn!

Gu Ningyu knew that these two people were not characters to be messed with and hurriedly rounded up the situation:

"Alright, alright, all of you, cut it out ......"

Fang Haohan glanced at her obliquely, "What, you want to serve me for Wen Ruyun?"

"You keep your mouth clean! I'm Shangguan Qing's fiancée!"

"Who the hell is Shangguan Qing?" Fang Haohan looked disdainful.

"He's just a commoner son of the Shangguan family, do you think old me would be afraid of him?!"

Gu Ningyu couldn't say anything and retreated back behind Ning Tianlang with a grunt.

Fang Haohan took a step forward and stared tightly at Ning Tianlang.

The distance between the two was less than twenty centimeters.

He wiggled his chin with a ferocious face and sprayed spittle:

"Little trash, the one who should kneel is you! If you kneel now and lick the soles of this young master's shoes clean, I'll be merciful and let you go in for dinner!"

With that, he raised his foot.

"Just in time, I just accidentally stepped on a piece of gum, lick it clean for me!"

Ning Tian Lang looked at him expressionlessly, "Young Master Fang, right? Don't you think you're too arrogant?"

"Grass! This is this young master's territory! I can be as arrogant as I want!"

"Your turf?"

The corner of Ning Tianlang's mouth hooked into a cold smile, "Soon, this won't be your turf anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Ning Tian Lang took out his cell phone and said indifferently, "I only need to make one phone call, and this Xuan Yuan Hotel will change ownership on the spot!"

Upon hearing this, Fang Haohan laughed wildly:

"Hahaha, you're a poor hanger-on who isn't as golden as the dog I raised, and you dare to say such big words?!"

The crowd burst into laughter.

The waiters and bodyguards all looked at Ning Tianlang like he was a fool.

Their eyes seemed to be saying: from which hospital did this kid run out of a mental illness?

This Xuan Yuan Hotel was the Founder's Xuan Yuan Group's top industry, and its volume was extremely huge.

Throughout the entire Xifeng Province, no plutocratic nobleman dared to speak such wild words!

"This person is also too capable of bragging!"

"More than bragging, it's simply a generation of pusher gods!"

"That's right, I've received quite a few celebrities and gentry, but I've never seen one as shameless as him!"

Hearing the jeers of the people next to her, Gu Ningyu pulled Ning Tianlang's clothes behind her and whispered:

"Let's just go, the Fang family is not something to be messed with ......"

Although she knew that Ning Tian Lang was rich, spending 50 million dollars on a ring and buying an entire Regulus Hotel was not the same concept!

She didn't think Ning Tian Lang would have such energy!

Wen Ruyun also nodded, "Tianlang, don't be angry for a moment, in the future, big sister will find a way to help you deal with him."

She was confident in her business talent.

She believed that as long as she was given another ten years or so, she would definitely be able to build a business empire that surpassed Fang Zheng Xuan Yuan!

"Want to go?" Fang Haohan said in a conspiratorial manner, "You want to run away after pretending? Good thinking!"

He looked at Ning Tianlang with a beaten expression:

"This young master will give you time to call! If you're still a man, don't be a shrinking violet!" The people behind him all had a look of watching the show.


Ning Tianlang dialed the phone, "Hey, Tiankui, acquire the Xuan Yuan Hotel. Yes, within five minutes."

"Hahahahaha ......"

Upon hearing this, Fang Haohan laughed his head off.

"Within five minutes? You're really a pushover!"

A hint of a sinister expression appeared on his face, "If you can't do it in five minutes, then you'll have to kneel down and lick the soles of my shoes clean!"

Four and a half minutes later.

Fang Haohan looked at the Rolex on his wrist.

"Kid, just a few dozen seconds left, are you ready to lick your shoes?"

His words had just fallen.

Chen Jinghuan, the general manager of Xuan Yuan Hotel, hurriedly ran in with his men, sweating profusely:

"Young Master Fang, we just received news that this place has been acquired!"


Fang Haohan's entire body was struck by lightning!

Everyone around him was shocked to the extreme!

Gu Ningyu looked at Ning Tianlang with her mouth wide open, "Oh my god, he really did it ......"

In the next second, Fang Haohan slowed down and froze as he looked at Chen Jinghuan:

"What do you mean by that? What do you mean by being acquired? Who could have such a big appetite to acquire Regulus Hotel?!"

"It's the Kunlun Group."

Chen Jinghuan hurriedly replied.

Once she heard the name Kunlun Group, the shocked Wen Ruyun was only slightly relieved -

It turned out to be a coincidence.

That giant conglomerate was inaugurated in Qing'an City yesterday, so it was quite possible that it would acquire some industries today.

Only, this handwriting is also too appalling ......

Fang Haohan trembled, shaking his head unbelievably and repeatedly, "No, this is impossible, this is absolutely impossible ......"

Chen Jinghuan stepped forward and raised his cell phone to his face, "Young master, the electronic contracts have all been signed."

"Impossible ......"

Fang Haohan was dumbfounded and only knew to repeat this sentence.

The waiters and bodyguards behind him were all dumbfounded.

No one had expected that in just five minutes of work, the Xuan Yuan Hotel had really changed ownership!

Chen Jinghuan came in front of Ning Tianlang and bowed deeply:

"The people from the Kunlun Group said that you, Mr. Ning, are the store's supreme vvip customer, never needing to make an appointment and enjoying all the privileges."

"Hiss ......"

As soon as these words came out, all of those hotel staff members sucked in a breath of cool air.

Since the Xuan Yuan Hotel had been established for so long, it had also received quite a few dignitaries and celebrities and plutocrats, but no one had ever been treated like this!

The foreman who had previously insulted Ning Tian Lang was on the verge of crying in fear, shivering as if electrocuted ......

"No...... not right......"

Fang Haohan took two steps back, "I'm going to go home and ask my dad what's going on here? How can you sell the Xuan Yuan Hotel?!"

"Want to leave?"

Ning Tian Lang grabbed him by the collar and said coldly, "You want to leave after pretending? You're too good to be true!"

Not a word was left out, and it was returned in full!

"What do you ...... you want?"

Fang Haohan's eyes were horrified.

Ning Tian Lang lit a cigarette and spat a mouthful of smoke onto his face:

"Didn't you just ask me to lick the gum off the bottom of your shoes?"

With that, he threw the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out with one foot.

"Now, lick the cigarette ash clean for me!"


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