Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 63


The bodyguard took another slap.

After being beaten, he took several steps back and almost fell down.

Half of his face suddenly swelled up again.

There are five clear finger prints, which are symmetrical to the right side of the face.

Gu Beixian's eyes were extremely gloomy, and he sternly reprimanded: "Let you protect Su Wei, that's how you protect! When something happens, you don't notify me immediately, how dare you lie to me! A bunch of daring trash!"

It's been a long time since he lost his temper like this.

A handsome face was so gloomy that water could be squeezed out.

The whole body air pressure was terribly low.

It was very quiet in the room.

Everyone dared not make a sound.

After the bodyguard came to his senses, he immediately waved his hands left and right, and beat him desperately in the face.

For a while, there was only a crisp crackling sound in the room.

The bodyguard confessed while beating: "Mr. Gu, I was wrong. I should never have gone downstairs to buy cigarettes. I went out for only a few minutes, and the young lady was taken advantage of. I don't even I should be afraid of being punished, lie, and ask the young lady to help me lie together, causing a misunderstanding between the two of you. Whether you want to be beaten or punished, it is up to you to deal with it. "

Su Hua saw that Gu Beixian's expression was extremely cold.

If the stalemate continues, it will not end well.

She turned her head and said to the bodyguard: "You all go out, it's getting late, we should rest."

The bodyguard hesitated for a moment, then stopped his movements.

Carefully looking at Gu Beixian, he saw that he didn't speak.

The bodyguard accompanied Xiaoxin and said: "Mr. Gu, you and the young lady should rest first, and then punish me tomorrow."

Gu Beixian sternly said, "Get lost!"

All the bodyguards did not dare to neglect, and immediately filed out.

I'm afraid that if I leave late, I will provoke him again.

After people leave.

Gu Beixian picked up his mobile phone to call his assistant, and said in a deep voice: "The police station in Longyao Village has just sent in a habitual criminal named Niu Mang. You can find someone to check him and see if there is anyone behind him. Instigate, find out and tell me immediately!"

The assistant heard that his tone was not very good, and hurriedly responded: "Okay, Mr. Gu, I'll find a relationship right now."

Gu Beixian hummed in a low voice.

The assistant paused and reminded: "Mr. Gu, you have an important meeting at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. You can't miss it. Can you come back? I can arrange a car to pick you up at the airport."

"Yes." Gu Beixian pinched the phone.

Throwing the phone on the table, he held Su Hua's shoulder.

Looking at her from the top to the bottom, seeing that there were no obvious injuries on her body, he was slightly relieved and asked, "Is there any injury?"

Su Hua shook her head.

Gu Beixian stared into her eyes, "Really?"

Su Wei's tone was light, "No."

After a moment of silence, Gu Beixian apologized: "I was too impulsive just now, I'm sorry."

Su Wei pursed her lips and remained silent.

Knowing that she was still angry, Gu Beixian patiently explained: "I finished my work at the company and flew here overnight to give you a surprise. As a result, I didn't see you when I came to your place. Call your mobile phone, turn it off, call the bodyguard's mobile phone, he said you were sleeping in the house. Not long after, I saw you coming back with Gu Jinyao. If it was you, what would you think?"

Only then did Su Hua remember that when she went to the police station to report the crime, she called the archaeological team.

After typing, the phone ran out of battery and turned off automatically.

She stuffed the phone under the pillow and went out.

Thinking in another way, if it was her, she would definitely misunderstand and get angry when she encountered this situation.

But what Gu Beixian said just now was really hurtful.

How could he say that about her?

Said that she came here for a private meeting with Gu Jinyao under the guise of painting.

Take her for something.

Su Hua raised her hand and thumped his chest, "Make you not trust me."

The tone is half angry and half resentful.

The strength of the hammer is not small.

Gu Beixian's frowning eased a little, and he held her wrist.

It's a good thing to beat this, it means that she has started to vent her anger.

I'm afraid that if she keeps everything in her heart and doesn't say anything, she will get more and more angry.

With a soft voice, he asked again: "Are you really not injured?"

"How many times have I said it, no." Su Hua's always gentle voice was a little rushed.

Gu Beixian smiled kindly, lowered his head, and gently kissed her hair, "It's fine."

His hanging heart temporarily fell back into his chest.

But when she thought that her innocence was almost ruined, her eyes became dark again.

Su Wei looked down at the watch on his wrist, it was one o'clock in the morning.

Thinking of what the assistant said on the phone just now, he has an important meeting at ten o'clock tomorrow, and he has to get up early to catch the plane.

She urged: "Go to sleep, you have to get up early tomorrow."

Gu Beixian pinched her chin, stared into her eyes, and asked, "Aren't you angry with me?"

Su Hua hummed absently.

How could you not be angry.

In front of so many people, talking about her like that was simply rubbing her self-esteem on the ground.

Not only insulted her, but also made Gu Jinyao unable to step down.

Anyone can insult her, but he can't.

Because he is her dearest and favorite person, different from others.

Su Wei turned around and was about to leave when Gu Beixian hooked her waist.

He pinched her soft waist and said in a muffled voice, "You still refuse to forgive me."

Su Hua wanted to go to sleep, but seeing that he couldn't let go, she stood on tiptoe, kissed him on the chin perfunctorily, and said, "I forgive you."

Gu Beixian was willing to let her go.

Su Hua went to wash her hands, and when she came back, she took off her clothes and went to bed.

Gu Beixian went to the bathroom to wash up.

He usually travels on business, often in five-star hotels and presidential suites.

Where have you ever lived in such a simple guest house?

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I couldn't help frowning when I saw the small and crude toilet, wash basin, and the dirt that could not be wiped off for years in the corners of the walls.

Where is this place where people live?

Su Hua is here to help.

How could the archaeological team arrange for her to live in such a dirty and messy environment.

But she didn't complain at all, she just did things calmly.

Gu Beixian couldn't help admiring her even more.

It was a temporary idea to come to see Su Hua tonight. He didn't prepare any toiletries, and the toothbrush provided by the hostel was of poor quality.

He used her pink electric toothbrush to brush his teeth.

It was the first time he brushed his teeth with her toothbrush.

A person who is so obsessed with cleanliness feels that her toothbrush feels good when brushing her teeth, like kissing her indirectly.

Good-looking people, even the used toothbrush is fragrant.

After washing up, Gu Beixian went back to bed.

Su Hua turned her back to him, facing inward.

Gu Beixian didn't bring pajamas either, so he took off his jacket and outer pants and got on the bed, put his arms around her waist, and turned her slightly so that she faced him.

He pressed down, bowed his head and kissed her cheek, and said, "The quality of the disposable toothbrush in the hostel is too bad, so I used your toothbrush, don't you mind?"

Su Hua was surprised.

A person with such a serious cleanliness obsession, who pays attention to details, actually brushes his teeth with her toothbrush.

But thinking about the two of them kissing each other every day, what is the difference between each other, so he said: "I don't mind."

Gu Beixian bit the tip of her nose, "Do you smell it?"

Su Hua couldn't laugh or cry.

How could this be the cold, restrained, unsmiling man in her impression?

rather like a...

She couldn't find the right words to describe him for a while.

Su Hua held back her laughter, and said lightly, "Fragrant."

"Then try whether it's sweet or not." He bit her soft lips, tapped her teeth lightly with the tip of his tongue, and sucked the kiss little by little.

He didn't actually kiss her, just catching her like a hook.

The provocative meaning is particularly obvious.

He's so flirtatious.

How can a straight girl like Su Hua stand it?

Even though he was still holding his breath in his heart, his body was uncontrollably attracted to him.

The remaining sliver of reason drove her to raise her hand and push his chest.

Wanted to push him away from himself.

Through the thin shirt, fingers touched the well-defined muscles on his body, it was so easy to touch.

Hard, sexy, and stylish.

The image of the two naked facing each other involuntarily came to mind, and Su Hua's ears turned red.

Gu Beixian stared at her reddened ear tips, let out a muffled laugh, held her wrist, raised her hand above her head, and deepened the kiss.

From gentleness at the beginning to gradual force.

Like distressed, like possessing, like declaring sovereignty, and like deep love?

Su Hua was kissed by him so quickly that her heart beat faster and her breathing became a little short of breath.

After a long and deep kiss, Gu Beixian let her go.

Su Wei panted slightly, nestled in his arms, and asked: "There is a meeting tomorrow morning, the time is so fast, why are you running to this barren mountain and wild place?"

Gu Beixian's cold and gloomy eyes locked on her silently, "What do you think?"

Su Wei said softly, "You tell yourself."

Gu Beixian hugged her, buried his chin in her neck and kissed her, casually said: "I have been restless all day, so I asked my assistant to book a plane ticket, and I have to fly over overnight to see you, so I can rest assured. "

What he actually wanted to say was: I miss you very much.


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