Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 20 Ning Family Site

Wen Ruyun's pretty face went cold at once.

She had been maneuvering around the shopping malls of Qing'an City for so long, how could she not hear the hidden meaning in Yang Ye's words?

"Words don't mean much, Mr. Yang, let's leave today's meeting here."

Wen Ru Yun stood up and prepared to leave.

Just then, a clamor came from outside.

"Why don't you let me in? My daughter is inside on a blind date! I don't care, if you don't let me in I'll just lie here and not leave!"

"That's right, we just have to go in, can you beat me to death?"

Wen Ruyun frowned, wasn't this the voice of her adoptive parents?

Why were they here?

Not a moment later, the foreman from before pushed the door in and respectfully said to Wen Ruyun, "Miss Wen, there are two people outside, saying they are your parents, I don't know ......"

Before he could finish his words, Jiang Yan stormed in past him and shouted:

"Mr. Yang, you quickly teach this dead lackey a lesson! How dare he not let me in, he really doesn't have a fucking eye!"

A trace of contempt appeared on Yang Ye's face, but quickly, it was well concealed.

He said gently to the foreman:

"I know that Regulus Hotel's rules don't allow for temporary extra seats, but this time, can you be a little more accommodating?"

He knew that saying it would be in vain, Regulus Hotel would definitely not change the rules just because of his words.

The foreman didn't answer immediately, but stole a glance at Ning Tian Lang's eye color.

The general manager had just said that Ning Tian Lang was a supreme vvip and enjoyed all privileges!

He didn't dare to be negligent!

Ning Tian Lang nodded slightly, if he let Jiang Yan make a scene again, his big sister's face wouldn't look good either.

"Okay." The foreman bowed, "I'll have someone add two more seats in now."

Upon hearing this, Yang Ye froze.

When did he himself have such great face?

Jiang Yan spat at the foreman's back and cursed, "Bah! You dog-fighting son of a bitch!"

Immediately after, Wen Quansheng also walked in, piling on his smile and said, "Aiya, it's still Mr. Yang who has face."

Jiang Yan smiled even more creepily, "How are the talks between Duke Yang and our Ru Yun going?"

Yang Ye courteously said, "Miss Wen and I get along very well, I just invited her to be my guest at my newly bought villa in the evening."

"Oh my god, is it true?" Jiang Yan looked excited and pulled Wen Ruyun's hand.

"You must be good with Mr. Yang tonight, do you hear me?"

Wen Ruyun's face changed drastically.

Wasn't this pushing her into the fire pit?

"Mom and dad, I ......"

Seeing that she was going to refuse, Wen Quansheng tensed his face and coldly rebuked:

"You what you, it's your good fortune that Mr. Yang sees you. No need to say more, tonight you must go with him!"

Yang Ye's thoughts were clear to everyone present.

But Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan didn't care.

As long as they could cook the raw rice, even if Yang Ye didn't marry Wen Ruyun in the end, they would still be able to get a good amount of benefits ......

"Both of you, are you selling your daughters or pimping them out?"

Ning Tian Lang spoke coldly.

"What did you say?" Wen Quansheng's face sank, "I haven't asked yet, why are you kid here?"

Jiang Yan pointed at Ning Tian Lang and cursed shrilly:

"You little punk always pestering our Ru Yun for what? Haven't you victimized our family enough?"

Because of the bet between Ning Tian Lang and Wen Guang Yi, they had become the laughing stock of the Wen family.

Everyone was waiting to see their jokes.

"Mom and Dad, you guys shouldn't always target him, it's not that he's pestering me, it's that I'm going to take him with me. I will never let him leave me again."


Jiang Yan was so angry at her that she rolled her eyes, "Look at what you're saying." She hurriedly turned to Yang Ye and curried favor:

"Mr. Yang, you mustn't think too much, this little yakuza is just an orphan from the orphanage, we definitely won't let Ru Yun be with him."

"So it's an orphan." Yang Ye looked at Ning Tian Lang with contempt, "I said why is he so unqualified."

"That's right, the dead orphan is uneducated, you mustn't be general with him." Wen Quansheng said.

"Your father and I are old classmates, it would be simply great if you two children could make a good marriage."

Listening to their conversation, Ning Tianlang's eyes went ice cold in an instant.

He hated it when people called him an orphan!

Every sound of orphan would pull his memories back to the sea of fire when he was five years old.

All before his eyes was the horrifying sight of his parents being strangled and charred in the fire!

He slammed his teacup heavily:

"I've tolerated it again and again on account of the favor you guys once did to big sister, so don't you dare challenge the limits of my patience again!"

Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan were shocked and froze at the same time.

But Jiang Yan immediately stood up with her eyebrows and scolded, "Who are you scaring, little yakuza? What, do you still want to beat us up?"

"You still dare to threaten us?" Wen Quansheng turned to Wen Ruyun.

"See, this brother of yours is a social scum, you'd better stay away from him or you'll be dragged down with him!"

At this time, Yang Ye spoke out:

"Auntie and Uncle, you don't have to worry, in the future, when Miss Wen is with me, I will definitely not let this kind of person get close to her again."

Gu Ningyu really couldn't stand to watch anymore and grumbled in anger, "Are there any of you who are parents like this? Can't you guys see that Yang Ye is a Sven scum?!"

"You're a girl from the Gu family, aren't you?" Jiang Yan swept a glance at her and said in a conspiratorial manner.

"You married well and got engaged to the Shangguan family, but now you're a satiated man who doesn't know how hungry he is, and you've come here to make snide remarks, what on earth do you have in mind?"

Gu Ningyu was no match for this kind of shrew.

Being infuriated, her little face turned red, and she didn't know how to retaliate.

"Alright, I'll make up my own mind about things, so you guys don't have to care, let's call it a day."

Wen Ruyun frowned tightly, her face like frost.

As soon as her words fell, General Manager Chen Jinghuan personally came in with two chairs and respectfully said:

"Sorry for the disturbance, the extra seats for the two honored guests have been brought ......"

"No need." Wen Ru Yun said icily, "We've finished eating, pay the bill."

"Yes ......"

Looking at the luxurious dining table that basically hadn't moved much, Chen Jinghuan sighed in his heart, is this the way rich people eat?

"How much?"

Wen Ru Yun took out her wallet and prepared to pay the bill.

"Ms. Wen, there are a total of six VIPs, the reservation fee is one million two hundred thousand dollars. Together with this six hundred and sixty thousand dollar White Jade Seafood Banquet, a total of one million eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars."

Chen Jinghuan quoted the price in great detail.

"Hiss ......"

Upon hearing this price, Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan simultaneously sucked in a mouthful of cool air.

This ...... this is too expensive right ......

Jiang Yan signaled with her eyes for Wen Ruyun to put away her wallet and said tentatively to Yang Ye, "Mr. Yang, you've broken the bank today ......"

Yang Ye's face was also ugly.

Temporarily coming out with four extra people and having to shell out an extra eight hundred thousand dollars raw made him very uncomfortable in his heart.

"That ...... you're the general manager here, right?" Yang Ye looked at Chen Jinghuan, "I'm a hairdresser with your Young Master Fang, so there should be a discount, right?"

"Sorry, our Xuan Yuan Hotel never gives discounts to anyone."

Chen Jinghuan replied coldly, not giving him any face at all.

"But ......"

He respectfully looked at Ning Tian Lang ......


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