Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 19 If there is any resistance, kill it on the spot!


Fang Haohan clenched his teeth, "Don't bully me too much! I'm the youngest master of the Fang family, how dare you do this to me?!"

"The Fang family is nothing!"


Ning Tian Lang slapped him in the face and raised his foot, "Lick the soles of my shoes clean, or else, I'll take your dog's life!"

Fang Haohan's face rose to the color of pig liver.

He was a pampered young master, where would he be willing to suffer such humiliation?

"Beat him to death for me!!!"

He hissed at his bodyguards like a madman!

When the young master gave the order, those bodyguards didn't dare to hesitate, and they all rushed over with wrinkled brows and glaring eyes.

Wen Ruyun and Gu Ningyu were stunned.

The Fang family's bodyguards were all big and burly men, and Ning Tianlang was a skinny teenager compared to them.

"Tian Lang!"

Wen Ruyun gritted her teeth and was about to rush to Ning Tianlang's body to protect him.

However, she was pulled back by Gu Ningyu.

"Ru Yun, don't you want to die!"

Wen Ru Yun was about to cry in a hurry as she said in a loud voice, "Fang Haohan, if you dare to touch a single hair on my brother's head, I will definitely kill you!"

The words had not yet fallen.

The group of bodyguards had all rushed to Ning Tian Lang's near front!


"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

There were several muffled sounds.

In the crowd's astonished gazes, all of those bladdered bodyguards were thrown to the ground by Ning Tianlang!

It was as simple as throwing trash!

"Oh my god, that's too handsome too, isn't it ......"

Gu Ningyu looked at Ning Tianlang's handsome side face in a daze, her eyes full of adoration and love.

Fang Haohan grabbed his hair and yelled incredulously:

"Are you all fucking losers? So many people can't beat one?!"

Ning Tianlang dusted off the non-existent dust on his sleeves and said indifferently, "Young Master Fang, it's your turn."

After saying that, his right hand probed out like lightning and directly clutched Fang Haohan's wrist, twisting it with force!

In an instant, a miserable howl like killing a pig spread throughout the entire 60th floor.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ...... let go! Let go! It hurts me!"

Fang Haohan's arm was broken into a weird angle, and a horrifying sound of "cackling" kept coming out of his joints.

Everyone present looked at this scene in horror, cold sweat pouring out.

"Help ...... I apologize, I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I apologize to you all ......"

Tearing pain came from his arm, and Fang Haohan was completely scared!

He didn't want to become a cripple!

"Miss Wen, Miss Gu, I apologize to you all, please let him release me!"

Fang Haohan hissed and begged for mercy.

Ning Tian Lang snorted coldly and threw him out with a force of his arm.

And then lifted his foot, "Quick! Lick the soot off the bottom of your shoes!"

Fang Haohan fell in a dog shit and forced himself to endure the pain to crawl to Ning Tianlang's feet ......

Seeing Fang Haohan's wretched appearance, everyone was shocked beyond belief!

In Qing'an City, I'm afraid that no one had ever dared to treat the youngest master of the Fang Family in such a manner!

The young man in front of him was too ruthless in his methods!

He didn't give Fang Haohan any face at all!

Fang Haohan closed his eyes and put his face in front of Ning Tianlang's shoe.

He hates!

But didn't dare to disobey!

Just when his tongue had just touched the sole of Ning Tian Lang's shoe.

Ning Tian Lang bent his knees and kicked the sole of his shoe directly into his face!

"You're too dirty to lick my shoes!"

Another heavy blow!

The Fang family's youngest master wasn't worthy of licking his shoes?

This was already wildly lawless, wasn't it?

Everyone was silenced, looking at Ning Tianlang with awe in their eyes!

Fang Haohan's nose was shattered by a kick.

At this moment, he was sprawled on the ground with a face full of blood, and his miserable howls were heart palpitating! Ning Tian Lang swept a glance at him and said indifferently, "Carry it away, it's revolting to look at."

As if amnestied!

Those bodyguards hurriedly lifted up Fang Haohan in a panic and ran away with their asses in the air.

Seeing this situation, General Manager Chen Jinghuan immediately reprimanded those waiters with a very good eye:

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and prepare tea for Mr. Ning!"

"Yes yes yes ......"

The crowd all nodded and bowed in response, their appearance submissive to the extreme!

Entering the vip number six box, Ning Tianlang waved his hand towards Chen Jinghuan, "Go down, I'll call you if there's anything."

"Yes, Mr. Ning."

Only after Chen Jinghuan left did Wen Ruyun wonder:

"Tian Lang, what's going on? How did Kunlun Group happen to acquire this place so coincidentally? And why did they give you the privilege of supreme vvip?"

"This ......"

Ning Tian Lang pondered for a moment, "Elder sister, in fact, the owner of Kunlun Group is my former comrade-in-arms, he originally wanted to acquire this place, I merely borrowed an east wind."

"The owner of Kunlun Group is your comrade-in-arms?!"

Wen Ruyun's eyes widened in surprise, "Is that why you made that bet with grandpa?"

Ning Tianlang nodded, "That's right, we have an ironclad bond, one or two contracts don't matter at all. I'll ask him to meet with you when I have time."

"I will do my best to do my best!" Wen Ruyun's eyes glowed with excitement.

Just then, the door to the box opened.

A young man with round metal glasses walked in.

He wore a cyan-colored high-grade suit and carried an lv briefcase, his appearance was very elegant.

"I'm sorry, there was a problem with the academic forum I've been preparing recently, so I'm late."

Immediately afterward, he saw Ning Tianlang and Gu Ningyu, and his face changed slightly, but immediately resumed his gentle smile.

Wen Ruyun extended her hand nonchalantly, "Please sit down, Mr. Yang."

The man sat across from her, "Introduce myself, my name is Yang Ye, I just returned from studying in the Sunset Empire a while ago."

Yang Ye?

Why does that sound so familiar?

Ning Tianlang was slightly stunned.

Yesterday, when he was arresting Denchuan Kangping, he seemed to have said that he was Yang Ye's teacher!

And this Yang gentleman in front of him had just returned from studying in the Sunset Empire.

Could this ...... be a coincidence?

Yang Ye took a sip of tea and smiled:

"Miss Wen, the small boss of this Regulus Hotel and I are hairy kids, if you come here to eat in the future, I can always make a reservation for you."

"Hehe, hairy little."

Wen Ruyun wore a mocking smile on her face and seemed to be pointing, "Is it true that he's played with everything you've played with, and that includes women as well?"

Hearing this, Yang Ye was visibly stunned and his face became unnatural.

"What do you mean by that, Ms. Wen?"

Gu Ningyu interjected, "Mr. Yang, why did you agree to go on a blind date with Ruyun, with your wealth and education, you can casually find a better one, right?"

This was also what Wen Ru Yun wanted to ask.

She also wanted to know why a young talent like Yang Ye would come on a blind date.

Could it be that the other party was merely trying to play with her, as Fang Haohan had said?

Yang Ye smiled faintly:

"Ms. Wen your father and my father are old classmates, and you are a very famous goddess entrepreneur in Qing'an City, I appreciate you very much."

The words were spoken frankly, but his eyes betrayed him.

His eyes kept scanning over Wen Ruyun's and Gu Ningyu's chests without any concealment!

Gu Ningyu rolled her eyes, "Sven scum!"

Wen Ru Yun, on the other hand, frowned, "Mr. Yang, I really had no choice but to come over today, I have no plans to get married, sorry."

Yang Ye didn't seem surprised that she said this.

"It's okay, Ms. Wen, even if we don't get married, we can still get to know each other better. ......"

"Deeper" two words, he said very meaningful ......


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