Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 70

a week later.

Su Wei restored the ancient silk painting completely.

After that, call Shen Yuan.

Let her send someone to pick it up and send it to the museum where it will be exhibited in the future.

Thinking of going to the museum in the future, I can see the paintings I restored.

Repair a column, fill in her name.

That painting will be passed on forever, from generation to generation.

Su Hua felt quite honored.

Especially when you have a child in the future, when you take it to the museum, you can tell the child that it was built by your mother.

Think about it, it's quite a sense of accomplishment.

Thinking of the child, Su Hua couldn't help touching her flat belly.

I have been trying to conceive for some time, but I have not been able to conceive.

But this kind of thing can't be rushed.

Because the next step is to learn from Hua Tianshou to restore ancient ceramics.

This is a long and difficult process, and it cannot be learned in a short time.

Su Hua made an appointment with Shen Huai to talk about resignation.

Thank you for taking care of him for so long.

Before leaving, Su Hua decided to invite him to dinner.

The two went to a hot pot restaurant.

After the pot opened, Su Hua put the mutton into it.

Shen Huai put shrimp balls, pee beef balls and yuba in it.

The vegetables are in the boiling soup, gurgling and emitting aroma.

It's tempting to move your index finger.

The pot is boiling.

Su Wei didn't move her chopsticks.

Through the steaming soup, she looked at Shen Huai apologetically, and said, "Young Master Shen, I want to resign."

Shen Huai paused his hand holding the chopsticks, his eyes froze for a moment, and asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

"Huh?" Su Hua was slightly taken aback.

His answer was obviously beyond her expectation.

See her at a loss.

Shen Huai hurriedly explained: "Auntie Su asked me to chase you last time, but you didn't agree. I'm afraid you'll feel uncomfortable. Recently, I've tried to keep a distance from you. Is it because of this that you want to resign?"

Su Hua suddenly realized.

She smiled and said: "It's not for this reason, I want to learn how to restore ancient ceramics. In this way, the work at Gu Baozhai will be too busy. I can do it for free for another month without salary, so that you can find someone .”

Shen Huai secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He picked up a piece of mutton, put it in his mouth and ate it slowly.

In fact, it is to ease the mood and think of a way to get both.

Whether in public or private, he was reluctant to let her go.

Several minutes passed.

He just said: "If you want to learn, you can learn it. The position here at Gubaozhai is reserved for you. Anyway, there are not many jobs throughout the year. If you have jobs, you can do them. Then we will share, you seven and me Three, the basic salary remains the same.”

Su Hua was in a dilemma.

But when you think about it carefully, what he said makes sense.

Job retention, win-win cooperation.

It's hard to give up.

Su Hua thought about it, and said, "The share is too high. You all have expenses and costs for opening a store. How about it, I don't want the basic salary. If I take the job, we will get a 50-50 share."

Shen Huai smiled, "It's hard to find a good restorer of cultural relics. It is said that you are just a name, and I have to pay you a salary. Since you don't want a basic salary, then you can do it."

Su Wei was a little embarrassed, "It's too tall."

"Not high. The painting you appraised for Mr. Cui last time helped our store save tens of millions of losses. I haven't thanked you enough yet."

Su Hua couldn't resist him, so she complied.

Just after taking a few bites, the phone rang.

Su Hua glanced at the caller ID.

It was Gu Beixian calling.

Fearing that he would get angry and eat jealously, she invited Shen Huai to dinner and greeted him in advance.

Unexpectedly, he just started eating when he called.

Su Wei smiled apologetically and said, "I'll go out and answer the phone."

Shen Huai looked at her tenderly, "Go."

Su Wei picked up her phone and walked outside the door.

After connecting.

Gu Beixian asked without emotion: "Haven't you finished eating yet?"

Su Wei raised her wrist and looked at her watch, and said, "It's only been 20 minutes since I entered the restaurant. I eat hot pot, order, serve, and wait for the pot to boil. It takes time. Mr. Gu, twenty Minutes, who can finish it?"

Gu Beixian knew he was wrong, so he changed the subject, "Did you talk about the resignation?"

"That's right, he said that the position will be reserved for me, and I will do it if there is any work. I will share 20 to 80 points, and he will take two and eight for me."

Gu Beixian's eyes were cold, "If you can quit, then try to quit, he has no good intentions for you."

Su Hua didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Mr. Gu, you are going too far."

Gu Beixian raised his eyebrows slightly, "Where did I go too far?"

"You don't let me see this, don't let me see that, even on a business trip. You are too controlling, I will be breathless. I am an independent person. I have to work and socialize normally. It is impossible to be like before. That way, it revolves around you every day."

Gu Beixian was silent, and smiled lightly, "I'm very open-minded. I didn't stop you from worshiping Hua Tianshou as your teacher."

That's because Hua Tianshou is over eighty years old.

Su Wei couldn't help laughing, "Okay, you are handsome, you are right in everything you say."

"I postponed my dinner party at night, I will pick you up downstairs later, eat quickly."

Su Wei hummed and hung up the phone.

Go to the front desk and settle the bill.

Go back to the room and continue to have dinner with Shen Huai.

Before eating two bites, Gu Beixian's WeChat came again.

He didn't say a word, just sent a smiley face.

In the past, he never posted an expression, rarely sent WeChat, and always called directly when he had something to do.

Su Hua glanced, but didn't return.

She felt that she might have been too used to Gu Beixian before.

He already has a young master's temper, if he gets used to it like this, he will become lawless.

She decided to be a little tougher in the future, and not to get too used to him.

After eating with Shen Huai, Su Wei took her bag and stood up.

The two went downstairs one after the other.

Out of the gate of the hot pot restaurant.

Shen Huai's eyes lingered on Su Wei, with hidden nostalgia, and asked, "Do you want me to drive you home?"

Su Hua smiled faintly, "No need, someone will pick me up."

Shen Huai looked at her, hesitant to speak.

Su Wei thought he was on business, and asked, "Young Master Shen, is there anything else to do?"

Shen Huai's eyes dodged slightly, "It's okay."

Su Hua smiled, "Then see you later."

"Goodbye." He said goodbye, but his eyes were glued to her, and he was reluctant to take them back.

No matter how you look at it, it is a bit affectionate.

Although Su Wei has an extremely keen talent in restoring ancient paintings and calligraphy.

But in terms of emotions, it is a little slow.

She also didn't want to pretend that Shen Huai also liked her, so she didn't think about it and was about to turn around and leave.

On the side of the road was a black extended limited edition luxury car with the door open.

A tall, handsome man stepped down.

The man walked straight towards her with long legs.

Su Hua was about to speak.

Gu Beixian put his hand on her shoulder, looked at Shen Huai with cool eyes, and said, "Thank you, Young Master Shen, for your appreciation of my wife, but our family does not lack..."

Su Hua lightly touched his clothes with her hand.

Signal him not to speak.

When he heard the word "Madam", the light in Shen Huai's eyes disappeared instantly.

He looked at Su Hua with a little sad eyes.

It's like proving the truth.

Su Wei didn't expect Gu Beixian to say such a sentence suddenly, as if he was declaring his sovereignty.

It is estimated that I have been holding back, and I have long wanted to say it.

The matter has come to this point, and there is no need to hide it anymore.

She smiled at Shen Huai apologetically, and said, "My husband and I were going to divorce before, and the situation was a bit special. I don't like to talk about private matters, so I just said that he is a relative of mine."

Shen Huai pulled up the corners of his lips and forced a smile, "It doesn't matter, then you two are staying together now?"

Before Su Hua could answer, Gu Beixian pulled her into his arms and said, "Of course we won't leave, we two have a good relationship."

Shen Huai smiled wryly, and said to Su Wei, "Goodbye."


As soon as the words fell, Gu Beixian took her hand and led her towards the car.


The driver starts the car.

Su Wei sat quietly, pursing her lips slightly, showing no emotion.

Gu Beixian raised his hand to rub her head, observed her face, and asked knowingly, "Why are you unhappy?"

Su Wei couldn't laugh or cry, "How can I be happy?"

"Then you have a smile."

Su Hua pulled up the corners of her lips and smiled perfunctorily.

Seeing her smile, Gu Beixian secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "In front of Hua Tianshou, don't say you're married, let alone mention my name."

Su Hua was very surprised, "Why?"

The person who wished to declare sovereignty over every man around her actually avoided Hua Tianshou alone.

Quite abnormal.

Gu Beixian had no deep meaning, and said, "You will know in the future."

Two or three months later, Su Wei knew the reason.

I have to admire his black belly.


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