Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 66

Hearing the word "President Gu", Su Hua suddenly thought that she was dreaming.

Gu Beixian just left here this morning, so it's impossible to come back tonight.

She turned her head and looked back.

At the end of the night, the silhouette of the man slowly peeled off.

Gradually, a tall and straight figure appeared.

The moonlight as white as water sprinkled on him, covering him with a layer of lonely brilliance.

The man had an incomparably handsome face, with cold white skin, and his facial features were deep and cold.

Su Hua was surprised.

It's really Gu Beixian.

He got closer and closer.

When he left in the morning, he was still a heroic person.

Now there is a trace of fatigue in the world.

Su Hua couldn't believe her eyes.

Staring at him blankly, motionless.

Until the bodyguard yelled, "Young Madam, it's really Mr. Gu, Mr. Gu is here to look for you."

Only then did Su Hua feel like a person in a dream being woken up, her heart beat violently, and she subconsciously asked, "Why are you here?"

Gu Beixian didn't answer, just lowered his eyes and looked at her silently.

His eyes were dark, gloomy, disappointed, and lonely.

Su Hua had never seen such complicated emotions in his eyes.

For a moment I felt as if I had done something wrong.

She hesitated for a while, and said, "I couldn't sleep. I heard someone playing the flute, so I came out for a walk."

The man playing the flute heard the voice and was interrupted. He closed the flute and turned around slowly.

Gu Beixian saw the man's face clearly.

It's Gu Jinyao.

Someone he never wanted to see in his life.

A chill radiated from him continuously.

A very faint sneer overflowed from the corner of his lips, he looked at Gu Jinyao's direction, and said inexplicably: "I shouldn't have come, I'm bothering you."

After saying this, he turned around and left.

The pace is decisive.

Su Wei paused for a moment, raised her foot to catch up, and said while chasing, "It's not what you think, listen to my explanation."

Gu Beixian didn't stop walking as if he didn't hear it.

Long-legged, striding, walking fast.

I was suffocating in my heart.

He came all the way from thousands of miles, just to see her.

But what about her?

In the middle of the night, she came to see another man, and she was still looking at his back with tears in her eyes.

Gu Beixian felt as if a handful of sand had been stuffed in his heart, making him uncomfortable.

He couldn't help sneering again and again.

Su Hua chased after him for a while, but couldn't catch up with him, so she started to trot.

The road in the countryside was rough, she only cared about Beixian and didn't pay attention to her feet.

With a plop, she fell to the ground.

Instinctively let out a pained "ah" from his mouth.

The knee just hit the stone.

It was painful and numb, and it hurt so badly.

She hugged her knees and rubbed the injured place with her hands, frowning tightly.

When Gu Beixian heard the cry of pain, his body froze and he stopped slowly.

Looking back, she saw Su Wei sitting on the ground with a painful expression.

He frowned, and fell back again.

Walking to her, squatting down, trying to check her injuries, but the pants were too tight to roll up.

He rubbed her knee gently with his fingers, and said angrily, "Why are you so careless?"

"Who told you to go so fast? Don't wait for me. I just chased after you and didn't look at the road." Su Hua frowned, looking at him with teary eyes.

The tip of the nose was pink like a girl because of crying.

Gu Beixian stared at her pink nose, and most of his anger disappeared.

I thought to myself, to love this woman like this is really to suffer.

He said in a muffled voice, "It was you who made me angry first."

Su Wei was wronged, "You misunderstood me, listen to my explanation. I didn't know in advance that he was Gu Jinyao, it wasn't what you thought, I was..."

Because she was eager to explain, she was a little incoherent and couldn't continue.

Over there, Gu Jinyao saw Su Hua fall to the ground with a painful expression on his face, walking towards her uncontrollably with his legs.

As soon as he took a step, Gu Beixian noticed it.

"Go back and explain." He stretched his arm under her leg and the other hand under her armpit, picked her up from the ground horizontally, and walked towards the gate of the guest house.

He walked in a hurry, as if he was afraid of being overtaken by someone.

Seeing this, Gu Jinyao stopped in his tracks.

Only then did he realize that he had lost his composure.

Watching the figures of the two getting farther and farther away, gradually disappearing.

His eyes became deep and dark.

After a long time, he turned around slowly, walked to the ancient bridge, and continued to play the flute horizontally.

The melancholy sound of the flute turned into words:

The moonlight is dim, the night is not over, and the surroundings are lonely and quiet.

The cold light on the table is not bright, and I sit alone and feel lonely.

It wasn't until Gu Jinyao was thrown away that he couldn't see his shadow that Gu Beixian slowed down, gasping for breath, and asked, "Does your leg still hurt?"

Su Hua wrapped her arms around his neck and said softly, "It doesn't hurt anymore, just let me down."

"It'll be here soon, not too far away."

Su Hua couldn't resist him, so she gave up.

She organized her thoughts carefully and explained: "The materials that Shen Yuan sent people to look for haven't arrived yet. I don't have work tonight, so I went to bed early. I woke up and couldn't fall asleep. I heard someone playing the flute, and it was pretty loud. It sounds good, I was curious, so I came out to take a look. I didn't know that he was Gu Jinyao, if I knew, I would avoid suspicion."

Gu Beixian hummed in a low voice.

There was no expression on his face.

Su Hua didn't know whether he believed it or not.

After thinking about it, she raised her hand, gently touched his dusty face, and said angrily, "I just left here this morning, why are you here again at night? You are so busy, you don't have to come here all the time. There are several bodyguards protecting you Me, I'll be fine."

Gu Beixian pursed his lips and remained silent.

Heart said: Fortunately, this is here.

If they don't come, the two will definitely communicate.

In case Gu Jinyao was impulsive and told her that he was Lu Yao.

How should it end?

He didn't dare to imagine that if she knew that Gu Jinyao was Lu Yao, the brother Ayao she thought about day and night.

What unusual behavior will she make.

Go back to the guest house.

Gu Beixian carefully put Su Wei on the bed, helped her take off her pants, and checked her injuries.

On her white knee, there was a red spot, which was a little swollen.

It didn't break the skin or bleed, but it tended to bruise.

He went to the bathroom to get a basin of cold water, dipped it in a towel, wringed off the excess water, and slowly put it on her knee for a cold compress.

Cold compresses can relieve swelling and pain.

I went to get a basin of warm water again, wet the towel, wipe the tears on her face and the dust on her hands.

Seeing that he was busy, Su Hua said, "Sit down and rest for a while, don't be busy."

He took two planes back and forth today, and he had to take such a long time in the car, and he was always busy at the company during the day.

She doesn't understand him.

Why would such a shrewd person waste his time like this?

I ran to see her every day, wasting all my time on the plane and car.

This kind of futile thing is not what a person like him would do.

Gu Beixian hummed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Even if it is the second night, I still can't adapt to this simple environment.

He hurried down, put on his pajamas and came out.

Sit down by the bed, throw off the quilt and lie down, reach out and pull Su Hua into his arms, silently.

Su Wei felt a little owed to him.

In any case, what happened tonight was indeed that she did something inappropriate.

For some reason, he was attracted by the sound of the flute, and remembered the person who had the accident in the past.

In that case, whoever changed, suddenly saw it, would misunderstand and get angry.

She remembered that every time she got angry, Gu Beixian would kiss her, and after sleeping, the two of them reconciled.

Husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed, what about the end of the bed?

Following his example, she leaned forward and kissed the corners of his lips and his face.

He reached in from the hem of his pajamas.

Touch his beautiful and shapely abs.

His fingers flowed slowly over him like water.

In the three years of husband and wife, she has always been passive in the relationship between men and women.

This is her first initiative.

Gu Beixian pressed her restless hand and said absent-mindedly: "Another day, I'm tired today."

Su Hua's hand that was running on his abdominal muscles froze immediately.

She looked at him slightly confused, "Isn't it just for this that you come here once a day?"

Gu Beixian couldn't laugh or cry.

He pinched the tip of her nose and said angrily, "You think I flew all the way here just to sleep with you?"

Su Hua wondered, "Isn't it?"

"No." He lowered his eyelids, staring at her fair collarbone, "who do you take me for?"

The voice sounded a little chilly.

And mixed with a trace of imperceptible grievances.


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